The 7 Best Chicken Coops of 2019

Stylish and practical homes for your chickens

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Our Top Picks

Best Starter: PetsFit Chicken Coop at Amazon

“Covers all the basics and great for someone just starting out.”

Best Rooftop: Rooftop Garden Chicken Coop at Wayfair

“Room for two or three chickens to rest, roost, and roam.”

Best Easy Clean: Pawhut Hen House at Amazon

“Designed to keep your chickens happy and healthy.”

Best Vintage-Style: SummerHawk Barn Coop at Amazon

“Reminiscent of a traditional big red barn.”

Best Easy-to-Assemble: Formex Snap Lock Coop at Amazon

“The pieces simply snap together.”

Best with Run: Chicken Coop with Chicken Run at Amazon

“It would be hard to make chickens happier than they would be with this coop.”

Best Multi-Level: Pawhut Large Three-Level Coop at Amazon

“With multiple doors and a nesting box on the side, egg gathering is a breeze.”

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    Best Starter Chicken Coop: Petsfit Weatherproof Outdoor Chicken Chicken Coop

    This grey and white chicken coop covers all the basics and is great for someone who is just starting out raising chickens. It’s relatively inexpensive, so you can get started without too hefty of a commitment, but still gives your chickens a safe and spacious place to roost and rest.

    The coop has two doors, and there’s also a nesting box on box on the side for when it’s time to lay those eggs. The whole thing measures 53” x 25” x 28 “, so it’s great for smaller yards. The main roof doesn’t open, but the nest box has a hinged roof to make for easy egg collection. Made of cedar and coated in waterproof paint, it’s designed to withstand weather of all kinds.

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    Best Rooftop Chicken Coop: The Rooftop Garden Chicken Coop

    Advantek Rooftop Garden Chicken Coop
    Courtesy of Walmart

    How does your garden grow? On top of your chicken coop if you select this sweet two-in-one structure. It includes a chicken run, a chicken coop, two roosting bars and a ramp to help your chickens travel between floors. There’s room for two or three chickens to rest, roost and roam comfortably. The rooftop garden not only adds a pretty punch, but it’s perfect for growing herbs or vegetables to add to those delicious eggs. Omelet, anyone?

    Made of cypress fir, which is naturally decay and rot resistant, this coop will keep your chickens comfortable too with an insulated design to keep them warmer in the winter and cooler when the summer sun is shining. The hatch’s roof lifts easily, so you can easily clean it out and collect those eggs.

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    Best Easy Clean Chicken Coop: Pawhut Wooden Backyard Poultry Hen House

    This pretty green chicken coop is designed to keep your chickens happy and healthy. It’s spacious enough for several chickens, measuring 83.24" x 35.5" x 48", and it provides your feathered friends with options aplenty. There’s a spacious indoor nesting area, a large fenced outdoor area, and a climbing ladder to help them get to and fro.

    Heavy-duty wire mesh keeps the air flowing through, but also keeps predators out. There’s also a removable droppings tray to make for easy cleaning. It’s made of China fir, and the asphalt composite roof is designed to keep weather elements at bay. Coated in water-based, bright green paint, this is a charming and cheerful addition to your yard and a great place for chickens to call home.

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    Best Vintage Chicken Coop: SummerHawk Ranch Vintage Barn Coop, Red, X-Large

    This vintage looking chicken coop is reminiscent of a traditional big red barn. It’s spacious enough for three hens full-time or up to nine for sleeping if they’re free-range during the day (It measures 89.3" x 40.8" x 50"). The mesh enclosed run lets chickens roam without worry, and the overhead coop keeps them shaded when the sun is shining bright. The doors are also equipped with spring-bolt latches for extra security against persistent predators.

    The three-stall nesting box has an easy-to-access, prop-up door to make for easy egg collection, and it’s simple to put together as well. The manufacturer promises that one person can set it up with just a screwdriver in about 45 minutes.

    When you’re ready to add more feathered friends to your flock, you can easily expand the space with an expansion pen (sold separately). The more the merrier… and the more eggs.

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    Best Easy-to-Assemble Chicken Coop: Formex Snap Lock Large Chicken Coop

    If you’re looking for an easy-to-assemble chicken coop, this one is snap… literally. You don’t need any tools to put it together; the pieces simply snap together.

    Recommended for four to six large chickens or six to twelve Bantam roosters, there’s plenty of space in this coop (64" x 39" x 42"). It contains four nesting spots with removable dividers and three roosts. Made of durable plastic, it’s water, chemical and ultraviolet resistant, so it’ s pretty much maintenance-free. It’s a nice alternative to traditional wooden coops.

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    Best Chicken Coop with Run: Chicken Coop with Chicken Run

    They say happy chickens lay the most (and best) eggs, and it would be hard to make chickens happier than with a coop like this. Built to last, this chicken coop has working windows with tempered glass and screens and a ventilation system to keep them comfortable.

    This large version (it measures 6' x 8') has six nesting bins and an egg-laying area that can accommodate 8-12 hens. Nesting boxes are located on the outside of the coop for easy egg gathering, and a ramp lets the chicken come and go as easy as they please. It comes in a panelized DIY kit with high-quality siding and trim that you paint yourself in whatever color you choose. Shingles aren’t included, but all the fasteners and hardware are. Once it’s all put together, you will have one clucking awesome chicken coop.

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    Best Multi-Level Chicken Coop: Pawhut Large Three Level Backyard Chicken Coop

    This triple-level chicken coop is a creative take on traditional versions. It measures 79" x 37.5" x 58.2", which is enough space for four to six chickens, depending on how big the chickens are. It’s made of fir wood and coated with waterproof paint to keep it looking good and housing your feathered friends for years.

    With multiple doors and a nesting box on the side, egg gathering is a breeze. A sliding tray makes for quick and easy cleaning too. This one checks all the boxes for your basic chicken coop needs and gets bonus points for a unique look that stands out from other more traditional-looking coops.