The 11 Best Christmas Storage Bins of 2022

Our favorite is the Sterilite 18 Gallon Red Tote Box

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Best Christmas Storage Bins

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If your favorite type of winter wonderland is a festive and well-decorated home, then you're no stranger to the effort it takes to manage a collection of holiday decorations and supplies. Whether your dream Christmas looks like Santa brought an entire workshop down your chimney, or if you prefer a modern and minimalist holiday with simple designs, seasonal decorating means you'll be unpacking, setting up, taking down, and re-packing your decor all in the span of a few busy weeks.

Have no fear, your season can still stay merry. There are ways to easily streamline the process, and one of our biggest recommendations is to find storage dedicated to holiday decor. Just the right bin or bag—to neatly tuck away ornaments, nutcrackers, wreaths, or even your tree—can make a huge difference at the start and end of your season. We combed through dozens of storage options from major retailers to narrow down the best holiday storage bins in multiple categories.

To get into the jolly spirit of all things organized, we checked in with pro organizing expert Corinne Morahan, founder and CEO of Grid + Glam. "Holiday decorations typically spend just a month or two on display, and the rest of the year they are stored away," Morahan says. "They also tend to hold a lot of sentimental value, so investing in high-quality storage bins will pay off in the long run."

Morahan says it's worth the time and effort to factor in the conditions and temperature of the space you’ll be storing your holiday items in to see if you need watertight bins or can go with a less protective option.

Our top pick, the Sterilite 18 Gal. Red Tote Box, is versatile enough to hold decor in a variety of shapes and sizes. It's stackable and comes with a locking lid. What's more, the container's festive red color means you'll never forget what's inside!

So, grab your Santa hat, and read on for the best in Christmas storage bins.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall

Sterilite 18 Gal. Red Tote Box

Sterilite 18 Gal. Red Tote Box

Courtesy of The Container Store

What We Like
  • Stackable

  • Locking lid

  • Practical and versatile size for decor

  • Moderate price

What We Don't Like
  • Labels not included

No matter what you use to deck the halls, this MVP storage bin from Sterilite will likely keep it safe and secure, year after year. The durable plastic material protects fragile keepsakes and ensures that this bin is easy to clean, too. The snap-on lid adds to its overall sturdiness and makes it easy to stack if you have more than one. Speaking of more than one, they're reasonably priced, so stocking up means you won't need to deplete your gift funds. You can grab one for ornaments, one for garlands, and one for lights!

We also love how the bright red color makes it easy to spot in your garage or basement, or wherever you'd like to stash your holiday supplies in the off season. If the red color isn't enough of an indicator for you, and you're someone who likes to label bins, keep in mind that you'll need to either DIY your own or buy them separately. Labels are not included.

Price at time of publish: $13

Dimensions: 15.25 x 17.25 x 25.25 inches | Material: Polypropylene (plastic) | Stackable: Yes | Capacity: 18 gallons | Color: Red | Airtight: Not listed | Waterproof: Not listed

Best Budget

ZOBER Holiday Accessory and Decor Storage Box 3-Pack

ZOBER Holiday Accessory and Decor Storage Box 3-Pack

Courtesy of Amazon

What We Like
  • Four color pairings

  • Comes in two- or three-pack

  • Transparent window

  • Handles

What We Don't Like
  • Red and green colors limit flexibility

These festive green and red bins are another great choice for versatile holiday storage. With hidden cardboard inserts that provide you with added stability and sturdy handles, these bins are great for decor, gift wrap supplies, lights, and more. As Heather Nykolaychuk, Brand President of Organized Spaces (owner of The Tailored Closet and PremierGarage brands), says, "Gone are the days of opening up random boxes full of decorations to find tangled lights and broken ornaments. By organizing decorations, you can prevent them from getting shattered, tarnished, or ripped. Maintaining this organization will help you preserve all your beautiful pieces for the next holiday season, as well as making clean up and repurposing a smooth-sailing process."

That's why we think this ZOBER container is also a solid choice for ornaments, but we recommend dividers or adding inner compartments if your collection is especially delicate or if you own fragile heirlooms. Each bin also has one side with a transparent window, so you can easily see contents. Another convenience is the built-in, flip-top lid, which you'll never have to worry about getting lost or separated.

We love the seasonal color pairing, but it's worth noting that they can make it tricky to repurpose storage for anything non-holiday if the need ever arises. If that's not an issue, then these bins will likely serve you (and all your holiday treasures) very well.

