The 10 Best Candle Holders of 2021

Artful and attractive vessels for everything from tapers to pillars

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Not all candles come neatly packaged in jars, but having a home for your every candle is vital. Otherwise, you risk getting wax all over your favorite table, linens, table, or even worse, creating a fire hazard. The good news: whether you prefer tapers, tealights, pillars, or something else entirely, there are vessels aplenty. From glass and crystal to wood and metal, there’s something to suit every aesthetic.

Here, the best candle holders for your home.

Our Top Picks
These sleek brushed metal black and gold holders will keep taper candles firmly in place so they don’t tip dangerously.
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Handcrafted in India using hand-cut mango wood, these geometric candle holders are ideal for small votives or tealights.
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Add a vintage, beachy vibe to your indoor or outdoor decor with these embossed blue glass tealight holders.
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Personalize these for yourself or someone else as a gift and use them to add a special touch to your outdoor dining.
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These crystal candlesticks dress up any table or mantle, making them the perfect gift for newlyweds or for anniversaries.
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With a classic style, these lanterns look great outdoors or indoors and come in a range of sizes great for grouping.
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These wood candlesticks come in a set of three and look great on a mantle or coffee table as a centerpiece any time of the year.
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This metal candelabra creates an easy way to add a centerpiece to your dining table or fill an empty fireplace.
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These handcrafted, one-of-a-kind scalloped lantern candle holders are truly special and add a romantic touch to any table.
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These white ceramic candle holders double as a conversation piece and complement any modern decor, indoors or out.
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Best for Tapers: Nuptio Taper Candle Holders

Nuptio Taper Candle Holders

Taper candles look great scattered throughout your home, from the mantle to the dining table. But having the right candlesticks is imperative for both functional and aesthetic reasons.

While there are plenty of stylish options out there, not all candle holders are sufficient at holding tapers, causing candles to lean precariously. You won’t have that problem with this sleek brushed metal black and gold set. Most candles will fit snugly in the base. You have plenty of flexibility in size, too—choose from two stands in varying heights.

Best for Votives: West Elm Angular Wood Lanterns

Angular Wood Lanterns

For something truly special, turn to these wooden lanterns. They can be used inside or out, but that’s not the real draw. These geometric candle holders are one-of-a-kind: Each one is handcrafted in India using hand-cut mango wood, then outfitted with a mirrored glass base that holds the candle of your choice. This unique lantern is ideal for small pillar candles or tealights and makes for an attractive side table display. To create an artful cluster, purchase a set of two in both large and small sizes. 

Best for Tealights: Kate Aspen Vintage Blue Glass Tealight Holder

Kate Aspen Vintage Tealight Holder

Though a smattering of tealights does wonders for a room—just think about the gorgeous warm glow they cast—there’s nothing attractive about the little ring of foil that typically surrounds the wax. Solve the problem by investing in a few decorative tealight holders. These embossed blue glass vessels (also available in a soft pink shade) have a gorgeous vintage vibe that looks good just about anywhere, including the bathroom, living room, or dining room. They’ll also look great scattered on an indoor or outdoor buffet table when you’re having guests over for dinner.

Best Hurricane Lamps: Williams Sonoma Personalized Classic Glass Hurricanes

Williams Sonoma Personalized Classic Glass Hurricanes

When it comes to alfresco dining, the hurricane is a staple. The accessory is so much more than its appearance—the tall glass vessel allows you to cast that romantic glow over your table but has tall sides that protect the flame from wind that might preemptively extinguish it.

Quality hurricanes, like this one, are also wide and heavy enough to withstand gusts, so you don’t end up with broken glass or, worse, a fire hazard on your hands. What’s more, hurricanes are perhaps the most versatile candle holder since they can also be used to house collections, like seashells or other small decor items. For a charming touch, personalize this one with your initial or monogram.

Best Gifts: Waterford Lismore Candle Holders

Waterford Lismore Candle Holders

If you’re looking for a great wedding gift or something for more formal events, like a holiday dinner, you can’t beat crystal candlesticks. The classic glitters under the light of the candle but also looks sophisticated when not in use.

Since crystal is always an investment, opt for a well-regarded brand, like Waterford, that expertly cuts their Irish crystal for optimum shine. This particular pattern comes in three sizes, but the smaller, 6-inch pick is perfectly suitable if you’re looking for a fanciful but relatively affordable pair.

