The 10 Best Chandeliers of 2022 to Light Up Your Home

Make a statement with an eye-catching lighting fixture

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While it’s easy to settle for recessed lighting or lamps, nothing makes quite a statement like a chandelier. Quite frankly, they’re the best way to illuminate your room and create a striking focal point. But chandeliers don’t necessarily have to be the crystal monstrosities à la The Phantom of the Opera. There is a wide variety of styles and sizes to suit any home—and any room (you can even hang one in your bathroom!).

Whether you’re interested in a charming farmhouse fixture to hang over your dining room table or something a little more practical, like a chandelier with a fan to keep things cool, we have suggestions for you.

Here, the best chandeliers at every price point.

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Best Overall: Pottery Barn Graham Iron Chandelier

Graham Iron Chandelier

Courtesy of Pottery Barn

Mixing several different aesthetics, this elegant chandelier is our top pick for its stylistic versatility. With a traditional candelabra-inspired silhouette, this light fixture feels slightly traditional, yet its thin metal arms make it decidedly modern and industrial.

The chandelier is made of steel with a dark bronze finish, so it'll easily complement just about any decor. The bulbs are exposed, so it provides a solid amount of light—just make sure you pick a flattering bulb style, like flame shapes or globes.

Best Budget: HOXIYA Modern Sputnik Chandelier

Modern Sputnik Chandelier

Courtesy of Amazon

Stylish chandeliers don’t have to break your budget. This stylish sputnik chandelier found on Amazon looks way more expensive than it is, thanks to the shiny brass finish, eight exposed bulbs, and eye-catching shape. It's also pretty versatile, and can be used on both flat or sloped ceilings and is fully dimmable with a dimmer switch. You get to choose your bulbs, but we recommend Edison bulbs to really complete the contemporary look.

Best Crystal: House of Hampton Chrome Louann 5-Light Candle Style Chandelier

House of Hampton Chrome Louann 5-Light Candle Style Chandelier

If you do want to go for a traditional crystal chandelier, here’s a pro tip: Keep it on the smaller side so as not to overwhelm a space but rather accent it. That’s why Wayfair's Louann chandelier gets our vote. It’s beautifully elegant, but it isn’t overly gaudy, though it does provide just enough sparkle to liven up a room.

Plus, its small size makes it work all over the house, from a foyer to a dining room to a bedroom. (How perfect would it be in a princess-themed children’s bedroom?) The light fixture comes with a dimmer switch, so you can adjust the amount of light it gives off, too.

Best Modern: AllModern Bondy 6-Light Sputnik Modern Linear Chandelier

Bondy 6-Light Sputnik Modern Linear Chandelier

Courtesy of AllModern

Outfit your modern kitchen with AllModern's Bondy Chandelier if you’re going for an approachable contemporary look with roots in classic lighting elements. While the geometric shape is certainly modern, the built-in LED sconces and pivoting arms and shades really make this piece stand out. Plus, the black color is super versatile, so you can use it in a modern farmhouse kitchen or a contemporary industrial one.

Best Farmhouse: Laurel Foundry Carmen 6 - Light Lantern Geometric Chandelier

Laurel Foundry Carmen 6 - Light Lantern Geometric Chandelier

The modern farmhouse aesthetic combines rustic parts that you might find on a farm—say, an old lantern—with contemporary finishes, a light color palette, and lots of textures. That makes Laurel Foundry’s Carmen Lantern the perfect farmhouse chandelier. The open-form light fixture has a classic silhouette and comes in four finishes: a sleek polished chrome, jet black, and antique silver, and rubbed bronze. Unlike more traditional chandeliers, this one feels warm and casual, making it ideal for a living room or laidback dining space.

Best Rustic: Birch Lane Abrams 6-Light Wagon Wheel Chandelier

Abrams 6-Light Wagon Wheel Chandelier

Courtesy of Birch Lane

When contemporary styles just won’t do for you, you can always opt for a more rustic light fixture, like Birch Lane's Abrams Wagon Wheel Chandelier. Crafted from metal with a weathered finish and resembling a wagon wheel, it's guaranteed to add a rustic, homey touch to any aesthetic. As its name implies, the chandelier has six candle-like lights supported on a round wood frame that recalls a wagon wheel, making for the perfect rustic-style focal point in a living room or dining room.

Best Fan: Kelly Clarkson Home Leonie 5 - Blade LED Crystal Ceiling Fan

Kelly Clarkson Home Leonie 5 - Blade LED Crystal Ceiling Fan

If you live in a hotter climate, you might want to go super practical with your chandelier. Fan-chandelier combos are a great choice not only for the light they provide but also for their airflow, and while you can certainly use them indoors, they're also helpful in screened-in porches.

Our pick is Kelly Clarkson Home’s Leonie 5-Blade LED Crystal Ceiling Fan, which combines practicality with a bold, sparkling look. The fan itself has three speeds and a reversible motor, allowing you to control your room’s climate with ease.

