The 9 Best Chocolate Gifts to Buy in 2018

Treat them to something sweet with these delicious confections

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If you're looking for the perfect gift for someone who has everything, remember: most of the best things in life are chocolate. Whether you're shopping for a cacao connoisseur or a kid sister with a sweet tooth, it's hard to go wrong with this universal treat. 

To help satisfy any choco-craving, we've gathered some of the greatest chocolate gifts, from exquisite single-origin samplers to a big box of "snacking chocolate." (And here we thought all chocolate was snacking chocolate!) You're bound to find the right one for the chocolate lover on your list.


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    Best Worldly Chocolates: Trader Joe’s Single Origin Chocolate Passport

    Take someone’s taste buds on a trip around the world without buying a single plane ticket. Trader Joe’s chocolate “passport” allows chocolate lovers to sample bars from eight of the world’s best chocolate-producing countries. Each of the bars is single origin — which means the cocoa beans were sourced from that country alone — to ensure that you taste the unique flavors of each region. You’ll taste floral and nutty notes in Papua New Guinea’s bar, while Peru’s is slightly fruity and woody. Every single one is different from the last. Each bar is a little less than two ounces and they range from 60% to 73% cacao.

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    Best Chocolate Basket: Alder Creek Ultimate Godiva Experience

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     Do you know someone who can’t live without a piece of chocolate every day? Gift her this package of Godiva goodies. It weighs a whopping four pounds, so it’s guaranteed to last awhile (hopefully!). Each set contains a box of chocolate-covered cookies, chocolate-covered almonds, chocolate truffles, toffee caramels, roast coffee, milk chocolate hot cocoa, dark chocolate pretzels and two dark chocolate bars. Be sure to find a truly committed chocolate fan because this gift can seem like chocolate overload to the uninitiated.

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    Best Caramels: Sanders Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels

    The phrase dark chocolate sea salt caramels should be a selling point in itself, but these bite-size treats also have something else going for them: They have almost 500 five-star reviews on Amazon. And there’s a reason why. They make other salty-sweet chocolate-caramel combos seem lackluster in comparison. One reviewer said they have a “bold saltiness” that’s “not for the faint of heart” and another said, “My favorite candy ever!” The creamy, rich caramel is cooked to just the right consistency and the smooth chocolate goes perfectly with the visible salt flakes on top.

    The chocolate squares aren’t elegantly packaged like some other options and some reviewers say they can get a bit banged up in transit, but the fact that they come in a 36-ounce tub means there’s plenty to go around (if your giftee wants to share). 

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    Best for Snacking: Snacking Chocolate Taster

    Courtesy of Mouth

    Snacking chocolate is the kind of can’t-stop-eating goodness that you need to keep stashed at your desk, in your purse, in the car, and anywhere else you might get hangry. It’s the ultimate gift for someone who wants to keep up their chocolate intake while they’re on the go. Each package contains chocolate-covered peanut butter cookies, bacon peanut butter cups, a salted dark chocolate bar, chocolate-covered coffee beans and chocolate gingersnaps. And because Mouth provides products from indie producers around the country, these chocolatey treats come all the way from Brooklyn, New York; Portland, Oregon; and Healdsburg, California. Crunchy, crispy, gooey, crumbly: every texture is covered with this sweet set.

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    Best Mexican Chocolate: Taza Chocolate Mexicana Classic Collection

    Bite into a piece of authentic Mexican chocolate and you’ll notice something different: It’s earthier, grittier, less sweet, and more intense than all that European chocolate you’ve been eating your whole life.

    Taza Chocolate tries to maintain Mexican traditions when crafting its products. Each disc is made from stone ground organic cacao beans to create a bold, rustic chocolate disc. Taza means “cup” in Spanish and the company encourages customers to use the discs to make classic Mexican hot chocolate, which usually has a hint of spice in the mix. The discs in this box each represent their own unique flavor and spice combinations. There are six choices — cinnamon, cacao puro, vanilla, guajillo chili, salted almond and coffee — that chocolate enthusiasts can use in sauces, drinks or desserts.

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    Best Chocolate and Fruit: Rabitos Royale Chocolate-Stuffed Figs

    Have you ever tasted something that's so good it doesn't seem fair? If you want to share that so-good-it-seems-like-cheating feeling with someone else, hand them a box of these chocolate-stuffed figs. They'll find a surprising amount of rich chocolate both inside and outside of each fig, plus a creamy liqueur filling that provides a little extra kick.

    Individually wrapped for long-lasting freshness and maximum classiness, each bite of these figs feels like getting yet another gift. Remind your loved one to slow down and savor it or they'll eat them all in one sitting.

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    Best Unique Chocolate Bars: Seattle Chocolates Candy Bars Gift Set

    Chocolate fits a lot of moods and personality types. There are the intensely dark, single-origin bars meant for connoisseurs, the whimsical cake pops at a kid’s birthday party and the mass-produced assorted chocolates that your average joe wouldn’t pass up. These Seattle Chocolate candy bars fall somewhere in between. They capture the kid-at-heart sentiment of those cake pops combined with some of the same quality ingredients found in those high-end chocolate bars.

    Each set includes three bars: a Birthday Cake Batter Truffle Bar, a Thanks-olate Truffle Bar and a Here’s to You Truffle Bar. The cake batter bar has a white center mixed with colorful confetti pieces that’s coated in milk chocolate. It tastes like yellow cake with vanilla frosting. The Thanks-olate bar is milk chocolate mixed with toffee pieces and sea salt. The Here’s to You bar is dark chocolate mixed with popping candy that explodes as you eat it.

    The bars’ wrappers have colorful, fun designs and doodles that play off the names (for example, the Here’s to You bar has phrases like “Congrats!” and “You did it!” printed all over it). Give the set to someone who deserves a celebration.

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    Best Chocolate Bars: Green & Black’s Organic Tasting Collection

    If you've ever had a Green & Black's chocolate bar, then you already know they make bold, bright and flavorful chocolate. Here's your chance to give the gift of 24 Green & Black's bars: 2 bars in each of 12 varieties. 

    This is a perfect assortment for someone who wants to host a chocolate-tasting get-together, share the experience with a friend or just eat the whole collection themselves. (Hey, it's their tasting collection ... we're not judging.)  Just be sure to leave plenty of time for this gift to arrive: It ships from Ireland.

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    Best Hot Chocolate: Theo Chocolate Drinking Chocolate

    This winter, put down that sad can of powdered hot cocoa and embrace the wonder of drinking chocolate — small pieces of real chocolate that you melt in hot milk or water. The result is a richer, denser cup of hot chocolate that will definitely warm you up on a chilly night. This 55% dark drinking chocolate from Theo Chocolate is the perfect introduction to the joys of homemade hot chocolate. It’s single origin (from the Democratic Republic of Congo), organic and certified fair trade, which means you can be sure that producers and farmers are being paid fairly and using sustainable practices. Gift a box to your eco-warrior friend for a cozy night of Netflix bingeing.