The 8 Best Car Floor Mats of 2021

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We spend a lot of time in our cars and can carry a lot of dirt so our shoes can track in a lot of this dirt and debris. Because of this, floor mats are often thought of as necessities for cars to help keep the car floor looking clean and new for as long as possible. It's easy to change out your car floor mats but it's not so easy to replace the carpeting in your car.

Floor mats can help trap dirt, cover up existing floor stains, and absorb or contain spills. They come in a variety of colors, materials, and shapes to best fit your needs and unique car but the variety of options can also seem overwhelming. The following list will help narrow down your search for the perfect car floor mat.

Our Top Picks
Designed to make sure they’ll never curl, crack, or harden.
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These budget-friendly set is waterproof, stain resistant and easy to clean.
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Flex tough performance rubber polymers are tested for extreme conditions.
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Rest assured you’ll have all season weather protection.
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The best part, though, is that the rubber is 100 percent odorless.
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Once they get dirty, they’re easily washable.
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Non-slip backing ensures it’ll stay in place on any fabric.
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The faux leather is waterproof, and these are made for all seasons.
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Best Overall: Armor All 2-Piece Black All Season Truck/SUV Rubber Floor Mat

Armor All 2-Piece Black All Season Truck-SUV Rubber Floor Mat

Our best overall pick, the Armor All 4-Piece All Season Rubber Floor Mats combine the best of everything and still ring in at an affordable price. The four-piece set can be customized to fit any vehicle after some trimming, and you’ll get two front and two rear mats in your choice of black, tan, or gray. These mats are designed to never curl, crack, or harden (even in sub-zero weather), so they're a good choice if you live in an area that experiences snow and ice. They also feature “Carpet Claw” anti-slip backing, so they’ll stay in place and won't slip under your feet. Many customers commented that the color matches the interior of their car well, providing a seamless look.

Best Set: FH Group All Weather Floor Mats, 4 Piece Set

FH Group All Weather Floor Mats, 4 Piece Set

When you need to balance your budget with keeping your car clean, go for these FH Group floor mats. You can’t beat a four piece set that comes in under $30 and can withstand all weather conditions. The front mat dimensions are 29 x 18 inches, while the rear is 17.1 x 14 inches. Don’t worry if these don’t fit perfectly in your vehicle, as they're easy to trim with some scissors. These mats are waterproof and stain resistant, but they're easy to clean if they do become soiled. They’re specifically designed with ridges to trap water, dirt, mud, and sand and prevent them from leaking onto your carpet. You’ll also get to choose between several different colors to suit your vehicle’s style.

Best for Winter: Motor Trend MT-923-BK Black FlexTough Contour Liners

Motor Trend MT_923_BK flexTouch Contour Lines

Winter is probably the toughest time of year to keep your car clean, and that’s why you need a car floor mat that is durable enough to last through the season (and many more to come). These Motor Trend universal fit mats (two front mats and two rear liners) are durable can be trimmed to fit any vehicle—just cut away through the lines until you find the fit that works for you. They also have a no-slip grip, so once you find your fit, you can be assured the mats will stay in place.

Ergonomic grooves give your feet added traction if they’re wet, and the flex tough advanced performance rubber polymers are tested for the most extreme conditions (think rain and snow storms), so they’re guaranteed to be durable and hold up over time. You won’t have to swap your mats once winter ends, either—these are all weather, so they’re built to handle rain, snow, mud, and more. When it’s time to get rid of the mess, the mats are easy to remove and clean up.

Best Rubber: BDK Heavy Duty 4pc Front & Rear Rubber Floor Mats

BDK Heavy Duty 4pc Front & Rear Rubber Floor Mats

If you want to stick with rubber mats, you can’t go wrong with these BDK heavy duty rubber floor mats. These have a universal fit, so whether you have a car, truck, or SUV, these can be trimmed to fit inside. These mats are heavy, so you can be assured you’ll have all season weather protection. Whether it’s raining, snowing, or your kids were out playing in the mud, these can handle it. They’ve got heavy duty waterproof capabilities to keep out literally all moisture, and they’re also stain resistant. And don’t worry about the cleanup—these mats are removable so you can shake them out or use soap for tougher messes. All you need is soap, water, and a soft brush to get the rubber back to new. Finally, rubberized nibs on the bottom ensures your mats will stay in place.

Best Odorless: Motor Trend DeepDish Car Floor Mats 4 Pcs with Cargo Trunk Mat

Motor Trend DeepDish Car Floor

Arguably one of the worst parts of using a car floor mat is the strong smell, but these Motor Trend rubber mats eliminate any odor concerns. This set, which includes two front liners, two rear liners, and a cargo trunk mat, comes in your choice of beige, black, or gray, and the mats are semi-custom fit, so they’ll work in most cars. These mats are a little more costly at over $40, but there are some major reasons to spend a little extra. They’re built for durability, so not only are they thick and heavy duty, but they can also protect against all weather conditions, including rain, snow, and mud. The best part, though, is that the rubber is 100 percent odorless. According to online reviews, this is a definite perk. “No rubber smell. I am very happy with my purchase and would recommend them to anyone," said one customer.