Price at time of publish: $16 for a three-pack

Dimensions: 9.75 x 11.75 x 15.5 inches | Material: Canvas, Cardboard, PVC | Stackable: Yes | Capacity: Not listed | Color: Red and green, Green and red, Grey and red, Ivory and red | Airtight: No | Waterproof: Not Listed

Best Plastic Bin

Centrex X-large 64-Gallons Green Heavy Duty Rolling Tote

Centrex X-large 64-Gallons Green Heavy Duty Rolling Tote

Courtesy of Lowe's

What We Like
  • Extra-large capacity

  • Wheeled design

  • Stackable

  • Red and green colors limit flexibility

  • Pricey

Not all plastic bins are created equal, it turns out. While we don't think you can go wrong with any of the bins listed here, this extra large choice from Centrex stands apart from the pack for a few reasons. First, the 64-gallon capacity gives you more space and flexibility than other options.

Bulky wall hangings? A towering artificial tree? That awkward wreath you usually wrap in a garbage bag? This bin has room for it all. Second, if you fill it to the brim and struggle to lift it, the attached wheels allow you to easily move it around as needed. Even with the size and wheels, it's still stackable.

This bin is a pricier choice than other options we're featuring, but we think that it's worth the investment, given how much it holds and how the wheels add to overall ease of use. The one other potential downside is the red and green color scheme which can be limiting. If you know that this bin is going to be for holiday supplies and only holiday supplies, then it might be right up your alley (or your chimney).

Price at time of publish: $60

Dimensions: 23.2 x 21.1 x 46.5 inches | Material: Plastic | Stackable: Yes | Capacity: 64 gallons | Color: Red and green | Airtight: Not listed | Waterproof: Not listed

Best for Large Decorations

The Container Store Double Wreath Storage Bag

The Container Store Double Wreath Storage Bag

Courtesy of The Container Store

What We Like
  • Interior clips hold wreaths in place

  • Moderate price

  • Carrying handles

What We Don't Like
  • No label or window to see contents

Great for one to two wreaths, this double wreath bag is just what you need to hold your decor between seasons. It has a 36-inch diameter, so the majority of standard-sized wreaths will fit comfortably, nestled all snug in their beds—er, this bag. If you don't have wreaths to store but still love the idea of a red circular bag, rest assured that garlands, lights, tinsel, or nontraditionally-sized decorations can fit, too. Inner clips keep your belongings secure and in place.

We also appreciate the carrying handles on this bag. One thing to note: if the shape and color aren't enough to tell you what's inside, you'll want to add a label or make sure the zipper is within reach when you put it away for the season, so you can take a quick peek at what's inside.

Price at time of publish: $22

Dimensions: 14 x 36 inches | Material: Polyester, steel | Stackable: No | Capacity: 2 36-inch wreaths | Color: Red | Airtight: No | Waterproof: Not listed

Best Small

IRIS 3pk Ribbon Storage Box Red

IRIS 3pk Ribbon Storage Box Red

Courtesy of Target

What We Like
  • Set of three

  • Includes inner dividers and storage trays

  • Transparent material keeps contents visible

What We Don't Like
  • No variation in shape or design in set

With a design made for gift wrap supplies, such as ribbon, scissors, tape, and tags, this trio of clear bins has you covered for all things wrap-related. Consider using one for holiday supplies, one for birthday supplies, and one to use however you see fit. The versatile size, inner divider, and storage tray can also work with craft supplies, first aid necessities, office essentials, and more. As long as it fits in the roughly 5.5 by 5.5 by 16.1 inch measurements, it'll work well in this bin.

The transparent material also makes it easy to keep track of what's inside. The bins are identical, so while it makes for a neat and tidy display if you're storing them together, it does mean you'll either want to look closely at contents or even consider adding labels so you can tell them apart. They're also stackable, and should the day come when you don't need them anymore, they're recyclable, too.

Price at time of publish: $26 for a three-pack

Dimensions: 5.51 x 5.5 x 16.1 inches | Material: Plastic | Stackable: Yes | Capacity: 2.28 quarts | Color: Transparent, Red | Airtight: Not listed | Waterproof: Not listed

Best for Trees

Tiny Tim Totes Premium Upright Christmas Tree Storage

Tiny Tim Totes Premium Upright Christmas Tree Storage Cover

Courtesy of Amazon

What We Like
  • Tree can stay upright during storage

What We Don't Like
  • Bulky, takes up lots of space

We named this choice the Best Overall Christmas Tree Bag for how easy it is to use, how it allows trees to be stored upright, and because it's available in three sizes, accommodating trees from 6 to 9 feet tall. Made of durable, thick canvas, the bag rests over your full-sized tree and has a drawstring cinch at the bottom for added protection. Three outer clips also wrap around the entire circumference of the tree (at three different heights) so the bag stays secure, even if, say, in a garage with occasional breezes.

