The 8 Best Canvas Prints to Buy in 2018

Decorate your space without breaking the bank

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With the seemingly limitless selection of art on the market today, buying pieces to perfectly complement your space can be a pain, not to mention a costly venture. Once you find the right pick, it costs extra money to buy a frame and hang it. But when you’re dealing with a canvas print, all those concerns melt away.

Canvas prints are simple to buy and hang because they require zero framing and are ready to be used the minute they arrive at your home. A canvas art print can also say so much about your personal tastes. Whether you want to show off your hobbies or the colors you enjoy, prints can show add flair to a space without breaking the bank.

Still, the market is overflowing with canvas print after canvas print, and selecting the one can be a chore. To help out, we’ve found quality prints that are relatively low budget, plus some that are really worth splurging on. Travel lovers, foodies, and everyone in between is sure to find a great piece of art for their home. Here, the best canvas prints you can buy now.

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    Best Photography: Creative Art Northern Lights Photography Canvas Print

    This photograph is broken into three different canvas prints and together, they create one big and beautiful photograph. If you’re looking to fill up a wall, this unique way to display a photograph is something to look into, since it is cost effective and stylish.

    If you love nature and the stars, the glossy print's fantastic colors of will add an eye-catching element to your space. Reviewers were impressed with how easy this print is to hang and how well the description matches what the product looks like in real life.

    Each of the three panels is 16" x 24" and they can be spaced out however you see fit, making it a versatile canvas that can work on a variety of wall

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    Best Floral: lulu and isabelle Shining Statement Canvas

    If you’re looking for a sweet print that will instantly brighten up any room, this flower photograph by lulu and isabelle will make you smile. The vibrancy of the photograph makes it look painted, giving it a whimsical and interesting quality. The overall composition of the flowers and colors make this budget canvas appear much more expensive than it actually is, so it's a great option if you're on a budget.

    The contrasting dark green helps the pink flowers pop for a cheery but down-to-earth vibe. The color combination, while striking, is also minimal, so you don’t have to worry about the print clashing with your other decor.

    If you like airy, feminine decor, this is a great print for a bedroom, living room, office, or gallery wall. And like many products available on Minted, you can customize the size of the print, going up to as large as 20" x 16".

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    Best Nature: Quiet Morning by Danita

    Quiet Morning

    Courtesy of Wayfair 

    For a lover of the outdoors, there’s nothing quite as calming as a still lake, the sun just peeking beyond the horizon, and fog skimming the water. The 'Quiet Morning' by Danita Delimont Photographic Print on Wrapped Canvas embodies that delicate sereneness.

    If you’re looking for something calming and neutral that can an instant sense of zen to your space, this nature-inspired print will surely achieve that. Hang this print over your fireplace or in the living room for the family to enjoy. The mellow print will look great in any space with a traditional, minimal, or even modern style.

    This is a print that’s appealing across all ages, as long as you like the outdoors. Reviewers even went as far as saying it looks better in person than it does online and you can choose from four sizing options for the canvas. If you’re going to buy a nature print, this should be it.

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    Best Quote: Trademark Art ‘Desert Bloom I’ Graphic Art Print

    Desert Bloom I

    Courtesy of Wayfair

    If you like to start your day with a little pick me up or inspiration, this graphic art print will give you the positivity boost you need. Whimsical watercolor cactuses line the bottom of the simple white print while the phrase “We Stick Together” is written out above them.

    Cheeky and cute, you can’t help but smile while looking at this art print. It could be perfect for a bedroom, studio, or work station for those who gravitate towards self-talk and words of encouragement. It’s an affordable buy for almost anyone, comes in four size options, and will look great with a wide variety of home styles.

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    Best for Kitchen: Still Life With Oranges

    Still Life With Oranges

    Courtesy of Wayfair

    It’s really easy to go overboard with food-related photos in your kitchen, making the space feel a little cheesy (no pun intended). “Still Life With Oranges,” a digital reproduction of Jacob van Hulsdonck’s work, is a classic but timeless nod to the beginning of food appreciation with still life.

    Since this work is universal, it says "foodie" without looking over the top like other kitchen-themed art often does. It'll complement spaces with a traditional or rustic feel really well, but could work in a variety of kitchen settings outside of those aesthetics too. The print comes in three size options and has hanging hardware included to make your job as decorator easy as can be.

    It's a timeless piece at a great price that looks great season after season. You’ll feel like you’re cooking gourmet every day with this print hanging in your space. 

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    Best Abstract: SUMGAR Abstract Wall Art

    If you’re just getting into abstract art, consider this canvas your entry point. The SUMGAR Abstract Wall Art comes in a cool grey, yellow, and white motif for a serene yey cheery print that will brighten up any room. This canvas print would especially look great in a minimalist or modern space.

    The canvas is split up into threes (each piece is 16" x 32"), so you have creative freedom with how you hang them: space them out to cover more wall, or keep them close together to create a focal point.

    Amazon reviewers were impressed with the composition of the piece, the color combination, and the overall easiness of putting it up (the canvas comes with an attached metal hook for hanging). If you’re looking for the final touch on a guest room, living room, bedroom, or bathroom, this print is the perfect. 

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    Best Beach-Themed: Foam from Above

    Artist Melanie Shaul puts a unique twist on the coastal print with this eye-catching canvas. This print still evokes the serenity of the ocean from a fresher outlook, thanks to an aerial view of the water.

    While an obvious place to hang this print is a beach house, it'd also look great in a modern or minimalist space and is equally as great in a bedroom, living room, office, or bathroom. What's more, this printed isn't so summer-focused that you need to take it down once the season is over. It has a neutral, all-season vibe so it can look on point in your home year round.

    This canvas comes in eight sizes and can be hung vertically or horizontally.

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    Best Minimalist: 'Milan Minimalist' Textual Art on Wrapped Canvas

    Milan Minimalist Textural Art

     Courtesy of Wayfair

    If you love fashion, you've probably heard of Prada. This fashion-forward sign not only reps the iconic brand, but can also serve as a simple-yet-chic focal point in your home.

    The bold, black block letters make a statement without looking garish or overdone. If you want to fill a wall but have a smaller space, this canvas is great because the white color won't break up a wall that is also white. This minimalist canvas print is also a great option for creating a gallery wall in your home since it can be mixed and matched with a variety of other art pieces.

    You can choose from eight sizing dimensions to make sure the canvas art fits your space just right. It also comes with attached mounting hardware so it's super easy to install. Reviewers gushed about the quick service when they ordered this print and mentioned how beautiful it looked on their walls.