The 9 Best Closet Kits of 2020

Organize your space with the right fit for your needs

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Our Top Picks
"This all-in-one system can be adjusted to fit your needs, with six shelves, four drawers, and four hanging rods for storage."
"Rubbermaid's system is available in a variety of sizes, making for easier installation and increased versatility."
"Plenty of stacking and hanging space for clothes, shoes, accessories, and more."
"This system expands from about 5.5 feet to 8 feet, and has rods at heights that your children can reach by themselves."
"Made from solid wood and crafted like a quality piece of furniture."
"Keep a larger, walk-in closet organized with this customizable closet system with shoe racks, shelves, and more."
"Organize to your heart's desire with this starter system and the many other add-ons available, including shoe shelves and baskets."
"If you need additional space, not just organization within your closet, try this freestanding option."
"This his and hers system is perfect for your shared space, offering easy access for both of you to store clothes, shoes, and more."

Best Overall: Dotted Line Grid 48"W - 96"W Closet System

Looking for an all-in-one closet system that can be adjusted to fit your specific requirements? This pick from Dotted Line offers solid storage options in the form of six shelves, four drawers, and four hanging rods. The system itself is adjustable, so it can fit closets between 48 and 96 inches in width, and for larger closets, it's compatible with other Dotted Line shelving systems.

This system comes in three colors, so you can match it to white, dark brown, or light gray furniture, depending on your style. Two of the shelves and all of the clothing rods are adjustable, so you can place them at the height that's right for you.

The system is wall-mounted, which means you can leave the bottom of your closet empty or use it for shoe storage. Overall, the system has a weight capacity of 1,200 pounds, so you can store as much as you want on the shelves and clothing rods without worrying about overloading them.

Best Budget: Rubbermaid Configurations Closet Kits

If you’re looking for the versatility offered by a closet organizer with wire shelves, the Rubbermaid Configurations Deluxe Closet Organizer is a top choice.

With this wire shelf closet organizer, you can put away your saw and forget about cutting shelves to size. Thanks to telescoping rods and expanding shelves, simply buy the right size range for your closet then adjust to fit your space. Unlike solid shelf systems where you may need to cut pieces to size, the Rubbermaid Configurations system is ready-to-use in a variety of closet sizes.

Thousands of happy users praise this wire closet organizer for its easy installation and many configurations. This closet organizer is equally useful in a reach-in or walk-in closet. Plus, the abundance of Rubbermaid closet kit accessories will make the system even more personal to your wardrobe needs.

"The whole [installation] process, including an unforeseen trip to the hardware store, took two and a half hours."—Stacey L. Nash, Product Tester

Best Basic: ClosetMaid Impressions Closet System

Whether you have a reach-in closet or the luxury of a walk-in wardrobe, you will love the tidy, organized look made possible with the ClosetMaid Impressions Closet Kit.

This sturdy MDF-board system uses solid shelves and rods to provide plenty of stacking and hanging space for your clothes, shoes, accessories and more. The Impressions system has eight center shelves and three clothes rods, with five additional shelves. The great thing about this particular organizer system is its ability to fit into a reach-in closet to make the most of limited space or to organize a larger walk-in closet.

The ClosetMaid system also offers many interchangeable storage solutions and configurations, so this unit can be expanded or modified as your wardrobe or closet situation changes. Many users have commented that this organizer took an investment of time to assemble, but agreed that the results were a sturdy, attractive closet organizer. You will want to be careful not to damage the melamine finish during assembly. While this particular closet kit is neither the most or least expensive model available, it represents a great intersection of value and price for any type of closet.

Best for Kids: Little Seeds Grow with Me Closet System

Children grow fast, so make sure that you have a closet system for kids that can keep up! Organize clothes, shoes, accessories, and toys and keep them accessible when you use the Little Seeds Grow with Me Closet System. This closet organizer expands from about 5.5 feet wide to just under 8 feet.

The center of the Grow with Me closet system is a tower with three shelves (including one adjustable), one drawer, and four lower cubbies. Use the top shelves for folded clothes, the drawer for socks, accessories, and more, and the lower cubbies for shoes or anything you want within easy reach for your child.

The closet organizer includes a shoe shelf along with five garment rods, which can be adjusted to multiple heights as your child grows. This is a major advantage since you can raise the rods to accommodate longer clothes and the height of your child. In addition, the unit is sturdy and safe—it meets CPSIA Juvenile testing requirements and is anchored to the wall for extra stability.

Best Solid Wood: John Louis Home 16-in. Deep Deluxe Organizer with 3 Drawers

If you want a solid wood closet organizer, the Simplicity Closet System from John Louis Home is the best combination of value, quality, and price.