If you tend to break down your artificial tree to save space, this wouldn't be the best choice for you, though. It's best used with your tree still standing, so it's less of a space-saver and more of a safeguard for your tree. If that's what you're looking for, we think this is a great choice.

Price at time of publish: $30

Dimensions: 14.25 x 11.5 x 2.75 inches | Material: Canvas, Polyvinyl Chloride | Stackable: No | Capacity: 6-9 foot tree | Color: Green | Airtight: No | Waterproof: No

Best for Ornaments

TreeKeeper 3 Drawer Ornament Storage Box

TreeKeeper 3 Drawer Ornament Storage Box

Courtesy of Target

What We Like
  • Drawer-style organization

  • 72-ornament capacity

  • Three separate trays

What We Don't Like
  • Trays stack on top of each other

One of the many smart things about this TreeKeeper ornament holder is the convenience and security of the gridded drawer-style trays, with compartments for up to 24 individual ornaments in each level. That's a total of 72 standard-sized ornaments! The drawers are completely removable for their cases, so you can carry over two dozen ornaments at a time for tree-trimming (or easy un-trimming, at the end of the season).

Other conveniences, like the label, lid, and handle, make this organizer feel like the complete package. If we could change anything about it, we’d make the three trays into actual drawers, so you could pull any of them out. The current model has them subtly stacked on one another, but we’re willing to overlook this small design element in favor of the other smart and festive features. 

Price at time of publish: $40

Dimensions: 10 x 14 x 20 inches | Material: Polyester | Stackable: Not listed | Capacity: 72 ornaments | Color: Red | Airtight: No | Waterproof: No

Best Stackable

The Container Store Weathertight Light Storage Box With Inserts

The Container Store Weathertight Light Storage Box With Inserts

Courtesy of The Container Store

What We Like
  • Airtight and weathertight

  • Removable racks for light strands

  • Frosted design

What We Don't Like
  • Not as many size options as other bin lines

While a number of bins on their list can be easily stacked (like Sterilite's 18 Gal. Red Tote Box, or the ZOBER Holiday Accessory and Decor Storage Box 3-Pack, or Centrex X-Large 64-Gallons Green Heavy Duty Rolling Tote with Latching Lid), we thought this option from The Container Store leads in the category for a few reasons. It’s one of the few options we found that can boast an airtight, weatherproof seal. So, if you’re storing your holiday treasures in a garage or shed, it’ll give you an extra layer of protection. We also appreciate the inner racks designed for light strands. It's just another convenience that the ghosts of Christmas future will be applauding, when you don’t have to fight with tangled lights year after year. The racks are removable, so if you don’t need to store lights, you won't be limited by them. 

The frosted, transparent material also shows you what’s inside, so if you are indeed stacking multiple bins, you can easily keep track of their contents. In a perfect world, this bin would be offered in as many sizes as The Container Store's other bin collections, but we're still fans of this organizer just as it is.

Price at time of publish: $35

Dimensions: 14.5 x 11 x 18.13 inches | Material: Polypropylene (plastic) | Stackable: Yes | Capacity: Not listed | Color: Transparent, Reds | Airtight: Yes | Waterproof: Yes

Best for Nutcrackers

TreeKeeper 18 in. Green Polyester Collectible Nutcracker Storage Box

TreeKeeper 18 in. Green Polyester Collectible Nutcracker Storage Box

Courtesy of Home Depot

What We Like
  • Space for nine figures

  • Front pocket for additional storage

  • Folds down in between uses

What We Don't Like
  • Polyester material

If you’ve been packing your delicate display pieces away in towels or tissue and holding your breath when you unwrap them, you might want to sit down for this one. From TreeKeeper, which we also recognized as our Best for Ornaments storage option, this zip-up bin can hold up to nine nutcrackers or other tall, slim storage pieces, each with their own compartment. It’s sturdy enough to be stackable, and outer handles make it easy to move at the beginning and end of the season.

