The 8 Best Carpet Stain Removers to Buy in 2018

Tackle messes when they happen

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Between red wine spills, muddy feet and just everyday household dirt — carpet stains are bound to happen, that's why having a handy carpet stain remover in your cleaning arsenal is a must. And while just buying the first one you see at the store might work — there are different formulations for different carpets and needs.

Antique rugs might need something more gentle and less abrasive to maintain their appearance. People with wall-to-wall carpeting might want more of an everyday cleaner that...MORE can tackle small stains quickly without leaving a wet mess. Got a pet? Then you might want one with an enzyme cleaner that targets pet urine to break it down and prevent future accidents. And if you're prone to lots of carpet stains — investing in a carpet cleaner might be wise to keep your rugs feeling fresh over the years. 

Whatever stain awaits you, we've got the best carpet stain removers for anything that comes their way. 

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    This cleaner has a bit of a cult-like following. With over 2,000 reviews and 76% are 5-star ratings you know this carpet stain remover performs. This spray solution can tackle it all, pet, wine, pen, cosmetics, dirt and grime.

    Besides carpets, reviewers also use this on laundry stains, water stains and more. Coming in at 32 oz. this solution will last you a long time. Plus, the brand has been around for over 40 years and is made in the USA.

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    Safe to use on carpet, rugs and upholstery, our pick from Hoover effectively removes even the toughest stains — from red wine and chocolate, grease, cosmetics and more. Unlike many strong carpet cleaners, it won’t damage the surfaces beneath your wall-to-wall carpeting or area rugs.

    Approved by the Carpet & Rug Institute, this extra-strength, professional formula is affordable, easy to use and fast-acting. Real-life customers tout this product for its effectiveness; several wrote that it...MORE easily removed stains — even old, set-in stains — from their car’s upholstery, wall-to-wall carpeting and more.

    One warning: Several reviewers said this product has a strong chemical smell that takes a few minutes to dissipate.

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    If you've ever bought a carpet stain remover, Resolve was probably your first pick (and a smart choice). Resolve does a great job of attacking stains right when they happen as well as deep set-in-stains tomato sauce, greasy salad dressings, make-up, red wine and more.

    Whether you don't want to spend a lot or you don't have a lot of options at the store Resolve is always a safe and trusted pick.

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    Let's face it, pets are messy! If you have a pet and any carpet or rug in the house, then a pet-formulated stain and odor remover is a must. This formula not only removes stains and pungent odors from carpet, stairs, pet beds, upholstery and more it also sanitizes 99.9% of the stain, so it get's beyond the bacteria that you see. 

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    If you have kids and pets — and don’t want to expose them to potentially harmful chemicals — check out Biokleen’s Stain & Odor Remover. Here’s how it works, totally chemical-free: Live enzyme-producing cultures attack (and eat!) stains from kids, pets, food and organic waste. Go, science.

    This cleanser also contains citrus extracts and plant-based surfactants to aid the enzymes in the removal of stains and odors. It’s totally free of chlorine, ammonia and other pollutants, so it’s completely...MORE safe to use in and around your home.

    Over 800 Amazon customers have reviewed this product, touting its pleasant, non-chemical smell, effectiveness and safety. Some even recommend using it to remove tough underarm stains from t-shirts and shirts.

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    If highly trafficked areas in your home need a deep clean, try Resolve’s High Traffic Carpet Cleaner. Not only can it easily cover larger surfaces, but it can remove the toughest stains from heavily used areas, like stairs, hallways and living rooms.

    This product is designed to remove set-in stains, dirt and odors from larger carpeted areas, large area rugs and upholstery. Simply spray the product on the stain and wait for it to lift stains from the carpet or upholstery’s fibers. Because it sets...MORE deep into fabrics, it can help protect against future stains, too.

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    While Fluffy might be cute, he's prone to leaving smelly messes around the home, be that vomit, feces, urine or more. While any pet enzyme carpet stain remover would work in a pinch, a more targeted cat stain remover will be a better bet — especially when dealing with urine stains which have more of an ammonia makeup then dog's urine. 

    This cleaner not only lifts away the stain and odor in carpet it can also be used on tile, hardwood or linoleum so it is a must for any household with...MORE cats. The spray leaves a light citrus scent so it isn't too overpowering.  

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    This pick from Capture is ideal for removing stains from liquids. In addition to cleaning stains, it soaks up any moisture, preventing the growth or bacteria, mold and other allergens. Plus, for a relatively low price tag, you get a whopping four pounds of product — which can cover about 400 square feet of carpeted area or area rugs.

    How does it work? Simply sprinkle the product on the stain, let it absorb and vacuum. For tougher stains, you can use a toothbrush or another soft-bristled brush to...MORE rub it into the carpet’s fibers.

    Although this product can be used on any kind of stain, reviewers highly recommend it for pet stains. Heads up: A few customers complained about the product’s smell, but note that it disappears after vacuuming.

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