The 7 Best Chimineas of 2020

Give your backyard or patio a cozy makeover

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Our Top Picks
"This option has a traditional Mexican-inspired design, and its extra-large size provides an impressive amount of heat."
"This wallet-friendly option is a favorite among buyers thanks to its simple design and reasonable price tag."
"This beautiful cast iron pick runs on wood and comes with a spark screen to keep you safe while you enjoy your fire."
"Named after a famous Mexican volcano, this clay chiminea acts like a style-forward radiator for your outdoor space."
"With a diameter of just 14 inches, this compact model is the perfect addition to a small patio or backyard."
"A large-capacity burning space, made with cast iron, that can fit pizzas, burgers, and more so you can cook over an open fire."
"Thanks to its large size and mesh sides, this pick is a great choice for families that frequently entertain guests."

Best Overall: World Menagerie Midgard Azteca Xl Clay Wood Burning Chiminea

One of the best chimineas you can find today in terms of design and value is the Midgard Azteca Xl Clay Wood Burning model. This clay chiminea has a traditional Mexican-inspired design, and its extra-large size kicks off an impressive amount of heat, making it perfect for gathering around on chilly nights.

The Midgard Azteca Chiminea is over 4 feet tall and has a gray exterior with a variety of stylish accents, including Mayan and Aztec designs on its chimney. It runs on wood, and because of its large interior, you can fit larger pieces inside. This product comes with a steel stand and clay lid, and reviewers say it's quite handsome and radiates a lot of heat, making it a great addition to any outdoor space.

Best Budget: ROPE 37 in. Clay KD Chiminea with Iron Stand

Chimineas can easily cost several hundred dollars, but there are affordable models out there, as well. The Clay KD Chiminea is a favorite among buyers thanks to its simple design and reasonable price, making it ideal for anyone who wants to give this style of fireplace a try. 

This wood-burning chiminea sits 37 inches tall, and it’s handcrafted from natural clay. It includes a durable iron stand to hold the body away from the ground, and it features a rope-inspired design around the body and chimney. While the product photos make the product look yellow, reviewers say the chiminea has a more terracotta appearance. Many say it’s an unbeatable value, and the unit heats up quickly.

Best Cast Iron: Millwood Pines Houle Stove Cast Iron Wood Burning Chiminea

Chimineas are typically made from clay, but you can also find steel and cast iron models. The Millwood Pines Houle Stove is a heavy-duty chiminea made from cast iron, and its open-style body makes it ideal for entertaining, as you can get heat from every angle. 

This chiminea is an impressive 47 inches tall, and because it’s made from metal, it weighs more than 72 pounds—so don’t plan on moving it frequently! It runs on wood and comes with a spark screen to keep you safe during use. There’s a mesh door you can open to insert more fuel, and the lid keeps rain out of the pipe. Reviewers call this chiminea beautiful, but many recommend purchasing a cover for it, as exposure to moisture can cause cast iron to rust.

Best Clay: Fleur de Lis Living Skoog Clay Wood Burning Chiminea

For a more traditional, simple chiminea, you can’t beat the Fleur de Lis Living Skoog Clay Wood Burning Chiminea. This model, named after a famous Mexican volcano, is made from clay with a natural terracotta finish, and it’s free from any paint or adornments, so it’s sure to fit in with your decor. 

This classic chiminea comes in two sizes—one that’s 43 inches tall and one that’s 49 inches—and it’s fueled by wood. The clay absorbs the heat of its inner fire, acting as a radiator, and the design leaves minimal ashes behind. This Skoog Clay Chiminea comes with a steel stand and clay lid, and the simple design is a hit among buyers.

Best Small: Sunnydaze Decor Steel Outdoor Wood Burning Chiminea

If you’re looking for a great chiminea with a minimal footprint, the Sunnydaze Steel Outdoor Wood Burning Chiminea is a sleek modern model that takes up only a small amount of space. This compact model is just 14 inches in diameter and weighs just 20 pounds, so you can make the most of your compact patio

Despite its slender design, this chiminea is 49 inches tall, and it’s made of steel with a high-temperature paint finish. It has a compartment at the bottom where you can store excess wood, and the main burning area includes an ash pan to make clean-up easier. This chiminea comes with a poker, two grates, and a cover, and the large opening at the top delivers optimal air flow to fuel the fire.

Best for Cooking: Oakland 62 in. Feast Chimenea with 360 Degree Fire View and BBQ Grill

Did you know you can actually cook inside your chiminea? Models like the Feast Chimenea with 360 Degree Fire View and BBQ Grill include a rack where you can place meat, baked potatoes, and other foods, allowing them to cook over the open fire. This unit is made of durable cast iron and features a large-capacity burning space, and the bronze finish is quite luxe and stylish. 

This Chimenea has mesh sides, allowing you to see the fire from every angle, and it includes a BBQ grill rack above the flames where you can put food. The hinged safety door provides easy access for adding more wood, and the powder-coated finish will last for years to come.

Best for Parties: Hampton Bay 55.5 in. Lokia Outdoor Chimenea

If you regularly hold parties outside on your patio, a chiminea is a perfect addition to your space, as it lets guests gather around to get warm and roast marshmallows. In particular, the Hampton Bay Lokia Outdoor Chimenea would be an unbeatable investment, as this large model features open sides that let it radiate heat in all directions. 

This outdoor chimenea provides a 360-degree view of the fire thanks to its mesh sides, and it stands 55 inches tall. The unit comes in a rugged antique bronze finish, and it even includes a poker to help you tend the fire. Reviewers absolutely love this unit, saying it’s easy to assemble and high-quality. Plus, many enjoy that it gives off heat in all directions, giving you more options for your outdoor seating arrangements.

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