The 10 Best Christmas Gifts to Buy for Moms in 2018

Surprise her this season with a treat she will treasure

Family opening Christmas presents together
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What does mom really want for Christmas? Well, besides healthy, happy, well-behaved children who clean up after themselves, that depends. Moms have a host of different interests and desires, so finding the perfect gift for them requires knowing just what makes their heart sing.

For those who love to cook to those who want to be on the forefront of technology and those who just want to relax and be pampered, there is a great gift out there for all the great moms. Here are the top Christmas gifts to buy for the moms on your list.


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    Best for Cooks: Instant Pot LUX60V3 V3 6 Qt 6-in-1 Multi-Use Cooker

    Moms who like to cook will flip their lid for this instant pot cooker. Actually, even those who don’t particularly like to cook will like it too, as it makes meal-making a snap. You can use it to cook everything from rice to cakes, meats to manicotti. It’s six kitchen appliances in one—a pressure cooker, rice cooker, saute, steam, cake maker, and warmer. It cooks foods faster and healthier than other cooking methods, and it saves energy to boot. Customers rave about this machine, saying it’s easy to use and lives up to all the hype.

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    Best Jewelry: Personalized All Heart Necklace


    Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

    Mom always wants to keep her children close to her heart, so why not gift her with a personalized necklace that engraves the name of her children on a circle that gets bound together by a heart. The sterling silver necklace comes with an 18" chain and is handcrafted in California.

    If necklaces aren't her thing the maker also has bracelets and rings to keep the names of her kids close by. 

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    Best Tech: Echo Dot (2nd Generation)

    If there’s one universal thing mom's wish for, it’s an extra set of hands. Since that’s not a practical gift, there’s the Echo Dot with Alexa. With just your voice, you can play the radio, check the weather, play Jeopardy, and much more. You can even order a pizza when dinner just isn’t happening. It can hear your demands from across the room, even when things are a little loud. The odds of Alexa becoming her new BFF are pretty high.

    Even if she isn't so tech-savvy she will quickly get the hang of this device and wonder how she has survived without it. 

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    Best Beauty: Clarisonic Mia 1, Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush System

    Clarisonic Mia 1

    Courtesy of Amazon

    Moms deserve pampering aplenty, but few have time to lounge about the spa all day getting manicures and facials. This Clarisonic facial brush gives them a little bit of that pampering at home. You can use it with any face wash, and it removes makeup, dirt, and oil from deep in the pores and leaves skin feeling and looking fresh and rejuvenated. It’s like a mini facial in your own bathroom. It’s waterproof too, so you can even take it into the shower or bath.

    Millions of women swear by this device, saying their skin looks healthier and even younger with regular use. What mom wouldn’t jump for joy at that?

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    Best for Wine Lovers: Luxury Combed Cotton"Bring Me Some Wine" Novelty Socks

    Cute and quirky, moms who love a glass of wine now and again will get a kick out of these socks. Plain white on top, the real message is clear when she puts her feet up at the end of a long day,”If you can read this bring me some wine.” At an affordable price, they’re a cute stocking stuffer, and they’re practical too. Who doesn’t need socks, especially ones that involve vino?

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    Best Slippers: L.L.Bean Wool Slipper Clog


    Courtesy of LL Bean

    A new holiday season means a new pair of slippers. Treat mom with this highly-rated pair that will keep your feet toasty indoors but can also be worn outside to walk the dog, grab the mail, or run some errands. The wool construction of the slippers is suitable for the winter but they can also be worn in the summer since wool is very breathable and helps regulate your temperature. 

    Reviewers compare the soles on these to Birkenstocks so they are sold and comfortable. Many love these for walking the dog and keeping toes warm in all types of temperatures. They come in more neutral colors like grey, brown, or black and have a subtle Nordic design. 

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    Best for Relaxing: URPOWER 2nd Version Essential Oil Diffuser

    We all know Mom could use a little more R&R. If her idea of relaxation is a day at the spa, why not bring the spa to her with this oil diffuser which will infuse the air at home with any scent she likes (perhaps calming lavender or fresh eucalyptus?). 

    Over 28,000 (yes 28,000!) reviews give this Amazon bestseller high remarks for its affordable price and ability to add both a fresh scent and moisture to a small space. For a more complete gift why not pair it with a set of essential oils so she can see which one she prefers. 

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    Best for Readers: Kindle Paperwhite E-reader

    While the Kindle isn't any new technology, if she reads a lot and doesn't have an e-reader yet—now is definitely the time to get her one. Instead of having books piling up on her nightstand or lugging her books on vacation she can now read in a slimmer, lighter profile. The reader has a built-in light that makes it easy to read both during the day (yes even in the sun) and at night without the need for a lamp. What's more, a single battery charge can last for weeks so she won't have to worry about toting her charger around. 

    While many people are skeptical of making the switch to an e-reader, once they make the switch few look back and miss the paper version. Plus, she can have all of her favorites on hand so she can pull up favorite passages at a moments notice, and she can also get the newspaper delivered right to the device. 

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    Best Fashion: 100% Cashmere Wrap Shawl

    For moms with a focus on fashion, you can’t go wrong with this classic, 100-percent cashmere wrap. With clean, classic lines, it can be in worn a variety of ways. It comes in a rainbow of colors, but you can never go wrong with basic navy.

    It’s perfect for traveling and folds small enough to fit in a purse or other bag, so she can pull it out whenever there’s a chill in the air. Customers say it’s soft, light and high-quality. It’s a piece she’ll reach for over and over. In fact, she might just want more than one.

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    Best for Sporty Moms: FlipBelt

    Moms who like to run, hike, bike or are otherwise stay active will flip for the FlipBelt. It slips around your waist​ and has several openings into which you can slide things like a phone, credit card, nutrition, keys and other items. Then you flip it over, and all of those items stay put. There’s no bouncing (seriously, no bouncing) and everything is secure and easy to get to as you need it. You can ditch the annoying armbands and fussy fanny packs, the FlipBelt is sleek and simple, and you’ll hardly know you’re wearing it.