The 8 Best Changing Tables to Buy in 2018

Add style and convenience to your baby's nursery


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You can certainly change a diaper anywhere, but having a designated surface at a comfortable height will save your back and make the process safer, too. Enter, the changing table—a worthy investment for any new parents-to-be. From cribs, to diapers, to all sorts of gadgets you’ve never even heard of before, this one item will be a sanity saver. When you’re faced with a crying baby and a diaper explosion, you don’t want to give your changing location a second thought.

Most changing tables measure up to the same height as bedroom dressers and contain storage, like shelving or drawers. Some tables are convertible and have removable tops, so they can easily transform into a bedroom dresser, once your child is diaper-free. You can also purchase a changing table kit for a dresser you already have. Or, for small rooms, find a folding table that tucks away when it's not in use. Whatever your needs, a changing table is a must-have for any new baby’s room.


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    Best Overall: Viv + Rae's Clarissa 2-Drawer Changing Dresser

    Viv + Rae Clarissa 2 Drawer Changing Dresser
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    The best changing table for a baby's room is one that doubles its duty: It needs to accommodate baby up top, and also provide storage down below. If there's a mix of storage options—like drawers for clothing and bedding, and open shelving for easy access to diapers and creams—even better! Viv + Rae's Clarissa dresser does just that. This popular changing table has a mix of open and closed storage, and its simple design blends with many types of decor and works for both boys and girls. And the changing table comes off, too, allowing it to function as a regular dresser once your child is out of diapers.

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    Best Budget: Dream on Me's Emily Changing Table

    If you like a stand-alone changing table, but would rather not invest too much in an item you’ll only use for only a few years, the least expensive options have open shelving. This version from Dream on Me is minimalist in design, but still meets all the same safety standards as a heftier changing table. Underneath, use economical cloth storage bins to corral diapers and clothing. Or use the shelves to stack books, store folded linens, or organize bulkier toys. While there are a few changing tables available for under $100, this one is popular for its simplicity and versatile design. The built-in rails on the Emily table keep baby safe and match back to the rails on the crib (should you choose to buy matching pieces). It comes in five colors to work just fine with most any nursery's decor.

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    Best Dresser Combo: DaVinci's 3-Drawer Changer Dresser

    At first glance, a dresser with a changing table on top seems like a big piece of furniture, but it’s actually a space saver. Instead of having a changing table and a separate dresser, DaVinci's dresser combines two pieces of furniture into one. Its built-in tray top includes three shallow drawers and comes in three colors. And while the top stays put (unlike other removable options), it works great if you're planning to have more than one child. Plus, you can remove the pad and use the changing area for dresser-top storage, as well. DaVinci's simple styling and a design echoes back to its matching crib, making it an easy choice for just about any nursery.

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    Best Corner Table: Badger's Basket Diaper Corner

    If you like a stand-alone changing table, but don’t have much space, consider a changing table that fits into a corner. This unique configuration by Badger can be a great space saver for small nurseries that only have room for a crib and not much else. Or, use it as a tuck-away changer for the corner of a common area or family room. The Basket Diaper Corner has a rectangular column in the center to accommodate a changing pad, and the shelving below holds all of baby’s necessities. It's offered in three colors to match various decor styles and you can use your own baskets to personalize the look.

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    Best for Storage: Delta Children's 2-in-1 Changing Table and Storage Unit

    If you already have a dresser, but could use more storage for bulkier items in the baby's room, look no further. Delta Children's 2-in-1 Changing Table houses open shelves, as well as deep bins for holding kids' toys and stuffed animals. Plus, it’s designed so that your little one can learn to put away her own stuff once she's older. The big bottom bin can also be used for extra bedding and bulk baby items, like diaper packages and wipes. The upper shelf is just right for fingertip access to diaper cream, diapers, and an extra change of clothes. Later on, use this same space to display books or smaller toys. It's available in four colors.

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    Best Mid-Century Modern: Serta's Mid-Century Modern Dresser with Changing Top

    For lovers of mid-century modern design, a changing table that reflects your aesthetic is key. This changing table option from Serta allows you to invest in a design style that you can use in your child’s room for years. The modern design details of this dresser-changing table combo include crisp lines, long drawer handles, and kicked-out legs. Serta's dresser also comes in three finishes and the changing top is removable, so you can continue to use it as a dresser once your child's diaper days are over.

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    Best Table with Hamper: Viv + Rae's Sawyer Avery Changing Table

    Viv + Rae Sawyer Avery Changing Table
    Courtesy of Wayfair

    Let’s be honest. Where there’s a dirty diaper, there’s probably a pile of dirty clothing, too. As new parents, you may find that your laundry pile doubles, especially in the early months (or if you have twins). Having a laundry basket built right into the changing table—next to the diapers, wipes, and a change of clothes—turns the changing space into a one-stop-shop. This option from Viv + Rae keeps all the messy laundry contained underneath without adding an extra hamper to the bedroom. It also comes in four colors, includes cloth baskets to use for storage, and houses a hamper with handles to easily tote away to the laundry room.

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    Best Kit: Delta's Children Changing Kit

    A changing table kit is a great option for those who already have a low dresser or found the perfect dresser, but it doesn't have a changing table on top. Simply use this Delta kit to convert any dresser into a changing table. The kit is really just a wooden box with an extended piece of trim on the back that allows it to catch onto the back edge of the dresser, securing it safely it in place. The clean, simple design of this Delta changing table kit will work seamlessly with just about any dresser, and it comes in nine finishes to match your existing furniture perfectly.