The 12 Best Cheap Christmas Gifts to Buy in 2018

Spread holiday cheer without breaking the bank

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Picking out the right gift for everyone on your list is hard. You might have extended family members to buy for (even though you haven’t seen them in years), or a Secret Santa gift for work that you totally forgot about. Whatever the case, you’ll need to buy more gifts that expected. Rather than fly through the checkout stand with the first gift that you see, pick up some unique items that are well within your budget.

From best-selling wireless speakers to a card game that’s sure to get everyone laughing, we found an assortment of budget-friendly items to make everyone on your list happy—without breaking the bank. If you're ready to start shopping, here are the top budget friendly Christmas gifts on the market.

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    Best for Tech Junkies: iSuperb Cool Bluetooth Knitted Beanie

    Maybe it’s cold outside, but your style won't skip a beat with this highly versatile (and technologically advanced) hat. The iSuperb Cool Bluetooth Knitted Beanie is soft and sleek with a Bluetooth stereo that can pick up audio from most any device, from iPhones and androids to desktops and laptops.

    The lightweight hat comes in half a dozen styles and has a microphone and stereo headphone so that the user can take calls as they cruise down the street or office hallway. Reviewers say that the powerful battery (with 60 hours of stand-by time) will last you a whole day. The tightly-woven knit fabric it also super durable, making it the perfect choice for outdoor sports and hiking adventures. 

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    Best for Beauty Lovers: Dermal Collagen Essence Mask Facial Sheets

    Perfect for beauty lovers, this combo pack of 16 different face masks will perk up dry, dull, or damaged skin. After all, harsh winter weather can take a toll on your complexion. 

    Dermal Collagen Essence Masks are infused with good-for-you ingredients like vitamin E and collagen, and will instantly plump up tired or dull skin. Use these masks several times per week for optimal results. This 16-count combo pack makes this a gift that will be enjoyed well into the New Year.

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    Best Cozy: UltraIdeas Comfort Coral Women’s Slippers

    Give the gift of comfort with the UltraIdeas Women’s Comfort Coral memory foam slippers. They're the perfect way to begin or end the day—and they really keep your feet warm! 

    The slippers are lined with high-density memory foam that mold to the wearer’s foot shape to make it a personal fit each and every time. They come in six colors and a money-back guarantee if the recipient isn’t 100% pleased with this plush product. These slippers received rave reviews from customers who say that they're incredibly comfortable and machine washable for easy care. 

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    Best for the Hostess: Gaiam Restore Tissue Massage Roller

    After a season of decorating, cooking, hosting, and shopping, tired muscles will need a break! The 18-inch long Gaiam Restore Deep Tissue massage roller gets to all those aches and pains without causing more discomfort from over-stretching. The easy exercise guide that comes with this magic muscle wand shows how to target pressure points, alleviate sore muscles, and get circulation moving.

    The extra-firm, wavy texture of the Gaiam massage roller allows for deep tissue relief for long-lasting health benefits (relief from anxiety, headaches, and insomnia to name a few). If you know someone who needs to relax, this massage roller is the ideal gift. 

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    Best for Liquor Enthusiasts: Spice Lab Himalayan Shot Glasses

    These trendy Spice Lab Himalayan Shot Glasses will be the star of the show at your next holiday party. Made of naturally sourced Himalayan salt, the pink-hued shot glasses are a truly unique gift that will bring plenty of holiday cheer to your home. 

    The salt in these glasses has a natural anti-bacterial quality, so germs won't linger and they won't take on a strange odor. Many reviewers note that these shot glasses are built to be long-lasting, and they still look new after multiple uses. This gift is great for liquor enthusiasts who need a bit of salt to enhance the flavor of their favorite liquor. 

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    Best for Music Lovers: Amazon Basics Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

    Amazon Basics Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

    Courtesy of Amazon

    If you're looking for a gift for the music lover in your life, look no further than the Amazon Basics Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. This portable speaker has a wireless range of 33 feet for streaming podcasts, audio-books, and music.  