When it’s not in use, it’s easy to fold down and tuck away, too. It boasts a weight limit of 80 pounds, so those heirloom pieces from another era will fit right in. An outer pocket also gives you extra storage space for other items, and a label makes it easy to keep track of what’s inside. One thing to keep in mind is that the exterior is made of polyester fabric, and at the mid-range price, we would have preferred a bit more reinforcement.

Price at time of publish: $70

Dimensions: 21.5 x 19 x 13.3 inches | Material: Polyester | Stackable: Yes | Capacity: 9 Nutcrackers | Color: Green | Airtight: No | Waterproof: No

Best for Figurines

ZOBER Super Rigid 2-in-1 Christmas Ornament Storage Box & Xmas Figurine Container

Zober Super Rigid 2-in-1 Christmas Ornament Storage Box & Xmas Figurine Container

Courtesy of Amazon

What We Like
  • Adjustable compartments

  • Four color choices

  • Additional pouches for storage

What We Don't Like
  • No wheels

For delicate figurines, nativity displays, or awkwardly-sized ornaments, this multipurpose zip-up bin has you covered like fresh snow. The inner dividers are held in place by Velcro, so you can customize the shape of your interior compartments in seconds. Five ornament trays are also included, each with room for nine ornaments. Additional storage is on the inside of the lid in the form of transparent pouches, and there's also an external zipper pouch. And while this bag could get heavy if you fill it, two sturdy handles help with lifting. If all of our Christmas wishes could come true, we'd add wheels to the exterior for easier movement, although we're still happy without them.

Another perk is that you have four colors to pick from: red, green, black (with red trim), and gray (with black trim). As much as we love bright and festive colors for our holiday storage, we know that some folks prefer neutrals, which we're glad to see offered here.

Price at time of publish: $65

Dimensions: 12.5 x 18 x 28 inches | Material: Canvas | Stackable: Yes | Capacity: Up to 73 ornaments | Color: Red, Green, Black, Grey | Airtight: No | Waterproof: No

Best for Wrapping Paper

Treekeeper Gift Wrap Craft Station

West Elm Gift Wrap Craft Station

Courtesy of West Elm

What We Like
  • Creates a full gift-wrap station

  • Room for rolls of wrap and accessories

  • Built-in stand

What We Don't Like
  • Pricey

Does the idea of turning any room of your home into Santa's Workshop sound like a dream come true? If so, this is the gift wrap organizer for you. It promises to hold up to 14 40-inch rolls of gift wrap, plus all of the accessories and supplies you need to turn your presents into works of art, including bows, bags, tags, ribbon, scissors, pens, and more. Even better, a built-in stand allows you to open and access contents while the bag is upright (it tips like a golf bag), so it won't take up crucial floor space or table space you need during a marathon wrap session. An outer pocket and sturdy handles also add to the overall convenience.

While we appreciate the bells and whistles of this organizer, it may be more than some people need. If you store just a few rolls of wrap, and it takes you years to get through them, then something smaller and more basic (and less pricey) will probably work for you.

Price at time of publish: $160

Dimensions: 14 x 10 x 42 inches | Material: Polyester | Stackable: No | Capacity: 14 rolls of gift wrap, accessories| Color: Green | Airtight: No | Waterproof: No

Final Verdict

Our top pick for Christmas storage, Sterilite's 18 Gal. Red Tote Box is well suited to hold everything from garlands and gift tags to wreaths and wrapping paper. We especially like the bright and cheery color, the sturdy construction, and the snap-on lid that makes it easy to stack. For something a little more budget-friendly with a slew of features of its own, like transparent windows, flip-top lids, and built-in handles, you may want to add the ZOBER Holiday Accessory and Decor Storage Box 3-Pack to your shopping list.

What to Look for in a Christmas Storage Organizer

Material and Durability

By the time you're ready to un-decorate your home, you may be willing to use anything with a lid to hold all of the baubles and bells that have been up for weeks—we get it, we've been there, too. However, your future self (and those with whom you celebrate future Christmases) will appreciate any and all extra care and precision you exercise while packing things up. When you can, err on the side of more durable and more stable, especially when you're storing fragile decor, and save lighter-weight options for decorations like tree skirts and linens and stockings, when shattering and breakage are not potential hazards.

