The 11 Best Christmas Inflatables for a Festive Front Yard

Our favorite pick is the BZB Goods Store 3 Penguins on Polar Bear Inflatable

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Christmas inflatables have become one of the most popular styles of outdoor holiday decor in recent years, and no display is complete without a larger-than-life Santa, sparkling snowman, or animated Christmas scene. 

We researched the best festive inflatable, keeping in mind the ease of use, durability, and style of each. Our favorite pick to decorate your yard is the BZB Goods Store 3 Penguins on Polar Bear Inflatable. The adorable LED-lit scene inflates automatically and is the perfect size to display on its own or combine with other holiday decorations.

Here are the best Christmas inflatables.

Our Top Picks

BZB Goods Store Christmas Inflatable 3 Penguins on Polar Bear Outdoor Yard Decoration

Christmas Inflatable 3 Penguins Riding a Polar Bear

Courtesy of Amazon

These adorable animals have trekked all the way from the South Pole to celebrate the holidays in your yard—or at least that’s what you can tell your children! The BZB Goods Store Christmas Inflatable features three cute penguins perched on top of a 8-foot-tall polar bear, and the whole unit lights up for nighttime viewing.

The bear is over 8 feet long, so be sure to tie it down with the included stakes. The unit will automatically inflate when it's plugged in. However, the manufacturer does warn users not to inflate the unit during storms or strong winds, as the fan can be damaged by water.

Reviewers love the sturdy stakes and bright lights that ensure your decor is seen all the way down the block. This pick is designed to last through the holiday season and even further, if stored properly. The fan may be a bit weak for the inflatable's large size on stormy nights, however.

Dimensions: 8.5 x 8 feet tall | Material: Polyester | Lights: LED bulbs

Glitzhome 9ft. LED Inflatable Christmas Tree

Glitzhome 9ft. LED Inflatable Christmas Tree


Christmas trees are a popular inflatable shape, and the Glitzhome LED Inflatable Christmas Tree will surely make a statement in your yard, as it stands at a whopping 9 feet tall. The green tree has a big star on top, as well as colorful baubles all around, and there are LED lights so your tree can shine through the night.

The tree comes with an air-blower for self-inflating, plus stakes and tethers to ensure your tree stays in place. It’s made from water-resistant polyester fabric, so is perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

Dimensions: 9 feet tall | Material: Polyester fiber | Lights: LED bulbs

Gemmy Airblown Inflatables 9' Gemmy Airblown Inflatable Disney Star Wars Millennium Falcon w/ Christmas Light String

Gemmy Airblown Inflatables 9' Disney Star Wars Millennium Falcon w/ Christmas Light String

Gemmy Airblown Inflatables

Incorporate your favorite fandom into your holiday decor this season with a Star Wars-themed Christmas inflatable. This one from Gemmy Airblown Inflatables features an accurate replica of the Millennium Falcon, adorned with a wreath and a string of Christmas lights.

The 9-foot-wide ship lights up for a bright outdoor display guaranteed to get neighbors talking. With an internal fan and lights and included ropes and stakes, this inflatable is easy to set up and disassemble and is made out of durable nylon for extended use.

Dimensions: 9 x 4.5 feet tall | Material: Nylon | Lights: C7 5watt lights

Hashtag Home Christmas Santa Claus on Sleigh Sled Indoor/Outdoor Inflatable

Santa Claus on Sleigh Inflatable

Courtesy of Wayfair

You can set up Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, and Santa in your yard—or, if you’re particularly daring, on your roof—with the Hashtag Home Christmas Santa Claus on Sleigh Inflatable. This popular product features Santa in his sled, being pulled by three cheery reindeer. The inflatable is 8 feet long and 3 feet tall, and it can be used both indoors and outside. 

The reindeer and sleigh come with 15 LED bulbs, a self-inflating internal fan, two tethers, and two stakes. The inflatable made from weather-resistant polyester, and it blows up in seconds for easy setup.

Dimensions: 8 x 3 feet tall | Material: Polyester | Lights: LED bulbs

Holiday Time Fashion Christmas Tree Trio Yard Inflatable, 72"

Holiday Time Fashion Christmas Tree Trio Yard Inflatable, 72"

Holiday Time

For those looking for a more subtle take on holiday inflatables, Holiday Time has a stylish tree trio that will add a stylish touch to any modern Christmas displays. The cone shaped trees come in fashionable patterns rather than classic green, ideal for those sticking to a color scheme this season.

