What to Consider When Choosing Carpet for a Family Room

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Like the kitchen, your family room serves as a central social area of your home—it's usually a “meeting place” where family members gather to talk, play, or just relax. The nature of the family room (or the great room in some homes) is such that the floor is of more importance that it is in other rooms—young kids may play on the floor, often with their parents; teens may sprawl across the floor to watch movies or play video games; infants may crawl across the family room floor and take their...MORE first falls there while learning to walk. So it's quite important that a family room floor be soft, comfortable, and cozy. Even in homes floored mostly with hardwood or tile, the family room often receives carpeting—and usually carpeting of the best type. 

Here are some key things to consider when choosing the best carpeting for your family room.  

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    First and foremost, due to the high-traffic nature of the family room, the carpet should be durable. Aside from stairs and hallways, family room floors are typically receive the hardest use of any floor in the home. To ensure that your carpet will stand up to the wear and tear of everyday family life, look for a high-quality carpet that features a good wear warranty. 

    Look for a carpet that warrants against wearing out for at least 10 years. Among the ways that carpet quality is ranked,...MORE durability may be the most important. 


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    Easy of Cleaning

    Because the family room is one of the most-used rooms in the home, spills tend to happen with greater frequency here than in most other rooms except the kitchen. Having flooring that is easy to clean will make life in your family room much less anxious. Carpeting with good stain warranties will be very easy to clean

    Carpets that feature lifetime stain warranties, such as Mohawk SmartStrand or Shaw ClearTouch, will a great reassurance to you. For best possible peace of mind, look for a carpet...MORE that has a “no exclusion” policy—meaning that substances commonly excluded from most stain warranties (such as pet accidents or bleach) are fully covered. Once such carpeting is Kraus Perpetual.

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    Texture Style

    Family rooms generally call for an informal style, or at least less formal style than a living or dining rooms may require. To achieve a casual look in a family room, choose a carpet that has a lot of texture.

    Consider a berber, or a longer frieze style. Both of these popular carpet styles feature lots of texture, and some feature flecks of color, which not only enhances the informality of the style but can also help to disguise soiling or accidental mishaps (in other words, they “hide the...MORE dirt”).

    If you prefer something a bit more classic, consider a textured Saxony—a traditional cut-pile with a “twist” that helps mask footprints and vacuum marks.

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    It goes without saying that selecting a color is a very subjective decision. The carpet color you choose will obviously depend on your personal taste and décor style, but also on considerations such as the intended use of the room, the natural light exposure in the room, and possibly even the color of your pets (a carpet with a color that doesn't show pet hair can be a real advantage).

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    Fiber Softness

    If your family typically ends up spending a lot of time on the floor, whether for playing board games or having sleep-overs, the softness of the carpet may be an important consideration. Most manufacturers today have a line of “soft” carpets, which feature much finer fibers than traditional carpet fibers. Ask your retailer about soft carpets.

    Softness can also be achieved with the carpet cushion placed beneath the carpet. Many believe that, in order to be durable, an underpad must be quite firm....MORE This is not necessarily true, however; it is possible to achieve a balance between softness and durability. Modern "memory foam" carpet padding can offer the best of both worlds—great durability as well as softness.

The final rule to remember when choosing your family room carpet is that there are no rules! The above information is meant to serve as a guideline to help you know where to start. Aside from that, choose what you love, and what works best for you and your family. After all, it's your room!