The 10 Best Christmas Inflatables of 2020

Deck you front yard with Christmas cheer

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Our Top Picks
"This cheery inflatable is great for both indoors and outdoors—and self-inflates in a matter of seconds when you want to set it up."
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"This massive, brightly lit Christmas tree can be lit up in three different colors, depending on your preferences."
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"This classic inflatable, which features Santa and his reindeer trio, will make a great addition to your backyard, porch, or roof."
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"At just under four feet tall, this snowman is a bit less showy and compact enough to fit on a smaller front lawn."
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"Details like animated flapping wings and a kaleidoscope light add even more flair to this 9-foot tall dragon."
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"If you're a dog lover (or just want to do something a bit different), this holiday-themed puppy float is a great option."
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"This massive, winter-themed inflatable included an 8-foot tall polar bear with two penguins perched on its back."
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"This quirky animated inflatable will catch the eye of your family, friends, and anyone who happens to drive by."
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"This festive fox is a bit more unexpected than other winter animals, but will make a great addition to your outdoor space."
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"Passersby will get a good laugh out of this inflatable scene, which features Santa climbing up a Christmas tree to escape a dog."
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If the holiday season is your favorite time of year, chances are you're always counting down the days until you can start hanging up Christmas lights, setting up your tree, and decorating your yard. Christmas inflatables have become one of the most popular styles of outdoor holiday decor in recent years, and no display is complete without a larger-than-life Santa, sparkling snowman, or animated Christmas scene. 

There are a wide range of holiday inflatables available today, including basic blow-ups to oversized scenes with moving parts. Most inflatables are pre-lit with LED bulbs so you can see them at night, and the majority come with a built-in blower for easy inflation, as well.

No matter your style, budget, or space, here are the best Christmas inflatables to add to your holiday decor.

Gemmy 36789 Airblown Outdoor Santa Christmas Inflatable

For a simple, affordable Christmas inflatable, the Gemmy Airblown Outdoor Santa is a classic choice. This cheery Santa inflatable stands at 4 feet tall, and his rosy cheeks will light up your indoor or outdoor holiday display. If you choose to put this inflatable outside, it comes with stakes and tethers for secure setup, and it self-inflates in a matter of seconds. Santa lights up at night thanks to his inner LED bulbs, and how can you resist the affordable price tag?

ShinyDec Christmas Inflatables 9-Foot Xmas Tree with 3 Colors Changing Lights

Christmas trees are another popular inflatable shape, and the ShinyDec Christmas Inflatables Xmas Tree will surely make a statement in your yard, as it stands at a whopping 9 feet tall! The green tree has a big star on top, as well as colorful baubles all around, and there are LED lights inside that you can set to three different colors. 

The tree is 53 inches in diameter, and it comes with three ropes and six ground stakes to keep it stable in your yard. It’s made from water-resistant polyester fabric, and the built-in air blower helps to set it up quickly and easily.

Hashtag Home Christmas Santa Claus on Sleigh Sled Indoor/Outdoor Inflatable

You can set up Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, and Santa in your yard—or, if you’re particularly daring, on your roof!—with the Hashtag Home Christmas Santa Claus on Sleigh Inflatable. This popular product features Santa in his sled, being pulled by three cheery reindeer. The inflatable is 8 feet long and 3 feet tall, and it can be used both indoors and outside. 

The reindeer and sleigh come with 15 LED bulbs, a self-inflating internal fan, two tethers, and two stakes. The inflatable made from weather-resistant polyester, and it blows up in seconds for easy setup.

The Holiday Aisle Snowmen Family Inflatable

This happy family of snowmen would be the perfect way to spread holiday cheer in your neighborhood. The snowman trio is just under 4 feet tall and can be placed either inside or out. The father snowman has a festive top hat on, while the child is holding a little red present, and the whole group is lit up by nine inner bulbs. 

This inflatable comes with two stakes to hold the family in place, and because it’s fairly compact, it inflates quickly. The unit is made from weather-resistant polyester, and those with small yards will love that it's a reasonable size and extremely easy to set up.

