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The Best Candle Subscriptions of 2023

Best Overall : Vellabox



Vellabox delivers natural, hand-poured candles from American makers in its monthly subscription box.

Unlike other subscription boxes, Vellabox doesn’t base its monthly subscription on scent alone. The company also includes a bonus gift in every box.

Subscriptions to Vellabox are offered in three-, six-, and 12-month prepaid options. At around $10 per month, members can subscribe to the Lucerna tier, which gets subscribers one four-ounce candle with a bonus gift. The Ignis tier gets subscribers an eight-ounce candle, plus a bonus gift, for about $20 per month. Priced at approximately $30 per month, the Vivere tier includes shipping and gets users both the four-ounce and eight-ounce candle, each a different scent, plus the free bonus gift. Vellabox has previously partnered with brands like Kin & Care, Feya Candle Company, and Often Wander.

The company specifically sources clean-burning candles made of natural ingredients, so that means all candles are non-toxic, phthalate-free, paraben-free, and vegan.

Best Budget : Wicksly



Wicksly sends out one soy wax blend seasonal candle on a monthly basis to subscribers. The small Chicago-based maker focuses on a single scent that aligns with the current season.

Some featured scents in the past have included Sacred Pine, a Balsam scent blended with myrrh, frankincense, clove, and musk, as well as Sea Breeze, with light floral notes and an overall fresh fragrance. All candles have 40 hours of burn time and are poured in a minimalist glass container that can be reused.

The brand’s subscription service is fairly straightforward: Each candle costs around $20 for up to a six-month subscription. The year-long subscription runs for approximately $240 ($20/candle). That price also includes shipping.

Sign up for a subscription before the 25th of every month to get the following month's candle.

Best for Pampering : Wickbox



Women-owned business Wickbox serves up a single, luxury candle in a curated monthly subscription box.

Each monthly subscription is delivered in a pink, minimally branded box that includes the candle, an information card, and a dust bag to protect the contents. Boxes also often come with extra bonuses like face masks, hand cream, or lip glazes for extra pampering.

Before subscribers receive their first box, they need to fill out a scent preference form. The questionnaire asks new subscribers if they like, dislike, or are indifferent to floral scents (like rose and gardenia), herbal scents (like eucalyptus and mint), citrus scents (like orange blossom and Meyer lemon), earthy scents (like sandalwood and musk), and more.

Wickbox also lets subscribers disclose their all-time favorite scent for extra personalization. Featured scents have included Eucalyptus Santal and Bleu Willow. 

The company offers two subscriptions: medium and large. The medium subscription includes one candle per month that has between 30 and 60 hours of average burn time. Medium boxes start at around $32.95 a month for a 12-month prepaid subscription and increase slightly in price as the length of the membership decreases.

The large subscription also includes one candle, but with between 60 and 100 hours of burn time, costing about $42.95 a month for a 12-month prepaid subscription. Just like the medium box, that price increases the shorter the subscription length. Shipping cost is extra and is caculated at checkout.

Best Variety : Cowboy & Cricket Candle Co.

Cowboy & Cricket Candle Co.

Cowboy & Cricket Candle Co.

This Albuquerque-based, women-owned business produces candles with names and scents based on movies, books, TV shows, and mythology.

The basis of the brand’s subscription box is its seasonal scent, which changes monthly. Subscribers can also choose from one of the next two upcoming, seasonal scents to best suit their tastes.

At Cowboy & Cricket Candle Co., offerings include the Gilmore Girls-inspired Luke’s Diner candle, featuring scents of hazelnut coffee and biscotti. There's also the cedar- and moss-tinged The Shire. Regardless, the company's cultural call-outs are sure to elicit a smile every month.

Cowboy & Cricket’s four-ounce soy wax candles can be purchased individually or by subscription in three-, six-, or 12-month installments. The longer the subscription, the steeper the discount per candle. A three-month subscription costs about $48.45 the six-month subscription is approximately $91.80, and a year’s worth goes for around $173.40. A single candle from Cowboy & Cricket is priced at about $14.

Best Eco-Conscious Option : Brooklyn Candle Studio

Brooklyn Candle Studio

Brooklyn Candle Studio

Brooklyn Candle Studio focuses on delivering captivating scents inspired by natural elements and paired with simple packaging.

