The 10 Best Christmas Tree Ornaments to Buy in 2018

Decorate your Christmas tree with this season's best ornaments

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You take your Christmas tree very seriously — and that’s okay. We get it: A well-trimmed tree is both a family tradition and a statement piece in your home, so you want it to look its very best. If you’ve already picked out the best tree for your space, the next (and perhaps the most important) step is making sure you choose the right tree dressing to really ring in the season.

Whether you want to drape your tree in glistening, snowflake-inspired white or you’re looking for a few meaningful pieces to complete your collection, we have the best Christmas ornament options for you this year. 

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    Best Kit to Decorate an Entire Tree: Sea Team Shatterproof Christmas Balls

    The holidays can be a busy, stressful time of the year, and sometimes you simply don’t have the spare time to buy enough ornaments to cover a whole tree. If you’re looking for a solution that takes minimal effort but won’t look like you took a shortcut, this 72-pack of shatterproof bulbs is perfect. The set comes in gold, rose gold, red and silver, and each kit includes 17 different styles ranging from the standard sphere to a stocking to a simple heart. This is also a great idea if you tend to favor monochrome tree decorations, and would look gorgeous with either clear or multicolored lights.

    Many reviewers agree that there are enough ornaments in this set to decorate an entire tree, even that monstrous one you cut down every single year. Plus, pet owners (and parents of toddlers) will appreciate the shatterproof nature of these ornaments next time Fluffy decides to climb up the Christmas tree. 

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    Best Miniature Ornaments: BestPysanky Miniature Wooden Christmas Ornaments

    If you live in a small apartment with no room for a full-size Christmas tree, or you want to add a tabletop tree to your Christmas decor this year, take a look at these mini wooden Christmas ornaments that are both adorable and unique. Each set of 48 wooden pieces has a raw, vintage look, and includes figures ranging from snowmen to sleds to elves. The pieces vary in size, but are no more than 1 ½ inches tall, so they’re great for small trees or surprise advent calendars where real estate is at a premium. Many owners rave that their children love the pieces, but be wary of tiny fingers and mouths when it comes to these little guys. Though they’re small in size, many reviewers state that they’re great for filling up empty space on a standard tree as well.

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    Best Keepsake: Clay Hand Print & Footprint Keepsake Kit

    The holidays are all about making memories and creating family traditions, so why not keep the imprint of this holiday with you forever … literally. This clay hand and footprint keepsake kit is a sentimental way to mark a new baby’s arrival or remember your beloved family pet. The 15 ounces of clay are enough to make two ornaments running 4" in diameter, and comes with everything you need to mold, glaze and hang Fido’s paw print on your Christmas tree year after year — no special tools or kiln required. Though we can’t promise you won’t shed a tear when you take these out each holiday, reviewers say that the clay materials are durable for many years.

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    Best Character: Hallmark Keepsake 2017 Wonder Woman

    Some families collect themed ornaments year after year, each one serving as a time capsule for the pop culture of its time. This year the world fell in love with Wonder Woman, and the superhero became an even more important symbol for female empowerment. This Hallmark Keepsake ornament features the beloved Wonder Woman and is made out of plastic, so it’s safe around children. At its tallest, Wonder Woman is 1.6 inches — and whether you’re planning a superhero-themed Christmas tree (no judgement here!) or you just want to give your young ones a new hero to cherish, this Christmas ornament is a great choice for your tree this year.

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    Best Splurge: 2017 Swarovski Annual Edition Christmas Ornament

    This Swarovski ornament may come with a higher price tag, but the quality and beauty of the piece will stun your guests and family for many years. Every holiday season the company releases an annual Christmas ornament, and this year’s clear Swarovski crystal piece is a 12-point star. It’s 3 ⅛ inches at its widest, and is a great idea for a teenaged daughter or a mother-in-law gift. Collecting these gorgeous ornaments has become a family tradition for legions of Swarovski lovers, and reviewers note that the pieces hold up year after year. If you’re concerned about such a nice ornament hanging from a highly-trafficked tree (picture Santa after he’s had too many cookies), this ornament would be perfect for a smaller table top tree or on display all by itself.

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    Best Traditional: Kurt Adler 12-Days of Christmas Set

    If you’re someone who favors traditional over trendy, this Kurt Adler set is for you. Containing twelve 65mm glass ball ornaments, these Kurt Adler pieces are classic and unique. Each bulb contains a different image for one of the 12 days of Christmas, like turtle doves and pipers piping, and would add an elegant touch to any Christmas tree. We love these ornaments because they won’t go out of style, and each one is detailed and ornate. Owners suggest carefully packaging them when you store them away in your attic, as the glitter can be a bit messy.

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    Best DIY: Melissa & Doug Mess-Free Glitter Christmas Ornaments

    Making memories is what this season is all about, so we propose decorating your tree with DIY ornaments that you and your children will love making. While these Melissa & Doug glitter ornaments probably won’t last more than one Christmas, the set is affordable enough that you’ll get more than your money’s worth out of the fun of making them. The set makes 6 foam ornaments and comes with 7 sheets of glitter paper, so you won’t spend the next century finding glitter in crevices you didn’t even know your home had. Reviewers state that the ornaments can keep a child busy for up to an hour, and the finished product is surprisingly vibrant and professional-looking.  

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    Best Un-Christmas Ornament: Old World Christmas Pickle Glass Blown Ornament

    The Christmas pickle is a tradition that started in the late 19th century and is said to bring good fortune to anyone who finds the hidden ornament on a tree. If you believe in good karma or you just really love pickles, we found the ornament you’ve been looking for. This pickle is made from mouth-blown Molten glass, so your other ornaments may feel a bit inferior next to this half-sour beauty. On top of good luck, the tradition is also that the first child who finds the Christmas pickle ornament gets an extra present, but we won’t tell if you decide to keep that part of the tale a secret from your kids. Reviewers love the quality of the glass and vibrancy of the colors, and say the ornament looks just as beautiful as its non-pickle neighbors on the tree.

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    Best Glass Blown: Youseexmas Mouth Blown Glass Christmas Ornaments

    If you’re searching for ornaments that are both stunning and affordable, check out these Youseexmas glass pieces. Each set comes with 17 handmade mercury glass ornaments ranging from 3 to 4 inches in height. Reviewers rave about the quality of the ornaments, agreeing that each is beautiful enough to give away as a gift or serve as a family heirloom. We think these glass blown ornaments are perfect for a tree in a formal living space or in an elegant dining room. The ornaments are also iridescent, and almost seem to glisten when placed next to Christmas lights.  

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    Best Tree Topper: Willow Tree Starlight Angel Tree Topper

    Last — but certainly not least — you can’t decorate a tree without finding the perfect tree topper. While there are two camps in the Christmas tree topper debate — those who swear by stars and those who can’t live without an angel on top — this one satisfies both tastes. This absolutely stunning hand-carved angel tree topper features a metal “sun star” that’s encrusted in glitter. Beautiful in an understated and charming way, this topper is perfect for those who love the subtler aspects of Christmas, but is also classic enough to please anyone whose tastes runs more traditional. It’s 12 inches tall; reviewers say it works well with a standard 6-foot Christmas tree, but may get swallowed up in a much larger tree.