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Cleaning subscription boxes provide automatic shipments of household essentials. Using a cleaning subscription box allows you to keep dishwashing tablets, laundry detergent, countertop spray, and antibacterial cleansers on hand at home. These services also present an opportunity to make your everyday cleansing routine a little bit greener. Many cleaning product subscriptions offer a wide range of products made with natural ingredients and packaged using compostable or reusable materials that you might not find at your local store.

The best cleaning subscription options offer high-quality products, adjustable delivery dates, transparency around ingredients, and packaging materials. These subscriptions are comparable in price to what consumers can find at brick-and-mortar competitors—or offer significantly greater value.

Best Cleaning Subscription Boxes of 2023

Best Overall : Grove Collaborative

Grove Co

Grove Co

Why We Chose It: With a wide selection of your favorite in-store brands, an eye on sustainability, and customizable subscription plans, Grove Collaborative has something for everyone. 

  • Customize your own subscription box

  • Adjust shipping schedule whenever necessary

  • Score free shipping and gifts with a VIP membership

  • $29.99 order minimum

  • $4.99 shipping cost for non-VIP members

  • Items and gifts added to cart automatically

Founded in San Francisco in 2012, Grove Collaborative offers a cost-effective and convenient way for consumers to stay stocked up on their favorite sustainable brands, from Mrs. Meyers to Method, without ever leaving their homes. For an annual fee of about $20, customers can join Grove Co. as “VIP Members,” cashing in on free shipping for all orders and racking up plenty of gifts throughout the year.

But anyone can subscribe to monthly deliveries from Grove Collaborative: Standard flat shipping is around $5 without a membership. Regardless of membership status, the minimum order is $29.99—a standard that the company maintains to promote sustainable shipping practices. 

Grove, a certified B corporation, has robust goals for sustainability and recycling, from the products it sells (all of which meet standards for non-toxicity, efficacy, and sustainability—and are cruelty-free) to the packaging it uses for shipments. Grove is plastic neutral and projects that it will be 100% plastic-free by 2025. And to ensure that the packaging it does use doesn’t end up in a landfill, the company has partnered with Recyclops in some areas to collect recyclables from customers’ doorsteps. 

Boxes are generally delivered monthly, with the option to postpone or customize delivery dates. Some products are shipped on a “smart frequency,” timed to how often you’re likely to run out of a particular item. Shipments include any product you have purchased via Grove Collaborative, as well as anything in your cart, which is automatically considered a subscription item.

There are limitless subscription options, as your regular deliveries are customized entirely to your unique needs. Grove Co. customers can use items in their cleaning boxes for laundry, dish soap, bathrooms, carpet cleaning, and more. In addition to cleaning products, you can shop for personal care, beauty, pet, and baby products, all with clean and sustainable ingredients. 

VIP members may receive gifts in their boxes, such as free cleaning products. But generally, you will have complete control over what arrives with your subscription, whether you are logging into your account via a web browser or managing it on the go with Grove’s mobile app. Reviewers praise the convenience of having essentials, from toilet paper to laundry detergent, on hand at all times but caution that first-time customers should make sure they understand the terms of any subscriptions they might be starting.

Best Eco-Friendly : Blueland



Why We Chose It: After a single purchase of your favorite Blueland cleaning products, you’ll use the same packaging for good—reducing your spending and your plastic usage with refill tablets packaged in compostable paper and shipped automatically on your chosen schedule.