Best Outdoor: Pottery Barn Caleb Handcrafted Metal Lantern

Caleb Handcrafted Metal Lantern

These handmade black aluminum lanterns have a classic style that looks great in various central locations, including your front porch, backyard patio, and even in front of your fireplace. You can even hang them with the built-in top finial. What’s more, they come in different heights and sizes, ranging from 15 inches to 42.25 inches, to create an aesthetically-pleasing grouping.

All you need to do is arrange them just so, then place pillar candles inside. Don’t worry about them living outside, either. The lanterns are sturdy and easy to wipe clean with a microfiber cloth.

Best Set: Birch Lane Three-Piece Pillar Wood Candlestick Set

Piece Pillar Wood Candlestick Set

When it comes to candle holders, one of the most traditional options is wide wooden candlesticks with flat tops meant to hold pillar candles. Why? They’re endlessly versatile, as they go with just about any decor style, plus they look great cradling wax candles in a rainbow of colors from a neutral white to a vibrant holiday red.

We love this set of three because you’ll have everything you need to create an eye-catching grouping for the mantle, coffee table, or as a centerpiece on your main dining table. The neutral color of this set will complement any area of your home. 

Best Candelabra: Southern Enterprises 9-Inch Freestanding Candelabra

9-Inch Freestanding Candelabra

There’s almost nothing that can elevate a dinner party table as well as a romantic grouping of candles, but arranging them just so is much harder than it looks. You have to consider how many you need, what heights look best together, and how far apart everything should be. But here’s some good news: This attractive metal candelabra takes the guesswork out of the equation. All you have to do is choose the right pillar candles and place one on each extending arm. Voila—an instant centerpiece, a gorgeous accessory for a mantle, or even a cool way to fill an empty fireplace.

Best for Ambiance: Anthropologie Concha Capiz Lantern

Concha Capiz Lantern

One of the best things about candles is how artful and romantic they are. There’s really no better way to set the mood, especially if the candle holder you’ve chosen is as eye-catching as this scalloped lantern. Though it's an investment, this shimmering capiz, brass, and iron lantern is one-of-a-kind—and it looks it.

Each one is expertly handcrafted, so there’s a slight variation to the appearance of every piece. If you can spring for it, opt for both sizes—the duo makes a lovely grouping for coffee table vignettes. Or, choose just one to shine brightly in a special place, like your entryway table. 

Best Modern: Mcozylife Pipe U-Shape Candle Holders

Pipe U Shape Candle Holder

For the modern home, these candle holders are so artful they might as well be in a museum. Though each one is crafted from a simple white ceramic, the lines of each piece are smooth and fluid, resulting in a stunning visual appeal. To make things really pop, opt for colored candlesticks—think red or forest green for the holidays or a rainbow of pretty pastels for everyday use. Despite the undeniable beauty of the vessel, it can be used indoors or outdoors, making it a very versatile and worthy investment, too.

What to Look for in a Candle Holder


Candle holders come in different colors and styles, and you will want to select a design that best complements your existing decor. If you're drawn to neutral pieces, a more simple hue may be the best pick. If you love bold, eclectic style, have fun by mixing and matching different colors of candle holders within your space.


Candle holders come in a variety of shapes, too. The item you select should reflect your desired aesthetic. For example, if your space leans vintage, a candelabra will add a wonderful, antique-like touch. If your home is more modern, a small assortment of individual jars may suit you better. If you enjoy decorating in farmhouse style, wooden candle holders will work beautifully in your home.


It is up to you whether you wish to purchase a small jar or a taller candle holder. Keep in mind your lifestyle and needs—taller options look more formal but can also be easily knocked over by pets when not in use. Shorter options may be preferable for minimalists and may also be easy to store in a cabinet.

  • How do you get wax out of a candle holder?

    Simply take your almost empty candle jars and stick them in the freezer. It should only take a couple of hours, but for best results, leave them in overnight. After you’ve frozen your candles, take a knife and begin gently cutting into the wax. 

  • How do you clean a candle holder?

    Brass and silver holders will need to be polished over time to remove tarnish.

  • How do you find the right size candle for a candle holder?

    Measure the candle holder's opening and select a candle with the same circumference to ensure a snug fit.

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