The 8 Best Christmas Tree Toppers of 2021

Trim your tree with one of these festive toppers

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Each angel is hand-felted from sustainably sourced merino wool, making it a decoration that will be cherished for years to come.
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An oversized bow and cascading ribbon tails give this ribbon tree topper an extra elegant look.
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This artful ornament combines two styles—modern and vintage—to create one seriously glam tree topper.
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Crafted with an intricate array of white beads and clear gems, this sparkling snowflake topper will surely make your tree stand out.
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It will add a playful element to your tree, and has a classic color scheme that pairs well with nearly any ornament.
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The seven-point star has ten bulbs and gold glitter detailing to ensure that it really shines atop your Christmas tree.
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Add a touch of Santa to your tree this year.
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This star has a classic appeal with traditional five points, and plenty of gold glitter to light up the room.
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Who doesn't love the joys of the holiday season? With Christmas right around the corner, it's almost that time to start unpacking all of your holiday decorations. While we're looking forward to hanging up our stockings, unloading our favorite ornaments, and purchasing our tree, perhaps no finishing touch is as important as a tree topper.

Whether you're looking for a sparkling snowflake to pair with your ornaments, or are in the market for an angel to tie your tree together, we've researched the best Christmas toppers out there.

Here are the best Christmas tree toppers for decorating your tree.

Best Angel: Craftspring White Star Angel Tree Topper

White Star Angel Topper

If you love the idea of having an angel grace the top of your tree, the White Star Angel Tree Topper is a wonderful option. Hand-felted from sustainably sourced merino wool in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan, this decoration has a Scandinavian feel that is sure to add flair to your Christmas tree. At just under nine inches tall, it'd also make a great addition to a nativity scene or as a part of your mantle decor.

Best Bow: Wired Ribbon Tree Topper

Wired Ribbon Tree Toppers

Ribbons aren’t just for gifts, and this tree topper is proof. With an elegant bow at the top, this topper features ribbon tails that cascade down the sides of your tree for unexpected flair. It's sure to make your Christmas tree the centerpiece of the room—a present to everyone who enters your space!

If you’re worried about the structure, don’t be: an adjustable plastic cone holds the bow in place, and the ribbon tails are wired so you can better control their shape and placement. And in terms of size, the bow itself is 11 square inches, while the ribbons are nine feet long (though you can trim them to suit shorter trees).

Best Ornament: Shiny-Brite Tree Topper

Shiny-Brite Tree Topper

Sure, you deck your tree out in tons of ornaments, but did you know that there are special ornaments you can put atop your tree as well? This artful ornament combines two styles—modern and vintage—to create one seriously glam tree topper that suits a wide range of styles. 

It looks great with both white or colored lights, as well as a whole host of colored tree baubles and trimmings. For a super sophisticated vibe, try pairing the colorful tree topper with all white lights, white ornaments, and some silver tinsel. This look will ensure the topper really stands out—in a good way!

Best Snowflake: Pottery Barn Jeweled Snowflake Tree Topper

Jeweled Snowflake Tree Topper

Dreaming of a winter wonderland? Because not everyone can have a white Christmas, this pretty snowflake tree topper makes a great addition to your holiday tree. The 10-pointed snowflake is crafted with an intricate array of white beads and clear gems that give the whole piece a sparkling, diamond effect.

Best Unique: Pottery Barn Felt Gnome Tree Topper

Felt Gnome Tree Topper

Looking to change up who sits atop the tree this year? Check out the Felt Gnome Tree Topper from Pottery Barn. This festive topper adds a playful element to your tree, and pairs well with nearly any colored ornament. Mr. Gnome himself comes dressed in red and sports a matching pointy hat, with only his nose and long white beard peeking out. He only weighs half a pound, and can be spot cleaned with a cloth.

Best Lighted: Kurt Adler 14-Inch 7-Point Treetop Star

Kurt Adler Star

If a light-up star better suits your holiday decor style, you’ll swoon over this artistic option. The seven-point star has ten bulbs to ensure it really shines atop your Christmas tree, and gold glitter detailing adds to the drama of it all. 

Although this lighted star is certainly bright, one thing to note is that it's one-sided. The backside, though not unattractive, is simply a flat panel that hides the wiring and bulbs required to give the star such a vibrant glow. This is perfectly fine for those who tuck their tree into the corner of the room or against a wall, but for those who make their tree the focal point of the room, this may pose a problem.

Best Festive: The Holiday Aisle Santa Hat Tree Topper

Santa Hat Tree Topper

Add a touch of Santa to your tree this year with this festive hat topper. Just like Santa's hat, this adorable topper features a classic red and white tinsel design with a white pouf at the end. Made of hand-felted wool, your tree's branches can be tucked into the interior pocket hidden inside the bottom of the hat.

Weighing only a pound, you won't have to worry about it weighing the tree down. A bonus about this topper is that there are no plugs or electricity required. All you need to do is top this little hat atop your tree, and then you'll have a beautiful, decorated tree right before your eyes.

Best Star: Kurt Adler 8-Inch Gold Glittered 5-Point Star

Kurt Adler 8-Inch Gold Glittered 5 Point Star Treetop

There’s no sacrificing on Christmas sparkle with this traditional five-pointed star, a great choice for those who prefer classic holiday decor. Kurt Adler's tree topper is decked out in plenty of gold glitter that will stand out even across the room. It also boasts an intricate die-cut pattern that lets light from your LED lights shine through, creating an attractive glow that spreads across the ceiling.

Attaching it to the tree is easy, too—just place the coil on the top of the tree. Be mindful to push it all the way down, though, so you don’t experience any tilting.

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