The 8 Best Christmas Inflatables to Buy in 2018

Deck the front yard with Christmas cheer

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You’ve decked the halls and hung the stockings with care — but did you remember to blow up the inflatable? Yes! Blow up that life-sized — or ginormous sized — inflatable to instantly adorn your front lawn with the Christmas spirit. Inflatables give you instant holiday cheer without the hassle of having to string lights for hours in the finger-numbing cold.

Since their first introduction to the market, inflatables have undergone several modifications that make them easier to use, more durable and more reliable. With things like reinforced seams, heavy-duty nylon construction and light-up features, today’s inflatable products can be set up in minutes and will withstand most harsh elements.

We’ve compiled a list of our top picks — from iconic characters to classic Christmas scenes, to things that are well, a little silly, there truly is a holiday inflatable to please even the most Scrooge-like family members.



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    J. Marcus Lighted Reindeer Christmas Inflatable

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    If you are looking for a classic Christmas scene for your front lawn this year, then you will love this whimsical Santa and reindeer scene as they prepare for the big night. This is one of the cutest classic Christmas inflatables we’ve found. On Dasher, on Dancer, on Blitzen and Comet...Okay, no, we don’t know if those are the reindeer included but one can imagine. Four of Santa’s trusty reindeer poke their head out of the stable to greet your guests. This inflatable is a complete scene for your yard with jolly old Santa, one of his elves, a decorated tree and stable with holiday lights.  The J. Marcus Reindeer Christmas Inflatable is fully lit and made of durable weather-resistant material. The Reindeer Christmas Inflatable stands 6’ tall and 9’ wide. Complete with all the equipment you will need for easy setup, this blow up self-inflates in seconds.

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    Gemmy Star Wars Darth Vader & Stormtrooper Christmas Inflatable

    In the words of one five-star reviewer, this will make your house the “coolest nerd palace on the block.”  Brighten up the dark side this holiday season by adding the Gemmy Star Wars Darth Vader & Stormtrooper Christmas Inflatable to your front lawn for a little holiday cheer that not even this Sith Lord could resist. Vader stands at approximately 6’ tall behind his stormtrooper snowman creation. Vader and the stormtrooper snowman are surrounded by illuminated presents on a white base that reminds all who pass by that “The Holiday Spirit is Strong In This One.” The base is 4.5’ in diameter and includes tether ropes and yard stakes for a secure and easy setup.

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    Polar Bear Slide with Penguins

    Playful penguins use this portly polar bear as their own personal slide in this adorable scene. These crazy critters are ready for some wintertime fun and make for a whimsical addition to your holiday display. The polar bear and penguins are fully illuminated with long lasting white bulbs for a glowing nighttime display. This polar bear penguin slide stands at 4.75’ tall and is 6.5’ wide. It inflates instantly for a quick, easy setup and comes with yard stakes and tether ropes to keep this polar bear and his roly-poly penguin friends secured.  

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    Frosty the Snowman Lightshow

    “Happy Birthday!” Okay, so, no, this Frosty won’t magically come to life on your front lawn this holiday season but he sure will bring a whole lot of nostalgic charm. This massive 18’ inflatable Frosty the Snowman comes complete with corn cob pipe, “button nose and two eyes made of coal.” Well, not really, but this inflatable certainly has that jolly old face from the iconic 1969 holiday movie.

    As if the 18’ inflatable wasn’t enough of a spectacle, this Frosty the Snowman inflatable comes with an internal projector to illuminate his portly physique with a kaleidoscope of multi-colored lights that create a truly magical nighttime display. A built-in air pump guarantees that Frosty will spring to life in a matter of minutes. And the durable, heavy-duty exterior is guaranteed to withstand harsh weather conditions such as snow, rain, wind and sun exposure. Frosty comes complete with his “old silk hat,” four stakes and eight tethers for a secure setup. Frosty’s overall dimensions are 18.5’ H x 13’ W x 9’D.

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    Airblown Sit Bumble

    There isn’t anything frightening about this abominable snowman. The iconic Bumble from Rudolph’s gang absolutely must make an appearance on your front lawn this holiday. This 3.2’ tall inflatable is perfect for small spaces either indoors or out, or if you simply prefer an inflatable that isn’t as tall as the rooftops. Bumble the abominable snowman is illuminated with white LED lights for a brightly glowing nighttime display. Bumble is decked out for the holidays, wearing a red plaid scarf, Santa hat and holding a gold star aloft determined to place it on Santa’s Christmas tree.

    The Sit Bumble from Gemmy comes complete with yard stakes and tether ropes so Bumble won’t wreak havoc in the neighborhood on windy nights.

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    Peanuts Christmas Inflatable

    Don’t just add any old nativity scene to your front yard this holiday, make it a Peanuts classic. We all know and love the Charles M. Schulz iconic holiday classic “A Charlie Brown Christmas” and with this inflatable scene your front lawn can be the bearer of “good tidings of great joy.” 

    This 9.5’ tall x 6’ in diameter snow globe inflatable houses Lucy, Charlie Brown, Woodstock and Snoopy in the Nativity scene with Sally perched on the top of the snowglobe dressed as an angel. The snowglobe is decorated in LED twinkling lights on an illuminated base. This Gemmy inflatable quickly inflates and comes with garden stakes and tether ropes for a simple, secure setup.

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    Santa Truck Retro with Christmas Tree on Roof

    Santa and his penguin helpers have found the perfect Christmas tree and they want to deliver it to your home in their red retro pickup truck! Who doesn’t love the look of retro holiday décor? This vintage inspired blowup will add a touch of whimsy and nostalgia to your Christmas display. Santa, his Christmas tree and truck roll in at 8’ wide x 8’ tall and includes four base stakes, three tether stakes, all necessary ropes and even an extra light bulb and fuse. The entire display from rooftop to back tires is illuminated with long-lasting LED lights for an energy efficient, spectacular nighttime display. And a built-in heavy duty fan ensures quick setup in seconds.

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    Santa Claus & Penguin on an Island with Palm Tree

    Maybe you cringe at the thought of ice, snow and sleet. Or maybe you want to imagine Santa on a tropical island somewhere surrounded by palm trees sipping on a piña colada. Or maybe you live where your winter wonderland means 70 degrees and a cool breeze. Warm up your holidays with this fun and frolicking sun-bathing Santa and hula-dancing penguin scene that will make you remember summer, even when it's chilly. Why not add a palm tree to your front lawn in December? Don't let the snow and ice bring you down — bring this sunny scene to your holiday display.

    This inflatable by BZB Goods stands at 7’ tall and lights up for optimal nighttime viewing. Included with the BZB Goods tropical Santa is an inflator fan, tethers and yard stakes for a quick and easy install.