Best Globe: Home Decorators Collection Sarolta Sands 5-Light Black Orb Chandelier

Sarolta Sands 5-Light Black Orb Chandelier

Courtesy of Home Depot

Globe chandeliers are a beautiful—and versatile—addition to any space in the home. They typically have a more rounded shape compared to traditional chandeliers, as well as a smaller footprint, so they're especially ideal for tight spaces. This find from Home Depot is a stylish and affordable option that comes in three finishes and two sizes, and is complete with five bulbs of your choice. Even better? It comes with a three-year warranty.

Best Sputnik: AllModern David Rembert 12-Light Sputnik Sphere Chandelier

AllModern David Rembert 12-Light Sputnik Sphere Chandelier

The mid-century modern design movement of the 1950s through 1970s included some Space Age vibes inspired by the Space Race between the United States and the former Soviet Union. One of the furnishings to come out of this period were Sputnik-style chandeliers, which riff on the metallic, starburst-like form of the Soviet Union’s Sputnik satellite, the world’s first artificial satellite.

Sputnik light fixtures are still popular today, so if you’re a space geek or simply a fan of futuristic mid-century design, consider buying David Rembert’s 12-Light Sputnik Sphere Chandelier, which has a polished chrome body and arms supporting 12 spherical lights.

Best Drum: Zipcode Design Onley 1-Light Shaded Drum Chandelier

Onley 1-Light Shaded Drum Chandelier

Courtesy of Wayfair

Drum shades are popular on lamps, but they also work well for chandeliers, too. Wayfair's Onley Drum Chandelier is a perfect example—the large drum shade comes in off-white, while the rod comes in a metal finish that's incredibly versatile. It’s a perfect size, too—just 18 inches in diameter, making it big enough to provide a solid amount of light, but not too big that it overwhelms a room. Plus, the fabric shade does a great job of diffusing the light, creating a soft, warm ambiance in any room.

Final Verdict

Overall, we recommend the Graham Iron Chandelier (view at Pottery Barn), a simple, versatile option that'll look elegant in any space and never go out of style. For something more budget-friendly, we recommend the HOXIYA Sputnik Chandelier (view at Amazon), a modern, gold-finished option that looks way more expensive than it is.

What to Look for in a Chandelier


Size is probably the most important factor when it comes to picking a chandelier, so be sure you take all the measurements of the room before you start shopping to make sure you’ll get the right size fixture for your space. And it’s not just about the size of the chandelier itself—you have to consider the height at which it hangs, too. In a dining room, for example, you’ll want to have your chandelier rest about 36 inches above your table or 72 inches off the floor.


Most chandeliers are sold without light bulbs, which means you’ll likely have to buy them separately. Keep in mind that there are different types of lightbulbs out there, from LEDs to incandescent to smart bulbs, and those different types of bulbs come in a variety of shapes. Check to see what kind of bulbs are recommended for your chandelier, whether that’s a candelabra-style CFL or a globular LED bulb—you don’t want to be stuck with a chandelier that isn’t compatible with your preferred bulb.


Chandeliers aren’t the easiest fixtures to install on your own, between the technical know-how of hardwiring them into your ceiling and structural know-how of how much weight your specific ceiling can hold. If you plan on DIYing your chandelier installation, consider the ease of hanging it—larger, heavier fixtures are much more difficult to manage. Ultimately, we recommend hiring a pro to install your chandelier, so factor in that cost when setting your budget.

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  • How do you install a chandelier?

    Installing a chandelier requires attaching electrical wires to ceiling wiring and then screwing in a decorative ceiling plate to conceal and protect wiring. Chandeliers are delicate and can be heavier than other light fixtures, so it’s important to hang them securely, which may include installing a special electrical box that can support their weight. A licensed electrician is the safest bet to make sure that your chandelier is properly wired and supported. 

  • How high should a chandelier be above a table?

    The standard rule for hanging a chandelier above the dining room table is that the bottom of the fixture should hang between 30 and 36 inches above the top of the dining table. If your ceiling is higher than 8 feet, raise the chandelier height by 3 inches for every additional inch of ceiling height. Keep in mind that this is just a guideline, and that many designers consider it more modern to hang a chandelier lower to ground the dining area and create a pleasing ambient light for diners. 

  • How do you clean a crystal chandelier?

    The crystals on a chandelier will become cloudy with dirt and grime over time, depleting them of their blingy, light-reflecting properties. To clean a chandelier, carefully remove crystals and soak them in dish soap and water with a splash of vinegar before gently scrubbing them clean, or using a soft cloth, rub them gently with a solution of one part rubbing alcohol and four parts water. Wipe them dry, and replace them on the chandelier. Dusting your crystal chandelier with a feather duster in between cleanings should help make this a once-a-year job.

  • How do you change a chandelier?

    Switching out a chandelier requires switching off the electricity, unscrewing the decorative ceiling plate that usually covers chandelier wiring, disconnecting the light fixture from ceiling wires, and reattaching the new light fixture. Keep in mind that heavy chandeliers can be difficult to move and swapping them out is generally a two-person job that requires a ladder and may require installing an electrical box that can support the extra weight. If in doubt, hire a professional, especially if you are working with a heavy vintage or antique light fixture.

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