The 7 Best Christmas Tree Delivery Services of 2021

Get your tree sent to your doorstop just in time for the holidays

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Christmas Trees

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Our Top Picks

Best for Variety: Lowe’s



Lowe’s sells mostly Fraser, Noble, and Douglas fir trees when shopping online, and different sizes are offered for each species in two-foot increments that range from 3 to 12 feet. That makes Lowe’s perfect for shoppers who are looking to fill a specific space—be it a small apartment corner or a sweeping foyer with high ceilings.

Enter your zip code on the Lowe’s website to shop the selection currently available in your local store. Prices depend on the tree size of your choosing (roughly between $10 and $7,000). Delivery on trees is offered by Lowe’s itself, not a third-party shipping company, which means that the tree comes directly from a shop nearby, and fees run around $60—not unlike furniture or appliance delivery.

And while your tree may not be as fresh as those ordered directly from the farm, purchasing at a larger store allows the ability to tack on plenty of accessories: Christmas lights, hardware like tree stands and saws, and a wide variety of other holiday decor that is also available when you order.

Best for Quick Turnaround: Walddie



Rather than pay hefty prices for shipping, Northeastern upstart Walddie offers free delivery by hiring its own drivers to bring trees from local Christmas farms to buyers’ doors. The company takes its name from “wald,” the German word for “forest,” mirroring the phrase to “foodie” for those who care about high-quality trees.

Each Walddie tree is selected for symmetrical shape, evenly-spaced branches, and bright color. Once the tree arrives, Walddie suggests that you cut another inch from the bottom of the trunk to allow the tree to absorb the maximum amount of water and retain its freshness through the holiday season.

Walddie's delivery areas include Boston, New York City, Westchester, and Southern Connecticut, parts of Long Island, the Hamptons (excluding Montauk), Washington, D.C., Baltimore, and Philadelphia. Use your zip code to check and see if delivery is available from a farm near you—traditionally, pre-sale begins around Halloween.

Pricing varies based on your location and which farm you decide to order from.

Most Experienced: Christmas Trees Now

Christmas Trees Now

Christmas Trees Now

Ordering online doesn’t exclude the opportunity to buy from a small business: Christmas Trees Now has been shipping trees since 1997, and the farm—Windblown Tree Plantation in Honey Creek, Wisconsin—has been in operation since 1971.

A go-to choice for many businesses that wish to decorate for the winter holidays, Christmas Trees Now offers a money-back guarantee if your tree does not arrive within a speedy timeframe after cutting, and sells Fraser, Douglas Fir, and White Pine trees in full size (6 feet to 6 feet, 3 inches). The Fraser Fir is also available in a smaller size (3 feet, 6 inches to 5 feet). Prices for the larger trees range from about $79 to $89 and the smaller ones are $55.

To ensure freshness upon arrival, loose needles are removed, and the tree is sprayed with a light amount of water before being wrapped in a plastic bag. The branches are compressed tightly against the trunk and the package is placed into an extra-durable cardboard box. The bundle arrives via FedEx within three to five days.

All trees arrive with instructions on care, a kit to help preserve freshness, and a recyclable bag for disposal, and customers can also purchase tree stands and wreaths. While there are no formal options for customization, buyers can indicate preferences on shape or request drilling for their tree as a “note” at checkout, and the farm will do its best to accommodate.

Best for First-Time Buyers: A Tree To Your Door

A Tree To Your Door

A Tree To Your Door

A Tree To Your Door—the online arm of Brown’s Tree Farm in Lake City, Michigan—makes it easy to figure out what kind of tree suits your space the best, be it a Fraser or balsam fir or a white pine tree.

The site’s extensive photo gallery of each tree species is especially helpful for buyers who aren’t already sure what they want, and the farm—which has been owned by the Brown family since 1927, and in business as a Christmas tree retailer for more than four decades—has a longstanding tradition of helping customers find the right one.

Prices run from around $40 for a 3- to 4-foot pine to about $99 for a full-sized fir. Tree stands are available with the purchase of a tree, and fragrant wreaths run between roughly $24 and $34. Each order comes with free drilling, boughs, and a removal bag, and orders are shipped via FedEx. Shipping cost is calculated based on your location, so add items to your cart, and click “Calculate Shipping” to get an accurate quote.

All trees are “USDA #1,” which means they are medium- to high-density, taper normally, and have at least three “good” sides. And customers can rest easy once the order is placed: If the tree that arrives at your home isn’t the same quality as the one that left Brown’s farm a few days earlier, the company will offer a replacement or a partial refund.