Home Accents Holiday Animated Inflatable Kaleidoscope Dragon with Santa Hat

If you want to make a bold statement this holiday season, you’ve got to get the Home Accents Holiday Animated Inflatable Dragon, which is decked out with all the bells and whistles you could ever want. The 9-foot dragon is wearing a Santa hat and has a candy cane in its mouth, and it projects an eye-catching kaleidoscopic light. Plus, its animated wings flap for even more flair! 

This top-rated inflatable includes the stakes and tethered required for safe setup, and it lights up with energy-efficient LEDs, helping to save a little bit of electricity.

Gemmy Puppies with Candy Cane Inflatable

The Bloomsbury Market Gemmy Puppies with Candy Cane Inflatable is a must-have for dog lovers. This 7-foot long display features four adorable dogs holding up an extra-large candy cane, and some of the pups are even sporting holiday outfits—precious! 

The dogs are illuminated by four white LED lights, and the product comes with four stakes to help ensure it doesn’t blow away when displayed outside. It inflates quickly thanks to the built-in blower, and is the perfect decoration for homes where pets truly are a member of the family.

BZB Goods Store Christmas Inflatable 3 Penguins on Polar Bear Outdoor Yard Decoration

These adorable animals have trekked all the way from the South Pole to celebrate the holidays in your yard—or at least that’s what you can tell your children! The BZB Goods Store Christmas Inflatable features three cute penguins perched on top of a 8-foot-tall polar bear, and the whole unit lights up for nighttime viewing.

The bear is over 8 feet long, so be sure to tie it down with the included stakes. The unit will automatically inflate when it's plugged in. However, the manufacturer does warn users not to inflate the unit during storms or strong winds, as the fan can be damaged by water.

Gemmy Animated Inflatable Santa and Elves in Helicopter Scene

This quirky animated inflatable is sure to please your family, as well as anyone driving by! The Gemmy Animated Inflatable Santa and Elves in Helicopter Scene stands 8 feet tall and over 9 feet wide, featuring Santa’s elves dropping out of a helicopter for “Operation Present Drop.” And as if the scene isn’t detailed enough, it’s taken to a whole other level thanks to its animated components, including a rotating helicopter blade. 

The inflatable is lit up using energy efficient LED bulbs, and it comes with stakes and tethers to hold it in place. The fun display is surprisingly sturdy, holding up against wind and rain as long as it’s anchored properly. Plus, you’re sure to get compliments on it from neighbors and friends.

The Holiday Aisle Christmas Inflatable Fox with Christmas Hat and Wreath

Santa and snowmen are popular inflatable styles, but when was the last time you saw a Christmas fox? The Holiday Aisle Christmas Inflatable Fox with Christmas Hat and Wreath is certainly unique, and it will help you stand out from all the other houses on the block. The festive fox is more than 5 feet tall and 5 feet wide, (including its tail) and it lights up at night thanks to its LED bulbs. 

This inflatable comes with three stakes to hold down the weather-resistant polyester form, and it’s self-inflating for easy setup.

Hashtag Home Santa Claus Climbing on Christmas Tree Inflatable

You can give passersby a good laugh with the Hashtag Home Santa Claus Climbing on Christmas Tree Decoration Inflatable. Standing 6 feet tall, this inflatable features a comical scene of Santa Claus climbing up a Christmas tree, trying to escape a dog who’s pulling on his pant leg! As a result, Santa is having a bit of a wardrobe malfunction, and we’re guessing that pooch will surely be on the “Naughty List” next year.

This silly inflatable includes nine inner bulbs and two stakes, and its weather-resistant polyester form self-inflates in a matter of seconds.

What to Look for in a Christmas Inflatable

Ease of use You probably picked inflatables because they're typically a whole heck of a lot easier than hopping on a ladder and stringing Christmas lights. Some inflatables are easier to use than others, though. Consider not just how easy they are to set up, but also how challenging they may be to take down and store after all the Christmas fun is done.

Durability When it comes to selecting your inflatables, make sure you look for those that are well made, with features like reinforced seams and thick materials. If your inflatables light up, you also want to consider how long the lights will last without the need for replacements.

Style Above all else, your Christmas inflatable selection should be based on style. What that means for you may be very different from your neighbor. From classic Christmas scenes to more quirky characters, there’s something for everyone. ‘Tis the season when almost anything goes in the name of celebrating the holiday.

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