Brooklyn Candle Studio offers different monthly subscription boxes featuring eco-friendly candles. The hand-poured candles are made of 100% soy wax, derived from American-grown soybeans, and have lead-free cotton wicks. They’re also petroleum-free and 100% vegan.

Brooklyn Candle Studio’s scents range from Palo Santo and Tobacco to fragrances inspired by destinations like Maui, which has a blend of bergamot, ylang-ylang, sea salt, and other sensuous ingredients.

There are four subscription options to choose from: The Candle of the Month Club costs about $25 and delivers a seasonal candle, like peonies in the spring or pumpkin in the fall, plus a matchbox. The Deluxe Candle of the Month Club includes the same candle and matchbox, plus a smaller travel candle for around $35 per month. The studio chooses which candles are sent out in those boxes.

Best Luxury : Scent



Scent’s strength lies in its ability to identify emerging perfumers and fragrance studios from around the world.

Brands featured include Ideo from Beirut, Scent of Home from Melbourne, Australia, and eym from the U.K. This high-end candle subscription service cherrypicks scents based on subscribers’ likes.

Each delivery is hand-selected for the subscriber based on their scent profile, which asks questions like whether feminine or masculine scents are preferred and which scents are liked or disliked. Scent also puts a particular emphasis on the type of atmosphere subscribers are trying to create at home, curating its selections to that response.  

Unlike other candle subscription services, Scent always charges around $65 per candle (including taxes and shipping), but allows users to choose the frequency with which candles are delivered: every one, two, or three months. Subscriptions can be adjusted at any time.

Best Reusable Container : Keap

This small, Brooklyn-based candle studio offers a subscription box that brings the brand’s products to your doorstep.

At Keap, candles can be delivered twice a month, once a month, or once every other month for around $40 per candle, including shipping, a discount from the standard retail price. 

Subscribers can choose to receive the same scent from the brand’s catalog every month or opt to receive a seasonal candle. Some scents to choose from include Waves, featuring notes of sea salt, star anise, and seaweed or Green Market, with notes of basil, garden mint, and water hyacinth—or opt to receive a seasonal candle.

Candle subscriptions come with a piece of limited edition art and an info card that explains the seasonal scent. Plus, a tea light of the next seasonal scent is provided.

Keap’s candles are hand-poured and made of a coconut-based wax that is among the most sustainable, slow-burning, and clean-burning out there. The candles' containers are also designed to be reused as whiskey tumblers, too. Keap keeps to 100% plastic-free packaging and also accepts candle containers for re-use.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is a Candle Subscription Box?

    Candle subscription boxes are recurring shipments of candles, which are delivered to the customer’s doorstep each month. Candle lovers can choose from a wide range of candles, from reasonably-priced soy candles to high-end designer varieties. Subscription plans are usually monthly but some are offered on a seasonal basis. Some may also offer candles for a one-time purchase if you want to send a gift or try out a subscription before committing.

  • What Is Included in a Candle Subscription Box?

    Most candle subscription boxes contain one candle, and may also include other small bonus items such as hand cream or a travel candle. Many of the candles are made of all-natural, non-toxic, and vegan ingredients. Candles often align to the current season or may center around a particular theme. Depending on the level of personalization, you may be able to choose candles based on your favorite scents.

  • How Much Do Candle Subscription Boxes Cost?

    The cost of candle subscriptions ranges between $10 to $65 per box, but prices vary depending on the number, type, and size of candles that are included. Most companies give discounts for longer subscriptions and some charge an additional fee for shipping.


Selecting the right candle subscription really depends on what you're looking for, so we examined a variety of criteria including price structures, scent options, how eco-friendly products were, and how much of a selection a brand offered.

For instance, Keap's candles come with plastic-free packaging and reusable candle containers and Brooklyn Candle Studio's products are petroleum-free, cruelty-free, and 100% vegan, which made them standouts in the eco-friendly category. We also considered the fact that some people might be looking for more luxurious candles that aren't available everywhere like Scent, or Wicksly, which provides a unique, seasonal offering at a lower cost.

Best Candle Subscription Boxes

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