  • Buy packaging just once

  • Clean ingredients

  • 60-day return policy

  • Reusable cleaning bottles may feel heavy

  • Refill tablets can take time to dissolve 

  • Dish soap tablets may be chalky or hard to use

Blueland has revolutionized packaging, one of the most wasteful parts of any household product, with its reusable spray bottles and sustainably packaged refill tablets, saving users space and money. The company offers several different subscription boxes including the Dish Duo, Hand Soap Duo, Laundry Essentials, Laundry Starter Set, The Clean Suite, The Clean Essentials Kit and The Toilet Cleaner Starter Kit. You can also purchase and subscribe to refills for individual products, ranging from about $16 single product purchases to around $83 for the full Clean Suite

The latter, Blueland’s most extensive box, includes seven reusable containers—hand soap, laundry detergent, powder dish soap, dishwasher detergent, multi-surface cleaner, bathroom cleaner, and glass/mirror cleaner—and refills for each. After your first delivery of a boxed set, the cost reduces for refills (the Clean Suite refills cost about $41). Customers can choose between one-, two-, three-, and four-month delivery intervals, depending on their needs. The website is easy to navigate, so customizing your chosen subscription takes just a few clicks. 

Current users praise the company’s gentle scents and space-saving packaging, but chief among all is Blueland’s benefits environmental mission. By offering products in bottles that are only purchased once, Blueland’s sustainability efforts are on full display.

The B Corp company claims that its products have eliminated more than one billion single-use plastic bottles from oceans and landfills since 2019. But what’s inside the bottle counts, too: Blueland sources its ingredients from natural sources and ensures that most products are free of parabens, ammonia, and phthalates.

Best for Clean Ingredients : Branch Basics

Branch Basics

Branch Basics

Why We Chose It: With its straightforward natural ingredients and one cure-all concentrated solution for your whole home, Branch Basics makes non-toxic cleaning simple—and affordable.

  • All-natural, hypoallergenic ingredients

  • Only one product needed

  • Test out the product with a $5 trial kit

  • Flat shipping rate of $5-10 on orders under $39

  • Customer is responsible for any return shipping

  • May be confusing to dilute the concentrate

Founded in 2009 by three women passionate about sharing the benefits of non-toxic living, Branch Basics revolves around the strength of a single concentrated cleaning solution that can be diluted in different ways to clean your entire house. Skeptical? That’s okay—you can try their flagship product on a budget with the $5 trial kit, which comes with a two-ounce mini concentrate and a single reusable spray bottle.

Once you are hooked, you can place a one-time order for a larger kit and subscribe to ongoing refill deliveries. The Premium Starter Kit includes five reusable bottles, one 33.8-ounce bottle of concentrate, and two pounds of the company’s stain-removing Oxygen Boost for around $69.

The refill subscriptions are roughly $44 per delivery for the concentrate and about $9 per delivery for the Oxygen Boost, with the option to schedule deliveries in one to four-month increments. The ingredients in Branch Basics are natural and hypoallergenic—free of preservatives, fragrances, and GMOs. Reviewers rave about the results they get using nothing but the company’s two simple products for home cleaning! From spot-free mirrors to squeaky-clean bathrooms, they appreciate that they can trust the products they’re using are safe.

Best for Laundry : Cleancult



Why We Chose It: This plant-based company offers four liquid laundry formulas in addition to unscented dryer balls—a sustainable alternative to dryer sheets—making it a top choice for those looking to automate the product purchases behind their clean clothes.

  • Free bar of soap in every autofill subscription

  • Sustainable packaging

  • Many different scents, including fragrance-free

  • Shipping costs on orders under $70

  • Checkout process not always clear after sign-up

  • Not suitable for users with allergies to coconut

Founded in 2016 with operations in Puerto Rico and New York, Cleancult offers sustainable cleaning products for many different purposes and in multiple scents. Get started with a bundle: They cost between $40 and $110, with prices ranging on how many products you want and whether you need to include a one-time order of refillable bottles.

The largest package, known as the Complete Home Bundle, includes four refillable bottles and one refillable tablet jar, along with the cleaning products that belong in them: all-purpose cleaner, liquid dish soap, liquid hand soap, liquid laundry detergent, dryer balls and dishwasher tablets. After your initial purchase, ongoing refills can be delivered in one-, two-, three-, or four-month increments—each customizable depending on how quickly you use the products.