Best for Matching Decor: serves as the online home for Tall Timbers Tree Farms in Michigan, a family-owned business that has been in operation since 1988.

Each tree shipped is considered “Grade 1” by the National Christmas Tree Grower Association, and also offers a wide variety of decorative wreaths, garlands, bouquets, and tree accessories, making it an ideal one-stop shop for customers looking to adorn a whole home with holiday cheer. 

When shopping, choose your tree species, select a preferred height, and indicate the day you’d like your tree to be delivered—even if you order in advance. To ensure long-term quality, all trees are mechanically shaken to clear loose needles and debris before packaging, and the farm guarantees its products: If anything about your order doesn’t meet expectations, will work to make things right.

A 6-foot Fraser Fir costs $139. You'll need to contact directly for the pricing of other trees. They are unable to ship trees to the states of California, Washington, and Nevada.

Best for Christmas Cheer: Tree Elves

Tree Elves

Tree Elves

An off-season endeavor from Atlanta’s King of Pops, Tree Elves serves a considerable swath of the Southeast, with service in and around Atlanta, Charleston, Charlotte, Nashville and Richmond.

Local trees are delivered by actual elves—or at least by delivery drivers dressed like them—and run between late November and just before Christmas Day. The trees are sourced from Cheek Brothers Tree Farm near Boone, North Carolina, and all trees are Fraser Fir, a species chosen for its needle retention, fragrance, and vibrant color.

Order one of four sizes: the “Starter Tree,” at less than 6 feet; the “Just-Right Tree,” between 6 and 7 feet; the “Big Brother Tree,” between 7 and 8 feet; or the “Grand Tree,” which comes in between 8 and 9 feet.

Each delivery includes written instructions on how to care for the tree, and the “elves” are trained to help customers understand maintenance while on-site for the delivery, too. After the holidays, schedule your tree’s removal with the company, and Tree Elves will haul it off to a local farm and grind it into compost.

For pricing, you can call or fill out a submission form on the company's website.


How Do Christmas Tree Delivery Services Work?

Christmas tree delivery services bring a real Christmas tree right to your home. Many services also offer tree stands, wreaths, and other festive items to be delivered along with your tree.

Consumers have different options for their Christmas tree deliveries, including farms and nurseries that specialize in Christmas trees, as well as companies that are known for deliveries of many other home products, such as Lowes.

How Much Do Christmas Tree Delivery Service Cost?

The cost of Christmas tree delivery services varies a great deal, depending on the type and size of tree and where it’s being delivered. The tree itself may cost in the range of $50 to $200, and some companies may include delivery in that cost. In other cases, shipping fees may range from $20 to $60.

How Much Should I Tip for Christmas Tree Delivery Service?       

For a home-delivered tree, it’s appropriate to tip $15 to $20.

Is a Christmas Tree Delivery Service Worth It?

Getting a Christmas tree delivered right to your house can save you the time and hassle of having to bring it home yourself during the busy holiday season. For some people who don’t have a car or other means to bring a tree home, it may be the best option for getting a real one.

In some cases, a tree delivered from a farm will be fresher than one you might get at a retail location or local Christmas tree lot. Some Christmas tree farms ship trees to customers within a few days after they’re harvested, so the tree will last longer than those that were cut weeks before purchase.

Although getting a Christmas tree delivered can be convenient, the cost of delivery and quality of trees varies, so it’s worth doing some research about the various options.

How We Chose the Best Christmas Tree Delivery Services

For many, a yearly trip to the Christmas tree farm is a family tradition, something less about the purchase and more about the experience. But plenty of people don’t have the time, transportation, or manpower to lug a tree from its natural habitat to its new home in the living room—and that’s where these Christmas tree delivery services come in.

To make this list, we focused primarily on outlets that ship nationally, from big-box retailers like Amazon and Lowe’s to family farms like Christmas Trees Now,, and A Tree to Your Door. But we also included two outlets—Tree Elves and Walddie—that do regional deliveries really well, whether they’re offering hassle-free scheduling, lending extra holiday cheer, or extending free tree removal to customers at the end of the season.

Along the way, we checked reviews and testimonials, and we also perused the websites checking for price transparency and ease of use. To narrow the list further, we made particular note of quality guarantees and specific criteria that customers could count on, from the standards the companies hold for each tree to their practices for packing and shipping.

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