The 7 Best Cactus Prints to Buy in 2018

Bring the soothing warmth of the desert into your home's decor


Courtesy of Pier 1 

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Even if you don’t live in a hot, arid part of the world, you can bring a bit of that desert warmth into your home. Cactus prints are a trendy addition to any room of your home, from the living room to the bathroom, and beyond. Cactus imagery lends a vacation-like feel to your space and goes well with almost any decor scheme, whether you're going for a breezy Southwestern look or a modern, updated mood.

If you’re hunting for a cactus print for your wall, the options are virtually endless. From hand-painted works of art to stark black-and-white prints, you’re sure to find the right piece for your space.


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    Best Hand-Painted: Pier 1 Desert Cactus Wall Art

    Desert Cactus Wall Art
    Courtesy of Pier 1

    This Pier 1 Desert Cactus Wall Art is the perfect high-end piece for your home, without the high-end price tag.

    Featuring hand-painted San Pedro cacti, this picture measures 47.45 by 31.5 inches. It’s painted on a cotton canvas​ and comes with an attached D ring, so it’s ready to be hung on your wall. We absolutely love the pale pink tones mixed with the rich greens of the cacti, and it's sure to become a statement piece in your home.

    If you want a beautiful hand-painted cactus piece, this Pier 1 artwork is a wonderful choice for the price. Bring the beauty of the Andes into your home, even if you’re hundreds of miles away.

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    Best Watercolor: Arts by Theo Set of 3 Watercolor Prints

    Set of 3 Watercolor Cacti Prints 8x10 or 11x14 Unframed Illustration Nursery decor Cactus Home decor Cactus Wall decor Cactus Art Print gift
    Courtesy of Etsy

    There’s just something about a watercolor that immediately evokes a sense calm. This set of watercolor cacti prints from Arts by Theo is no exception.

    The set of three watercolor pieces is the perfect accessory for a nursery or a bathroom, lending a lighthearted beauty to the space. Each image measures 8 by 10 inches. Hang them side by side to form a whimsical triptych or weave them throughout your home for a bit of stylistic continuity. They come unframed, but any 8- by 10-inch frame should do the job.

    Customers rave about the artistry of these prints, saying that the Etsy seller was fast, responsive, and able to ship the items quickly.

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    Best Framed: World Market Cactus With Gold Frame

    Cactus With Gold Frame
    Courtesy of World Market

    Don’t want to bother finding the perfect frame for your new cactus print? This World Market piece comes pre-framed with a stunning, chic gold frame. It would look stunning above a couch or over a dining table, giving any room a little warmth and a lot of class.

    This picture is big, coming in at 48 by 36 inches, and reviewers say it is even larger in person than they realized. We love the midcentury-inspired feel of this image, which features a hand-painted rose sky with screen-printed cacti. The thin gold frame is 1-inch deep and about a centimeter wide. 

    Reviewers are in love with this World Market cactus print, saying they just can’t stop looking at it. They love the rich, but muted colors, and the high-quality frame.

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    Best Customizable: Minted Summer Yellow Cactus Print

    summer yellow cactus
    Courtesy of Mint

    Struggling to find a print that’s the perfect fit for your unique design sense? Customize the print and its accompanying frame to your heart’s content with this desert-inspired image from Minted.

    This stylish photograph from a Napa, California artist beautifully captures the starkness of a desert landscape. The best part is the level of customization Minted offers.

    You can choose from seven sizes ranging from 5 by 7 inches to 40 by 54 inches. Additionally, you have a total of 15 frame choices (some of them quite distinctive), standard or non-reflective glass, and a plethora of matting options.

    Play around with the different features and you’ll quickly craft a statement piece that’s sure to become a defining feature of any room it’s in.

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    Best Large: Joe&Andy Studio Stylish Cactus Canvas Print

    Who says you have to go big or go home? This Joe&Andy Studio's large-scale cactus print looks great above a couch, over a bed, or inside your entryway.

    It can be purchased in four sizes, ranging from 11.8 by 47.2 inches up to 19.7 by 70.9 inches As for the art itself, it has a lighthearted pen-and-ink look with stylized representations of several different types of cacti. The piece is delivered without a frame​ but it includes a one-centimeter white border to match it to the proper frame size.

    With a high-quality canvas and environmentally friendly ink, this room-filling piece is a great pick when you have a large wall that could use a dose of artistic character.

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    Best Illustration: PTM Images Cactus 18X18 Wall Art

    Cactus 18X18 Wall Art
    Courtesy of Target

    Who says art needs to be realistic? This illustration from Target captures all the key characteristics of cacti, but with a simple, hand-drawn artistry that suggests a page torn from an old children’s book.

    With mellow, neutral tones, it won’t distract from your design scheme, no matter what it is. Instead, it gently adds a sense of desert stillness and calm. Altogether, it measures 18 by 18 inches and includes a wood composite frame.

    Customers say this piece of art is truly beautiful, and you can immediately tell it’s high-quality work. For such a simple image, it has a surprisingly strong impact.

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    Best Unique: Northwood Supply Cactus Trio

    Cactus 18X18 Wall Art
    Courtesy of Etsy

    Rather than standard rectangular frames, this trio of cactus illustrations by Northwood Supply is completely triangular.

    Each item features an attractive, black-and-white take on a cactus or succulent, set in a dark-stained frame reminiscent of reclaimed wood. Try them together or spread them around—however you decide to use them, they offer a fun and unique touch that immediately catches the eye. These images would look great in a crisp white bathroom or in your favorite bedroom nook.

    Each of the three pieces measures 9 by 9 inches (just keep in mind that they’re triangular) and customers uniformly rave about the beautiful simplicity of the design. The seller, Northwood Supply, specializes in minimalist, southwestern-inspired images in non-traditional frames, and hundreds of reviews attest that it’s a great shop to work with.