6 Best Closet Storage Solutions

Upgrade Your Clothes Closet with Closet Storage Solutions

Whether you have a small, medium, or large closet, storage space is typically at a premium.  These 6 closet storage solutions are designed to help you to create more storage space in your closet--no matter the size. They are easy to install, budget-friendly and will help you gain control over your wardrobe. The right closet storage system will instantly save you time and money. 

Here are the 6 essential upgrades to create more storage space in your clothes closet.

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    Double your hanging space

    Closet Storage
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    Clothes closet organization is all about utilizing and maximizing space, and nothing maximizes space in an organized clothes closet as effectively as a double hang

    To install, bump your current rod up, and decide how much room you need on your floor below your clothes (consider moving shoes and hampers outside of your closet—do you really want your clothes smelling like your gym sneakers?).  Measure the clothes you plan to hang on the double rod and install to that height.  Now you have twice...MORE the amount of closet storage space!

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    Valet hooks to hang odds and ends

    Install Valet Hooks
    Install valet hooks to create temporary closet storage space. Photo / Martha Stewart Omnimedia

    This little trick is a key part of my morning time management.  I have to be up and at ‘em fairly early each day (pre-6am!), I hang my outfit for the next day on a valet hook the night before. On the weekends, I hang my gym clothes so when I’m out the door to hit the streets in search of coffee and a newspaper, I’m already dressed for the gym and really have no excuse to not go. 

    Valet hooks are also useful to hang dry cleaning, belts, bags, and scarves. 

    I prefer Command Hooks because of their...MORE versatility, ease of use and they don't leave a mark on your wall or door.

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    Invest in real hangers

    organize your closet with matching hangers
    No wire hangers! Create a serene, organized look in your clothes closet with matching hangers. Thomas Northcut / Getty Images

    Suits, blazers, dresses and shirts each have a different type of hanger associated with them, which can become overwhelming and costly. Keep things simple with a good basic wooden hanger (try the basic Hardwood Hangers at the Container Store).

    This is important for two reasons:

    1. Visually, matching hangers instantly give your closet a more serene, organized look, which in turn will be a visual cue for you to keep it that way.
    2. Hangers give shape and structure to your clothes. Men's should be wider...MORE than women's to accommodate their (typically) wider shoulders.

    TIP: If you're registering for housewarming or wedding, request hangers. A couple packs of good hangers makes a nice shower gift.

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    Shelf dividers to organize stacks

    Organize Clothes Utilize Shelf Dividers
    Organize your clothes closet by using shelf dividers. Photo / Martha Stewart Omnimedia

    Shelf dividers really help to organize limited shelf space.  They make folding and stacking your shirts, sweaters and jeans easier and frankly, it just looks a lot neater. Doubly so for a shared closet.

    Once you fold and stack a pile of sweaters, a shelf dividers will help keep everything in place, and it will ensure that your clothing stays at the front of the shelf and doesn't topple to the back out of view. 

    Once again, make sure you measure your clothes before installing dividers. They...MORE come in several different sizes and colors. Use the Guide to Shelf Dividers.

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    Plastic storage containers

    Accessory Box - Plastic Storage Container
    Accessory Box - Plastic Storage Container. Photo / The Container Store

    These closet storage staples are just so versatile. They can fit nearly every item in your closet, see-though means you can quickly assess what's lurking inside, and they can be labeled and marked. Added bonus, they will protect your clothing items from the elements in a basement or any other drafty area in your home.

    TIP: Remove all contents and give them a quick cleaning once a year or when you swap out your Winter/Summer wardrobes. Make sure they are completely dry before storing your...MORE clothes.

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    Baskets + bins for storage

    organize your clothes closet with bins
    Use bins to group like items together and cut clutter in your clothes closet. Photo / Martha Stewart Omnimedia

    Baskets are a life-saver for hard-to-reach shelves and a great way to group and store less-wrinkly clothing and accessories. Think about these possibilities:

    • Tights Bin
    • Belts Bin
    • Gym clothes bin
    • Winter sweaters bin
    • Scarves bin
    • Handbags bin

    The most useful addition I've made to a closet is a set of baskets for undershirts (men) and camisoles (women). When you pull out a slightly see-through button down, too-low-cut-for-work wrap dress, or sheer sweater, you can easily find the appropriate under...MORE garment.

    Once again, make sure everything has its place. Using bins makes this much easier!