Customers especially praise Cleancult’s laundry products: The liquid detergent comes in three scents (including one fragrance-free option), and the accompanying dryer balls make a convenient and sustainable replacement for dryer sheets. Get the Complete Liquid Laundry Bundle for about $60 and enjoy dryer balls along with a refillable liquid laundry bottle—plus four 32-ounce liquid laundry cartons that will continuously auto-ship on your chosen timeline for about $10 each.

All Cleancult products are entirely plant-based, using the power of coconut to get your home and laundry really clean. The company also uses carbon-neutral shipments and recyclable paper packaging on all its refills, minimizing its impact on the planet. Its products can help your home get a little greener, too: Estimates say that consumers can eliminate 44 pounds of plastic use per year by making the switch to Cleancult. 

Best for Bathroom : ThreeMain



Why We Chose It: With an affordable starter kit and completely customizable refills, ThreeMain’s sustainable cleaning products will overhaul your bathroom cleaning routine without breaking the bank.

  • Satisfaction guarantee

  • Prepaid shipping labels to help you recycle

  • Simple ingredients

  • Only one subscription available

  • $4.99 flat rate shipping on small single orders

  • Subscriptions cannot be paused

ThreeMain offers a similar model to many other cleaning subscriptions, with a one-time Starter Kit that includes spray bottles and subsequent shipments of less expensive, sustainably packaged refills. The company’s reusable bottles are made of aluminum and offer a free pre-paid shipping label so that customers who don’t have recycling in their area can still responsibly dispose of the packaging on their refills. As of March 2022, ThreeMain is officially a carbon-neutral company. 

ThreeMain’s Starter Kit will run you about $27 and includes one refill each of multi-surface Cleaner, bathroom cleaner, and dish soap, with a refillable bottle for each. After your initial order, your refill timeline is customizable for each individual item—all together, refilling the full suite will cost you about $16. Choose one-, two-, or three-month delivery frequency, and enjoy free shipping on all subscription deliveries. 

Users especially praise ThreeMain’s bathroom cleaner, which is formulated with CDC-recommended quantities of hydrogen peroxide and free of parabens, synthetic fragrances, or sulfates. It’s also biodegradable, and pet-friendly. Created with hard water stains and soap scum in mind, ThreeMain bathroom cleaner is often praised by reviewers for its effectiveness, even when placed up against harsher chemical competitors.

Best for Removing Stains : Dropps



Why We Chose It: All of the detergents from Dropps offer spectacular odor- and stain-removing power, but the eco-friendly brand also sells a super-concentrated “Oxi Booster” formulated to tackle your toughest spots and smells. 

  • Affordable prices at about $18 every 4 months

  • Free shipping on full-sized orders over $29

  • Eco-friendly ingredients and low-waste packaging

  • Limited selection of laundry and kitchen products

  • Some reviewers say the smell of scented products does not last

  • No expedited shipping

Between its affordable prices, wide selection of scents, and powerful odor and stain removal capabilities, it’s easy to see why Dropps has won an excellent reputation for its sustainable laundry products. Rather than selling a single box with multiple different items, Dropps offers its kitchen, laundry, and other cleaning products for individual subscriptions based on how often you need them. Laundry subscriptions start at about $18 per delivery, with a suggested timeline of one box every four months and free delivery for any full-sized order over $29.  

In addition to its odor- and stain-repellent liquid detergents, Dropps sells a color-safe bleach alternative—dubbed the Oxi Booster—that is especially tough on stains and smells. With a subscription, it’s roughly $19 for 64 ultra-concentrated pads. All Dropps products are made using eco-friendly ingredients with no animal testing. You can also count on your order being sent using carbon-neutral shipping and arriving in low-waste packaging.

Final Verdict

Final Verdict

There are plenty of options when it comes to cleaning subscription services, but all of the top companies we chose have one thing in common: an eye on sustainability. From Blueland, which touts its reusable bottles and tablet refills as a primary selling point, to Branch Basics, an all-purpose solution with a squeaky-clean ingredient list, cleaning products that honor the earth while scrubbing your home seem to reign supreme. ThreeMain, for example, sells reusable aluminum containers for its standout bathroom cleaner. Dropps, an excellent option for stain removal due to its Oxi Boost bleach alternative, keeps things green with carbon-neutral shipping. And Cleancult, a top choice for laundry, offers dryer balls (an environmentally-friendly alternative to dryer sheets) in addition to its plant-based laundry detergents.