The trees reach 6 feet and are perfect additions to other inflatables or combine with other traditional outdoor decor options like wreaths and string lights. This is also a great option for those not looking to break the bank on their yard display and with proper care, you could inflate this tree trio for years to come.

Dimensions: 5.75 x 6 feet tall | Material: Not Listed | Lights: None

The Holiday Aisle Snowmen Family Inflatable

Snowmen Family Inflatable

Courtesy of Wayfair

This happy family of snowmen would be the perfect way to spread holiday cheer in your neighborhood. The snowman trio is just under 4 feet tall and can be placed either indoors or out. The whole group is lit up by nine inner bulbs.

This inflatable set comes with two stakes to hold the family in place, and because it’s fairly compact, it inflates quickly. The unit is made from weather-resistant polyester, and those with small yards will love that it's a reasonable size and extremely easy to set up.

Dimensions: 3.3 x 3.9 feet tall | Material: Polyester | Lights: LED bulbs

Gemmy Animated Inflatable Santa and Elves in Helicopter Scene

Inflatable Santa and Elves in Helicopter Scene

Courtesy of Home Depot

The Gemmy Animated Inflatable Santa and Elves in Helicopter Scene stands 8 feet tall and over 9 feet wide, featuring Santa’s elves dropping out of a helicopter for “Operation Present Drop.” And as if the scene isn’t detailed enough, it’s taken to a whole other level thanks to its animated components, including a rotating helicopter blade. 

The inflatable is lit up using energy efficient LED bulbs, and it comes with stakes and tethers to hold it in place. The fun display is surprisingly sturdy, holding up against wind and rain as long as it’s anchored properly. Plus, you’re sure to get compliments on it from neighbors and friends.

Dimensions: 8 feet tall | Material: Not Listed | Lights: LED bulbs

Hashtag Home Santa Claus Climbing on Christmas Tree Inflatable

Santa Climbing on Christmas Tree Inflatable

Courtesy of Wayfair

Standing 6 feet tall, this inflatable features a comical scene of Santa Claus climbing up a Christmas tree, trying to escape a dog pulling on his pant leg! As a result, Santa is having a bit of a wardrobe malfunction, and we’re guessing that pooch will surely be on the “Naughty List” next year.

This silly inflatable includes nine inner bulbs and two stakes, and its weather-resistant polyester form self-inflates in a matter of seconds.

Dimensions: 6.2 x 6.2 feet tall | Material: Polyester | Lights: LED bulbs

Gemmy 36789 Airblown Outdoor Santa Christmas Inflatable

Outdoor Santa Christmas Inflatable

Courtesy of Amazon

For a simple, affordable Christmas inflatable, the Gemmy Airblown Outdoor Santa is a classic choice. This cheery Santa inflatable stands at 4 feet tall, and his rosy cheeks will light up your indoor or outdoor holiday display. If you choose to put this inflatable outside, it comes with stakes and tethers for secure setup, and it self-inflates in a matter of seconds. Santa lights up at night thanks to his inner LED bulbs, and it's hard to resist the affordable price tag.

Dimensions: 8 x 5 feet tall | Material: Not Listed | Lights: LED bulbs

The Holiday Aisle Christmas Inflatable Fox with Christmas Hat and Wreath

Christmas Inflatable Fox

Courtesy of Wayfair

Santa and snowmen are popular inflatable styles, but when was the last time you saw a Christmas fox? The Holiday Aisle Christmas Inflatable Fox with Christmas Hat and Wreath is certainly unique, and it will help you stand out from all the other houses on the block. The festive fox is more than 5 feet tall and 5 feet wide, (including its tail) and it lights up at night thanks to its LED bulbs. This inflatable comes with three stakes to hold down the weather-resistant polyester form, and it’s self-inflating for easy setup.

