7 Best Prefold Cloth Diaper Covers

Prefold cloth diapers, or prefolds, are one of the most popular types of cloth diapers because they're easy to use, easy to find and not very expensive. You need a cover to go over a prefold cloth diaper, though, to keep the moisture and mess contained. I asked a group of experienced cloth diapering moms which diaper covers work best with prefolds, and the following covers were consistently mentioned as good choices. Mew cloth-diaperers may want to try several styles to see what fits baby...MORE best.
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    Bummis Super Whisper Wraps are incredibly popular among first-time cloth diaperers. They're not terribly expensive at $10-$12.50 each, and are very durable. Not many patterns are available, and there aren't any really girly options. Bummis Super Whisper Wraps tend to run big. Another good choice is Bummis Polar Covers, which have a similar shape but are made of fleece. They're slighty more expensive, but very trim and nice for fleece covers.
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    The high-quality Malden Mills fleece used for Stacinator cloth diaper covers is luxuriously soft and doesn't pill. The solid color covers are made from a single layer of waterproof fleece, and are very trim for daytime use. The patterned covers have a dual layer of non-waterproof fleece, and many moms recommend them for night use. The tight weave of the fleece stops leaks really well. Stacinator Fleece Diaper Covers run $15-$17.50 each.
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    Bumkins cloth diaper covers are incredibly easy to care for - without any absorbent layers or trims, they are easily wiped clean between uses and dry very fast. Plenty of cute patterns are available, as are solid colors. A back air vent helps keep baby cool and comfy, and a special built-in flap helps keep prefolds in place. A few moms indicated that Bumkins cloth diaper covers run small. About $11-$14 each.
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    Imse Vimse cloth diaper covers are available in organic cotton and wool styles. The waterproof PUL layer is sandwiched between two cloth layers, instead of being on the outside like many diaper covers. The organic cotton covers are often used for daytime, while the wool styles are more popular for night use. The wool covers have a slightly thicker waterproof layer. These diaper covers are more expensive than many, but are very highly recommended by those who use them. Also, the sizing means that...MORE most babies can get through the diaper stage with only 3 sizes of Imse Vimse diaper covers, so you may not need to buy as many. Cotton - about $13.50, wool - about $25.

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    Mother-Ease Rikki Wraps and AirFlow diaper covers are cut very nicely so that they fit well and many parents find that these covers can be used well after the stated maximum weight range. The Rikki Wrap, which has a Velcro closure, is more trim than the AirFlow cover, which has a snap closure. These covers are available in solid colors and a few Eco prints. They run $10-$12 and come in five sizes for a great fit.
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    Proraps are a good, basic, economical cloth diaper cover for prefolds. The gusseted legs stop leaks well, but these covers are not as trim as some others, and the materials feel a bit more plastic than some. However, they work and they usually cost less than $10 each, making them one of the least expensive quality diaper covers. Six sizes are available, solid white only. Snap closure or Velcro closure available.
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    Many cloth-diaperers consider Aristocrats wool soakers to be the best overnight cloth diaper cover available. However, they are also one of the most expensive. The properties of the wool mean that moisture stays away from baby but you don't have to wash the covers as often. Aristocrats wool soakers are also very breathable and are said to reduce the potential for diaper rash. These covers run $25-$30 each, but the manufacturer says you only need 3 or 4 covers to be well set.