    Even though this speaker is compact and lightweight, it has a rechargeable battery that lets tunes blast for up to 8 hours. A built-in microphone lets it double as a hands-free speakerphone to pick up incoming calls. It has over 2,000 positive reviews on Amazon, and most reviewers are happy with the sound quality for this device. 

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    Best for Commuters: Contigo Autoseal Stainless Steel Travel Mug

    Contigo Autoseal Stainless Steel Travel Mug

    Courtesy of Amazon

    If you commute to work, you know the importance of a good travel mug. If you're buying for for someone with a commute or someone who loves to travel, the Contigo Autoseal Stainless Steel Travel Mug carries 16-ounces of hot or cold beverages (perfect for both long and short commutes). 

    This mug comes in a wide-variety of colors, but its most noteworthy feature is the Autoseal technology. The push-button release allows for one-handed sipping without worry of leakage if you’re bumped on the bus or the walk to work. It also uses Thermalock technology to keep hot beverages hot and cold beverages cold for up to 12 hours.

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    Best for Game-Night Lovers: Cards Against Humanity

    All the components of a good time can be found in this little box. The Cards Against Humanity card game is consistently rated a best-selling game on Amazon for families, college students, and game-night aficionados alike. This version contains over 150 new cards, which means double the excitement and double the laughs. 

    The fast-paced board game is easy to play: each round, one player asks a question from a Black Card, and players must answer with a White Card. It's that simple! Reviewers of this game say that "it's uncontrollable laughter," and "a must have for any party night."

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    Best for Students: Skullcandy Jib Earbuds

    Skullcandy Jib Earbuds

    Courtesy of Target

    If you're searching for the perfect gift for the student in your life, a pair of Skullcandy headphones is definitely the way to go. Students will love to have these on hand for when other earbuds inevitably break.

    Lightweight, durable, and sleek, these earbuds look more expensive than they actually are. The silicone ear cushions are incredibly comfortable, and the enhanced bass produces bold sound. Most reviewers were happy with their purchase, and said that these headphones are a great deal for the price. 

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    Best for Wine Enthusiasts: Vremi Wine Preserver Set

    If you know someone who delights in opening a new bottle of wine, this essential wine preserver set will be a great gift option. It comes with a stainless steel wine vacuum pump and four stoppers to keep wine fresh for up to 10 days. The stainless steel wine pump removes air from the bottle, which slows the rate of oxidation and makes your wine stay fresh for longer. Once you've opened a bottle, use one of the four bottle stoppers for an airtight close. Plus, the bottle stoppers are all designed with a date marker so you can keep track of when you first opened it. 

    This 5-piece set has earned rave reviews from over 700 customers on Amazon. Reviewers say that the pump handle is sturdy and easy to grasp, and it does an excellent job of keeping wine fresh. The sleek design of this set also looks great when displayed on the countertop. 

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    Best for the Cook: Crate & Barrel Conversion Spoon Rest

    Conversion Spoon Rest

    Courtesy of Crate & Barrel

    If you know someone who loves to cook, this Conversion Spoon Rest from Crate & Barrel will make the perfect gift. This handy spoon rest doubles as a reference guide for measurements, which makes cooking and baking a breeze. 

    This elegant kitchen tool is made from white ceramic and has black lettering that's easy to read—even from a distance. Cups, spoons, and tongs will all fit on this spoon rest with plenty of room to spare. Reviewers gave it top marks for its perfect size and convenient conversion chart. One reviewer even remarked that she loved this so much that she purchased two of them!

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    Best for Coffee Lovers: Bob Ross Heat Changing Mug

    Bob Ross Heat Changing Mug

    Courtesy of Amazon

    This gift is a pleasure for those seeking a bit of calm either in the early morning hours or throughout a busy day. The Bob Ross Heat Changing Mug is easily one of the best holiday gifts for the coffee lover in your life.

    The self-painting cup by The Unemployed Philosophers Guild comes with an image of the smiling painter holding a blank brush against a black background. When hot water meets the mug, an inspiring painting with happy little trees rises to entertain the sipper. Turn the morning dark haze that may hang over grumpy early risers into happy little clouds with this best-selling mug.