Dimensions: 5.8 wide x 5 feet tall | Material: Polyester | Lights: LED bulbs

Home Accents Holiday Animated Inflatable Kaleidoscope Dragon with Santa Hat

Animated Inflatable Kaleidoscope Dragon

Courtesy of Home Depot

If you want to make a bold statement this holiday season, you’ve got to get the Home Accents Holiday Animated Inflatable Dragon, which is decked out with all the bells and whistles you could ever want. The 9-foot dragon is wearing a Santa hat and has a candy cane in its mouth, and it projects an eye-catching kaleidoscopic light. Plus, its animated wings flap for even more flair! 

This top-rated inflatable includes the stakes and tethered required for safe setup, and it lights up with energy-efficient LEDs, helping to save a little bit of electricity.

Dimensions: 9 feet tall | Material: Not Listed | Lights: LED bulbs

What to Look for in a Christmas Inflatable

Ease of Use

You probably picked inflatables because they're typically a whole lot easier to set up, thanks to their self-inflating properties and included stakes. Some inflatables are easier to use than others, though, so it's helpful to look for those that come with clear written or video instructions. Consider not just how easy they are to set up, but also how challenging they may be to take down and store after all the Christmas fun is done.


When it comes to selecting your inflatables, make sure you look for those that are well made and include strong stakes, with features like reinforced seams and thick, waterproof or water-resistant materials. If your inflatables light up, you also want to consider how long the lights will last before needing replacements.


Above all else, your Christmas inflatable selection should be based on style. What that means for you may be very different from your neighbor. With inflatable options ranging from classic Christmas scenes to more quirky characters, there’s something for everyone. ’Tis the season when almost anything goes in the name of celebrating the holiday.

  • How do you set up inflatable Christmas decorations?

    Place your inflatable on a level surface and out of the way of any trees or bushes. Use tethers to anchor your decoration to the ground. Plug it in and it should automatically inflate. If it doesn't, check that everything is plugged in properly and make sure that all zippers are zipped up so air isn't escaping.

  • How do inflatable Christmas decorations work?

    Inflatable Christmas decorations are made out of tough nylon fabric. They work by having a fan at the bottom that, when powered, inflates the decoration with air. The fan needs to stay on the whole time the inflatable is displayed because if you unplug the fan it will start to deflate. There may also be lights that turn on when the inflatable is plugged in, although not all inflatables have them.

  • How do you fix the fan on an inflatable Christmas decoration?

    There are a few reasons the fan on the inflatable might not be working. It may be jammed, so check for any debris stuck in the blades or motor. Unplug the fan and check for leaves, rocks, or anything else that might have gotten stuck in your fan. It might also have a blown fuse, so check for that next. If those two solutions don't fix your fan, it's time to think about replacing it. Replacement inflatable fans are easily found online.

  • How do you replace the bulb in an inflatable Christmas decoration?

    If you find that a bulb has gone out in your inflatable, you'll need to unplug and deflate the decoration before getting started. Unzip the bottom zipper, remove the light cover, and replace the bulb. Most inflatables use either C7 watt bulbs or mini lights, which can be found online or at your local hardware store.

  • How do you seal inflatable Christmas decorations?

    Inflatables are made out of thick nylon or vinyl fabric that's made to withstand the weather. That said, tears can happen even if you carefully take care of your decoration. If you have a large tear, use transparent duct tape to seal it together. Small tears can be fixed by hand-sewing the tear together. There's also fabric repair tape available, which you can buy online.

  • How do you tether inflatable Christmas decorations?

    You can use tethers to make sure that your Christmas inflatable doesn't blow away with the winter weather. If there are stakes provided, use them to secure the blower to the ground. Find the enclosed tethers that came with your inflatable. Pull the string for the tethers taut, making sure that the inflatable is standing up straight. The more horizontal the string, the more secure your inflatable will be. Finally, stake the tethers to the ground, giving equal space between each tether.

  • How do you store Christmas inflatables in between holidays?

    With proper care, holiday inflatables can be enjoyed for years to come. Keep the original packaging that your inflatable came in and store all of your pieces in there for easy access. Roll up your deflated decoration so it fits securely and store in a cool dry place along with any included fans, lights, stakes, or tethers.

  • How do you clean holiday inflatables?

    To clean your holiday inflatables, use a damp cloth. For especially dirty decor, use a small amount of mild dishwashing soap and wipe again with a clean cloth to remove any access solution. Be sure to let your inflatable dry before storing to avoid mold or mildew.

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