But the top choice for cleaning subscription boxes was Grove Collaborative, which allows users to create their subscription boxes using many natural brands and products they may already be buying at their local store. VIP members receive free shipping and many bonus gifts throughout the year, and all of its products meet a set of eco-friendly standards.

Guide for Choosing the Best Cleaning Subscription Boxes

Are Cleaning Subscription Boxes Right for You?

Cleaning subscription boxes might be right for you if you are looking to save time or money when shopping for household maintenance products. They might also be an excellent choice for those who are seeking an eco-friendly alternative to the traditional chemical-laden cleaning materials commonly sold at big-box stores. People who occasionally forget to restock on essentials will especially enjoy the convenience of cleaning subscription boxes, as these set-it-and-forget-it shipments tend to show up right when you need them most. 

Comparing Cleaning Subscription Boxes

When comparing various cleaning subscription boxes, start by considering what cleaning supplies subscription you would most benefit from having delivered. Are you always forgetting to pick up one particular item? That’s a great place to start. Think about how much you spend on that item monthly, and look for a subscription that allows you to restock at a comparable price. If cost isn’t a priority, consider the other qualities you consider important—clean ingredients or eco-friendly practices, for example—and look for subscriptions that fit those values. 

Choosing Your Cleaning Subscription Boxes

When choosing a cleaning subscription box, it’s important to weigh a number of factors against your unique needs and preferences:

  • Product Selection: Consider what cleaning products you’d like to regularly receive in a subscription. Laundry detergent, dish soap, countertop spray, and many other types of cleaner are commonly offered in subscription boxes. 
  • Brand Preference: If you’re attached to the products you buy at your local store, you might consider a company like Grove Collaborative, which offers regular deliveries on popular brands, such as Mrs. Meyers. 
  • Shipping Costs: Consider how much of a premium you’ll be paying for the convenience of having your cleaning products shipped to you. It might be worth more for products that you can’t find locally.
  • Reviews/Reputation: Especially when trying a new subscription company, check around for reviews on the individual products and the brand’s customer service. See how customers say they compare to other products you might already be familiar with. 
  • Subscription Management: How easy is it to pause or cancel the subscription? Make sure you understand the terms of your subscription agreement before finalizing your initial order. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Much Do Cleaning Subscription Boxes Cost?

    Most subscription boxes cost between $20 and $50. Often, you will see higher costs for the first order, which may include reusable spray bottles or containers. Many cleaning subscription boxes come with free shipping on recurring orders. 

  • What Do Cleaning Subscription Boxes Offer?

    Cleaning subscription boxes offer dish soap, laundry detergent, countertop spray, bathroom cleaner, hand soap, and antibacterial sprays, among other products. Each subscription is different, and many are customizable according to your needs.

  • Are Cleaning Subscription Boxes Worth It?

    In many cases, cleaning subscription boxes are worth it. You can save time with regular deliveries on your most used items, and occasionally also save money. Even if you’re paying more, most cleaning subscriptions tend to be eco-friendly, with straightforward ingredients and an earth-minded mission—qualities many customers are willing to pay for.


To choose these top cleaning subscription boxes, we looked for companies with reputable products, easy-to-use websites, and straightforward subscription options. We paid close attention to cleaning companies with an eco-friendly mission, whether those values revealed themselves in carbon-neutral shipping or compostable packaging. 

We also looked for each company's particular strengths, considering whether they offer a standout product in a particular category or if they have an unusually large selection for shoppers to buy. The cost was also a factor in our review process as convenience shouldn’t come at a huge premium—we tried to consider, realistically, what value these subscriptions might offer a consumer.

Best Cleaning Subscription Boxes

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