Capacity and Size

As tempting as it may be to buy the biggest and brightest organizing container, we recommend taking inventory of your holiday decor and supplies, so you can ensure that you're getting something that will work for you and your home. No matter how cleverly a bin is designed, or how many cute compartments it has, if they're not the right size for your ornaments (or garlands, or wreaths), then it's not going to work for you. Something too large also means there's empty space, so items could shift when bins are moved. Overall, we recommend double-checking bin measurements, and assessing your collection before you make any purchases.


As pro organizer Corinne Morahan, founder and CEO of Grid + Glam, explains, "When your holiday decor is organized, it allows you to spend more time with your family and friends during the season without stressing about where everything is and how you’re going to get everything back in order again afterward." In other words, holiday storage is long-term storage, so while those extra-big or extra-sturdy bins might feel like an unnecessary splurge, think of how it will feel to unbox your beloved holiday heirlooms, after they've been protected for months. On the other hand, consider the worst-case scenario of what it would cost (both financially and emotionally) if you were to need to replace a selection of your supplies and decor because of damage. Ultimately, it's going to come to your personal preferences for how protective you want to be of your holiday items, and how much you're comfortable spending on securing them.

Versatility and Organization Options

If you look closely, you'll notice that Christmas storage bins tend to come in two categories. Many—but not all—Christmas storage options are spirited versions of standard storage bins and bags. Our Best Overall pick, the Sterilite 18 Gal. Red Tote Box, for example, could double as regular storage if you were so inclined. The other category comprises containers specifically designed to hold uniquely-shaped decor, like the TreeKeeper 3 Drawer Ornament Storage Box and the ZOBER Super Rigid 2-in-1 Christmas Ornament Storage Box. Take into account your current collection, and what you anticipate adding to it in the near (very near) future to help you decide on any additional purchases.

  • How do you wrap ornaments for storage?

    Suppose you're wrapping a classic glass globe ornament. Take your favorite wrapping implement—whether it be tissue paper, bubble wrap, leftover gift wrap, newspaper, outgrown clothes, towels, or something else completely—and ensure that the entire surface of the ornament is covered and protected, and use multiple layers when necessary.

    "Look for storage with padding to keep all those delicate pieces safe and sound," advises Heather Nykolaychuk, Brand President of Organized Spaces (owner of The Tailored Closet and PremierGarage brands). We love sectioned trays and compartmentalized bins that keep each ornament on its own. If you're not using one, be thorough with your wrap, and fill empty spots to keep contents from shifting too much (like you would do if you were going to mail them).

  • How big is a 50-gallon tote?

    The dimensions of 50-gallon totes can vary based on style and brand. It's a benchmark size for standard artificial Christmas trees that break down into three pieces. "It is so important to check the space you plan to store your holiday containers in and make sure it is going to fit before you buy," says Nykolaychuk. The measurement is larger than most bins we've featured on this list, with the exception of Best Plastic Bin, the Centrex X-Large 64-Gallons Green Heavy Duty Rolling Tote with Latching Lid.

  • How should I organize my Christmas decorations for storage?

    While our recommendations vary based on available space, storage container preferences, and lifestyle, we do have some practical and adaptable suggestions for holiday storage that tend to work well across the board. As Morahan says, "Christmas decorations enhance the magic of the season! But it can be so stressful when it comes time to decorate if you can’t find what you’re looking for or if a cherished ornament has tarnished while in storage." Luckily, Morahan says it's easy to avoid all of that trouble by organizing decorations carefully—and with the right storage materials.

    First, consider packing items away by category or by the room in which they're displayed. Make sure the containers you're using are sturdy and built to last. Cardboard boxes in the garage, for example, may be tempting, but aren't the strongest or most durable. The last thing you want is moisture or pests getting to your family heirlooms. Use transparent bins, or label everything. Even if you're certain that you'll remember which of your six identical bins has gift wrap and which has lights, life happens, and we forget, or things get moved.

    Still, the best organizing system is the one that works for you. If you adhere to the throw-everything-in-a-huge-bin-and-sort-it-next-year methodology, we're not here to judge ... as long you're using a sturdy bin!

  • Should you take the batteries out of Christmas decorations before storing them?

    The short answer is: Yes, it's a good idea to remove batteries before packing up decorations for long-term storage. One general rule of thumb is that anytime you're not planning to use a battery-operated item for an extended period of time, popping the batteries out is a safe call. That way, you won't risk damage to the batteries or the item itself (especially if it's stored somewhere exposed to cold temperatures or weather conditions), and you will limit the opportunity for corrosion to occur in your item.

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