Motor Trend Permium Carpet Car Floor Mats - 4 Pieces Thick Carpet Cushion Mat

Motor Trend Premium Carpet

If you’ve got carpet floors and want to match your mat to it, opt for a carpet floor mat, like these Motor Trend thick carpet cushion mats. Not only will they help keep your car interior feeling cohesive, but carpet mats also add a little bit of comfort, too. These mats are great because they’re affordable, and you’ve got your choice of colors to make sure you match your vehicle’s interior. You can choose between black, beige, charcoal, or gray, and thanks to the universal fit, you’ll be able to use these whether you drive a truck, car, or SUV. These mats are extra thick, so don’t worry about carpet not being as durable as rubber. These are strong and dense and can be used in all seasons. Once they get dirty, they’re easily washable. Thanks to a rubberized needle backing, they won’t slip or skid as you get in and out of the car.

Best for Trunks: BDK Heavy Duty Cargo Liner Floor Mat

BDK Heavy Duty Cargo Liner Floor Mat

If you’re transporting pets, sporting equipment, or frequently use your trunk for trips to your local garden center, you want to make sure your trunk is protected, and that’s why this BDK cargo floor mat is perfect. The heavy-duty rubber polymer mat comes in black, gray, and beige, and can be trimmed to fit most vehicles. Because your trunk sees plenty of wear and tear, this mat is extra thick, so it’s extremely durable. The material is guaranteed for all weather protection, so no matter if it’s raining, snowing, or dusty outside, this will keep your trunk protected. Non-slip backing ensures it’ll stay in place on any fabric or carpet surface.

Best Luxury: FH Group All-Season Diamond Heavy-Duty Anti-Skid Backing Faux Leather Floor Mats

FH Group All-Season Faux Leather Mats

Dressing up your car is super easy, thanks to these FH Group luxury diamond floor mats. You can ride in style with black, faux leather, lightweight mats featuring a sleek diamond design. They might not seem all that practical, but they actually are. The faux leather is waterproof, and these are made for all seasons, so they can effectively trap water, dirt, and spills from your car floor. Textured backing keeps them locked in place, and the material is not only luxurious, but it’s also sturdy, so it’s guaranteed to last a long time. These are light and easy to remove when it’s time to clean them, and don’t worry about any leather smells—these mats are completely odorless! No matter what kind of car your drive, these mats will work.

What to Look for in Car Floor Mats


Prior to choosing your car floor mat, you should decide what type of material will be best for your wants and needs. Do you want the floor mat to match the carpet of the car? Do you want to find something similar to a mat you've had in the past? Do you want something that is absorbent or would you prefer a non-porous material like plastic or rubber? Different materials will change the look of your car but also have different functions.


Not all floor mats will fit in all cars so you should measure the size of your current floor mats or the space where you'd like to add some prior to making a purchase. Larger floor mats will protect more of your floor, but they may also impede movement of your seat. Smaller floor mats may slide around or not provide as much protection as a larger mat but will allow for seats to move back and forth. Additionally, if you want mats that are cut specifically for your vehicle, custom options are also available.


If you are sensitive to odors from new materials, you may care about what your car floor mats smell like. Plastic and rubber floor mats tend to have stronger odors than carpeted floor mats but some carpeted mats still have a plastic or rubber backing. If you are concerned about the chemical odors from new mats, keep them outside for a couple of weeks to air them out or clean them after you purchase them. This will help remove and break down some of the chemicals that cause the odor. Odorless mats are also available, however, and might be your best options if you cannot tolerate the new floor mat smell.

  • What is the most effective floor mat for winter?

    Winter means snow, ice, and slush for many people, so your shoes are likely to be wet when you enter your car. Floor mats that are carpeted will absorb the moisture but are likely to remain wet and soak through to your car floor. Plastic or rubber floor mats, on the other hand, will keep the water contained as the snow and ice melts but won't get the rest of your floors wet. You can easily pour the water off the mats and onto the ground outside.

  • What are the most affordable options for floor mats?

    Floor mats can get pricey but that doesn't mean they have to cost a lot of money. There are plenty of affordable car floor mat options if you want to provide basic floor protection. Simple floor mats may be made of thinner material or not have plastic backing, but they will still help protect your car floors from dirt and debris.

  • What are the best floor mats for muddy boots?

    Muddy boots leave behind dirt, leaves, water, and anything else that happens to stick in the mud. They can make a car floor extremely messy but if you have the right floor mats, you can keep your carpet clean and easily discard of the mud. Car floor mats made from easily rinsed materials, such as plastic or rubber, are ideal for muddy boots. Even if the mud is still wet, you can simply hose it off and put the mats back in the car.

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