The Simplicity Closet Organizer is made from solid pine hardwood, and is crafted in the style of a quality piece of furniture—but it’s made to hold your clothes. And with three garment bars, six shelves, and a shoe shelf, it performs this function well. The organizer is not as customizable as wire shelf or modular closet organizers, but the solid wood construction is attractive and designed to last for years of use.

This closet organizer is rated for 400 pounds. Virtually everyone that purchases the Simplicity Closet System agrees that it outshines wire shelving units in terms of appearance and functionality—but that it does take time to install. So be prepared to spend some time installing the unit to get it just right, or hire a professional. But for the reasonable price tag and all-wood construction, the Simplicity Closet System from John Louis Home is a sure winner.

Best for Walk-Ins: Elfa Classic Platinum Walk-In Closet

Walk-in closets aren’t short on space, but they might be limited on organization and storage options. The Elfa Classic Platinum Walk-In Closet System is a top option if you want a closet that is tidy and efficiently set up. The ready-to-go Elfa option is designed for walk-in closets measuring 75 to 99 inches. However, if your walk-in closet configuration requires a larger or smaller system, it’s easy to customize using the online tool and design your perfect closet.

The Classic 6’ Platinum closet kit rests on a sturdy top track mounted to the wall. Two garment rods, four shelves, five gliding shoe racks, and 14 mesh bins offer excellent organizing solutions for closet chaos, but also offer room for further customization. While Elfa closet systems are an investment, they deliver terms of storage, organization, and durability. Users often comment on how much an Elfa closet organizer streamlines their morning routine, and they appreciate the wide variety of interchangeable components—like jewelry organizers and laundry baskets—that keep anything and everything tidy.

Best for Organization: Easy Track White Wood Closet Kit

The Easy Track Closet Kit is one of the best closet systems designed to bring order to your clothing. This organization helper can be purchased as a starter kit but offers an abundance of add-on options to help you customize the solution for your exact needs. You can purchase additional drawers, shoe shelves, baskets, doors, and accessories that are compatible with the system as needed.

Right out of the box, the kit includes four drawers, 14 feet of shelf space, and 12 feet of hanging space across four garment bars to separate shirts, dresses, pants, and more. You’ll appreciate being able to organize clothes by type, as well as having the options to add organizational components where needed.

The Easy Track system hangs on a steel rail mounted to studs for additional support. When properly installed, this closet kit supports up to 1,200 pounds in an 8-foot section—though some reviewers note that you may want to reinforce the unit with L-brackets for the sturdiest installation.

Best Freestanding: Seville Classics Ultrazinc Expandable Closet Organizer System

A freestanding closet system offers storage options and organization for your clothes without permanently installing racks, rods, or shelving to the wall. The Seville Classics Ultrazinc Expandable Closet Organizer System includes two towers with fives shelves each, connected in the middle with two extendable clothing rods. The shelves can be adjusted at 1-inch increments and the garment rods allow the unit to expand from 58 inches up to 83 inches. Bonus shelf liners keep clothes from slipping or snagging on the wire shelves—a favorite feature of reviewers.

This makes a great closet system for renters or anyone short on closet space. Users find this unit to be sturdy and well-equipped for increasing organization and maximizing storage space. While it’s not as customizable as some other closet systems, this freestanding unit is a great option if you're not interested in permanent installation.

Best His & Hers: Elfa His & Hers Closet System

If you need to make sure that you and your significant other both have a tidy closet to share, then a double closet kit like the Elfa His & Hers Closet System is an ideal option. This closet organizer is a spendy option but looks great and offers easy access for both of you to hang, fold, and store your clothes, shoes, and accessories.

This his and hers closet system includes the best of the Elfa system, like gliding racks for pants, shoes, ties, and belts, mesh drawers for folded clothing, scarves, or accessories, and three garment rods. If you have the space for this roomy organizer in your his and hers closet, you’ll never have to argue over hanging or drawer space again.

What to Look for in a Closet Kit


Some closet kits are easier to install than others. If you’re handy, that’s one thing, but if you don’t know pliers from a wrench (or don’t care to), then you may want to select one that’s much simpler to install or have someone install it for you. Also, consider how easy a kit is to maneuver and change around once it is installed, as your needs and preferences may change over time. 


Closet kits come in a wide variety of materials, from metal and plastic to solid wood. Their looks can range from basic and utilitarian to the ultra-fancy that will make you want to bring guests into your closet and serve cocktails there. How much visibility your closet gets, as well as your personal taste and budget, should dictate which kit is best for transforming your closet.


Do you want drawers galore, or just more shelving? Closet kits come with all sorts of features and functions to help you keep things better organized. Your habits—if you keep most of your clothing folded or hanging, or if you keep other types of items in your closet, too—should be taken into consideration.

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