The 7 Best Car Vacuums to Buy in 2018

Keep your automobile neat and tidy

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Keeping a car in good shape takes a lot of routine maintenance and cleaning. While most people focus on the outside of their car or what’s under the hood, you cannot ignore the car’s interior if you want to maximize its value and lifespan. A car’s interior quickly collects dust, debris, human oils, and more as it is driven on a daily basis. For a quick and routine cleaning, you will need a car vacuum. Like home vacuums, these vehicular dust suckers come in many shapes and sizes. Tending to be smaller and less powerful, you will need to decide between the consistent performance/limited range of a corded vacuum or the limited use/greater range of a battery-powered option. You should also keep an eye on the different accessories a vacuum offers to make the cleaning quicker and easier. Here are the top car vacuums you should consider the next time you need to add one to your cleaning arsenal. 

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    Best Overall: Hotor 4th Gen Car Vacuum

    While you should not expect a lot of suction and power out of a car vacuum compared to traditional household options, the best car vacuums will not leave you hanging when it comes time to clean the car. In fact, a good car vacuum balances power, suction consistency, and portability so you can weave your way around a car’s interior effortlessly anytime you need or want.

    The Hotor 4th Gen Car Vacuum takes the top spot for the portability and reliability it offers when you need to clean the car quickly anytime, anywhere. The vacuum comes with a small but powerful motor capable of a 4.5kPa suction level that will take care of most dust and small debris. Using the car’s 12V plug, you can plug the vacuum in and use it anywhere, even on the road. 

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    Best Budget: Lolldeal Car Vacuum Cleaner

    Budget vacuums can be a risky purchase since subpar options will lack the power and suction necessary for consistent results. Some budget options do not come with helpful accessories that may make cleaning the inside easier and quicker. This next budget choice, however, manages to give you plenty of suction and a flexible design for challenging interiors. When something small and affordable is all you need, the Lolldeal Car Vacuum Cleaner is a good choice to consider for light suction around the car. The vacuum is powered via a 12V outlet and included cord, and can reach small spaces via the pivoting suction head for better results. For a better, cleaner interior, the HEPA filter removes harmful contaminants and is easy to remove and wash to keep it lasting a long time. 

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    Best Handheld: Vacplus 12V Cleaner

    If you have ever tried to clean your car using the home vacuum, you will appreciate the benefits of the handheld design. Unlike traditional vacuums that take up space to get the job done, handheld car vacuums are small enough to fit into the tight spaces of the vehicle. A well-designed handheld vacuum will also offer more comfort and ergonomic support to keep your hands and arms happy.

    The Vacplus 12V Cleaner makes it easy to reach small spaces in the car’s interior with an arsenal of included accessories and a compact design. The handle is looped over, providing a comfortable surface you can grip in a number of different spots. The included hose and suction nozzle help to pick up dust and debris in the cracks of the car or under seats as well. Best of all, the 120-watt motor is one of the most powerful in a handheld vacuum.

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    Best for SUVs: Black+Decker Flexi Automotive Vacuum

    SUVs present a unique challenge when cleaning since they have larger interiors and more space to cover. The main challenge with many car vacuums and SUV interiors is the cord. A limited cord length means you only have a small range to clean unless your SUV has multiple 12V outlets in the back rows. This is where a vacuum with an extra long cord comes in handy. The Black+Decker Flexi Automotive Vacuum takes a unique approach to vehicle vacuum design. Featuring cyclonic suction often found on larger vacuums, this option creates a consistent and continuous air suction that is not affected by larger dust and debris. The included hose and pivoting nozzle make it easy to reach in between seats and into cracks when necessary as well. Finally, the 16-foot cable is perfect for larger vehicles.

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    Best With Accessories: Deenkee Car Vacuum

    Like traditional vacuums, car vacuums can handle a wide variety of cleaning tasks with the right tools and attachments. A vacuum alone is a good place to start for basic cleaning, but the best options come with accessories that extend the reach and grip of the vacuum’s suction. A vacuum with multiple accessories will also give you flexibility for handling different interiors and messes at the same time. If you want the best arsenal of cleaning accessories for your car, the Deenkee Car Vacuum has you covered. In addition to a powerful handheld vacuum equipped with a HEPA filter, this option comes with several nozzles you can attach to the flexible hose. The slim nozzle creates a small profile for cracks and under the seats. The brush, on the other hand, is perfect for getting clinging hairs and larger debris out without needing a full-size vacuum.

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    Best for Pet Hair: Bissell 1782 Pet Hair Hand/Car Vacuum

    Many people like to bring along their furry companions during their daily errands. While it may be nice to have a pet beside you during a drive, your car’s interior may suffer from more hair and dirt. Since pet hair can be a challenge to remove for most vacuums, you will need something with a unique design or accessory that attracts the hair more readily than the competition. The Bissell 1782 Pet Hair Hand/Car Vacuum is a multipurpose sucking tool that sports a unique moving foot to help create a tighter seal for better suction. An included upholstery tool works on fabric interiors and furniture to remove troublesome pet hair. Best of all, the vacuum is cordless, so you can reach any space in the vehicle when combined with the telescoping extension wand for greater range.

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    Best Wet Vac Car Vacuum: Ridgid 3 Gallon Wet Dry Vac


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    The only downside to most car vacuums is the lack of power they have compared to other suction devices. For ​really dirty cars, you may need something with a larger capacity and more powerful motor. Wet/dry vacuums, often found in homes and wood shops for better suction, are the perfect option for a good, deep clean. When designed for use in a car, this type of vacuum is the best choice for tough jobs.

    The Ridgid 3 Gallon Wet Dry Vac is the tool to choose when nothing else will get the job done. As a wet/dry vacuum, the motor offers 3.5 horsepower which overshadows the normal handheld options you will find for the car. Despite the power, the body is small enough to fit inside a car interior where you can use the extension hose and10-foot power cord to get a deep clean of the seats.