The 11 Best Instagram Accounts for Cactus Lovers

A variety of potted cacti in a room

craigowilliams / Instagram

We can all agree that adding plants to our homes and outdoor spaces is a perfect way to boost our moods and create a lively atmosphere. So many plants grab at our attention and tend to take the spotlight, but one in particular really seems to catch our eye: cacti! From their unique varieties to how easy they are to care for, cacti have captured our hearts.

Below we've found 11 of the best Instagram accounts to satisfy your cacti curiosity. From adorable succulents to giant cacti, we've found accounts that are obsessed with these drought-tolerant plants. If you're looking for some cactus scenery to brighten up your feed or some succulent inspiration, you'll certainly find it here.

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    Room with lots of plants

    plantsandcollecting / Instagram

    Seija's Instagram account is a plant lover's dream. While she showcases walls and walls of plants, her cacti pictures are remarkable. Her passion for plants is evident, and you can't help but be inspired to create an entire cacti section of your own.

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    Cacti lined up outside

    earthwindandcactus / Instagram 

    We can't get over how much Jonna and Julien love cacti. With photos ranging from smaller cacti in decorative pots to giant stalks you can wrap your arms around, you'll find no shortage of beautiful cactus imagery here.

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    Cacti in planters in a room

    craigowilliams / Instagram

    Craig's page may not seem like a cacti account, but take one look at his feed and you'll see why he was a must on this list! His photos of his house, family, and cacti arrangements draw you in and make you feel right at home, too. His account is absolute goals when it comes to interior decorating with plants, and once you start scrolling through his photos you won't want to stop.

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    succulents on a wooden surface

    rare_succulent / Instagram

    Everyone loves a good succulent, but why go for the same old thing? Kim and Becca dedicate their time to growing rare succulents that aren't typically seen when you're walking down the home and garden aisles, and their feed is a wonderful showcase of their creations. If you're looking for out of the ordinary succulents, this account is a must follow.

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    Succulents in terracotta planters

    mysucculentaddictionisreal / Instagram

    While the name alone is incredibly relatable to all succulent enthusiasts, this account's peaceful feed asks you to slow down for a moment and remember the simple things. Her many varieties of succulents seem almost endless, and you will want to take the time to check out every single one of them.

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    Succulent with rainbow hues

    the_simple_succulent / Instagram

    @the_simple_succulent, ran by James Mertke, goes beyond the traditional concepts of how succulents look. The photos usually consist of brightly colored arrangements that feel more fairytale than real life. You'll want to stop scrolling to fully take them in.

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    Succulents lined up on wooden shelves

    succulent_mix / Instagram

    When it comes to diversity and an almost endless variety of succulents, it's clear Imogen knows what she's doing. We love her up close and personal documentation of her gorgeous plants and any succulent enthusiast will feel the same.

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    Cacti and poster by bust

    uurscactuses / Instagram

    Succulents may be dominating the home decor scheme at the moment, but you can't forget about cacti! Uur's account from Istanbul shows the beauty in small handheld cacti placed in unique pots, and the results are incredible. Uur proves that there are a variety of drought-tolerant plants you should have on your shelf.

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    Overhead shot of colorful succulents

    succy_place / Instagram

    @succy_place strives to take you to a fun place in the succulent world. Tati documents her personal garden's progress on her page, and her variety is phenomenal. Her playful aesthetic (as well as her Instagram stories including her cats) invite you to loosen up and have fun while you scroll through her feed of adorable succulents.

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    Man walking through greenhouse of cacti

    plantmanp / Instagram

    His Instagram handle might be "The Plant Man," but you can tell that Jon (and his wife, Jerrilyn) have a soft spot for cacti. Their account details their adventures and their home in Los Angeles, but you can't take your eyes off of all the greenery and plant photos. You won't regret giving him a follow.

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    Cacti in a telephone

    botanical_project / Instagram

    This isn't your typical succulent or cacti account. Crystal creates incredible botanical arrangements for special events, and the results are stunning. Using typewriters, old telephones, retro radio clocks, and more, the finished products are whimsical and unique. You'll end up wanting one of these for yourself.