The 10 Best Coffee Mugs to Buy in 2018

Drink your brew in style with these smart picks

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Whether you’re a casual coffee sipper or a java connoisseur, the right coffee mug will help you enjoy your beverage more and keep it hotter longer. Say goodbye to tepid, lukewarm coffee and hello to hot, fresh-tasting coffee with a new mug.

Coffee mugs are typically available in ceramic, porcelain, stoneware, and glass. You may also see stainless steel versions that are perfect for taking your coffee to go or for camping. Some coffee mugs are double-walled to help hold in heat – or to keep your iced coffee colder on a hot summer day!

Treat yourself to a new coffee mug that will make your morning routine or your midday pick-me-up bolder and better. Here are the top coffee mugs to buy for yourself or the coffee aficionado in your life. 

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    Best Overall: Le Creuset Stoneware Mug

    Le Creuset Stoneware Mug
    Courtesy of Amazon

    If you’re looking for a well-made and sturdy coffee mug with a dash of design and practical features, then look no further than the Le Creuset Stoneware Mug.

    These stoneware coffee mugs are sold individually so you can mix-and-match your favorite colors or stick with a single-color set. Le Creuset is known for their cast-iron cookware, but these coffee mugs carry the same design details and engineering that have put Le Creuset on the map. While the French cookware company does manufacture these mugs in China, most people are still very satisfied with the quality.

    Coffee enthusiasts praise these mugs for their comfortable handle, solid weight, and ability to hold heat. The outside of the cup is available in several brightly enameled shades, but inside the cup is a light beige finish that won’t show coffee stains over time. This small detail is overlooked in a lot of porcelain or stoneware coffee cups but helps preserve the appearance of the mug over the years. This coffee mug holds about 12 ounces, which is an average size but may require a refill for heavy caffeine consumers. 

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    Best Budget: Threshold 14oz Porcelain Coupe Mug White

    Threshold 14oz Porcelain Coupe Mug White
    Courtesy of Target

    Looking for a basic mug for your cup of joe? Pick up a simple porcelain coffee mug that won’t break the bank—or your coffee budget. The Threshold Porcelain Coupe Mug is a great go-to for a budget coffee cup.

    This 14-ounce mug is sized just right for sipping coffee and has a sturdy handle. The smooth white porcelain exterior blends in with any existing coffee mugs you own, while still looking crisp and modern. These coffee cups offer a suitably-sized and well-made cup for sipping hot beverages.

    In addition, the Threshold Porcelain Coupe Mug is microwave-safe. While porcelain is known to be a good insulator for heat, you can easily put this cup in the microwave to heat your coffee back to just-brewed temperatures. 

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    Best for Travel: Contigo AUTOSEAL West Loop Stainless Steel Travel Mug

    Courtesy of Amazon

    Want to take your coffee on the go? Then you'll want a travel mug that lets you keep your brew hot (or cold) as you commute to work or do your daily errands. This Amazon Choice from the popular brand Contigo comes in 16 different color options to suit your style plus you have the option of three different sizes, a 16, 20, or 24 oz. so you can choose one based on your caffeine needs.

    The cup will keep your java hot for up to 5 hours and cold for up to 12 hours so you are sure to finish your coffee before the temperature changes. What's more, you can easily drink out of this cup with one hand, meaning you don't need two to open it so it works great for those who use it in a car.

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    Best for Work: Ello Jane Ceramic Mug

    If you rely on java for a jolt at work, then you need a practical, office-friendly coffee mug. The Ello Jane Ceramic Mug is our pick as a coffee cup for work.

    This coffee cup holds up to 18 ounces, so you can fill it up and get to work on your next big project. While the slider lid helps with heat retention, you can also microwave this cup if your coffee goes cold before you meet your deadline. A solid porcelain handle is part of the design and elevates this mug from looking like your average commuter coffee cup.

    What sets this coffee mug apart from a sea of other options for the office is the built-in silicone coaster on the bottom and the quartet of fun colors available. The coaster and color-coordinated lid add a dash of personality to your coffee mug, but also keep your desk or the conference table protected from heat damage. While most people love this coffee mug for work, it should be noted that it’s wider than normal base may make it tough to fit in your car cupholders. You may want to fill it up once you’re in the office to avoid splashes and spills in the car.

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    Best Humor: InGwest Home Color-Changing Mug

    Do you know someone who needs coffee to face the day with a smile? Maybe that someone is you. Either way, if you’re looking for a funny coffee mug, then this Color-Changing Mug from InGwest Home is our top pick.

    This color-changing coffee mug starts off how most of us feel pre-caffeine: dark and a little angry. But once you pour in hot coffee (or any warm beverage), the cup brightens up to a cheery turquoise and the face changes to a smiling expression.

    Like most color-changing mugs, you can’t microwave this coffee cup. So drink up while your coffee is hot and steamy! Since it only holds about 10 ounces comfortably, this shouldn’t be too much of a challenge for your average coffee drinker.

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    Best Set: Sweese 6202 Porcelain Mugs 

    Planning to serve coffee to friends or just want to have more than one coffee cup on hand? Then this set of six porcelain coffee mugs from Sweese is a great buy.

    These 16-ounce coffee mugs are nicely weighted and have a balanced feel. You can opt for a set finished in basic white, blue hues, or a bright assortment. They’re made of chip-resistant porcelain and even come with a 30-day warranty against chips.

    Pop them in the microwave if your coffee cools off and clean them up easily in the dishwasher without worrying about the finish wearing. Sweese also tests their products for lead and heavy metals, so you can sip your coffee without worrying about contaminants.

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    Best Insulated: Grosche Cyprus 16-Ounce Double Walled Glass Mug

    Double-walled glass is one of the best coffee cups for retaining heat. The double-walled glass mug from Grosche Cyprus is a popular choice if you’re looking for the best insulated coffee mug. Instead of settling for the burnt taste of microwaved coffee, keep your java hot and steamy inside of this insulated mug.

    This coffee mug is made of handblown glass and is pretty to look at since the coffee seems suspended inside of a wall of glass. It should be no surprise, though, that these glass mugs are more fragile than stoneware or porcelain versions. So it’s best to handwash these coffee mugs, though some people have put them in the dishwasher with success.

    The 16-ounce size is a big plus to coffee drinkers and it’s common for people to say that this mug keeps their coffee HOT. If you are looking for an insulated coffee mug that will let you enjoy your beverage hotter for longer, try the Grosche Cyprus Double Walled Glass Mug. 

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    Best with a French Press: Zyliss French Press Coffee Mug

    If you want to take your coffee-making on the go, then look for a coffee mug with a French press inside. The Zyliss Travel French Press Coffee Mug is an easy way to enjoy freshly-pressed coffee wherever and whenever!

    This single-serve French press coffee mug holds 12 ounces. Just fill your cup with hot water, add your coffee grounds, then place the mesh filter into the cup and gently and evenly press it down to the bottom. While some people complain of floating coffee grounds, many people point out that the key is to plunge slowly and evenly when preparing the brew. It also helps to use coarse ground coffee that won’t fit through the mesh filter as easily as finer coffee grounds.

    This coffee mug with a French press is not microwave-safe, but most people find that it keeps their coffee hot enough for the time it takes to enjoy their morning cup of joe. If you love the taste of fresh French press coffee and want a cup ready on-demand, then the Zyliss French Press Coffee Mug is a perfect solution. 

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    Best for Iced Coffee: Tervis® Clear 16 oz. Tumbler

    Tervis® Clear 16 oz. Tumbler
    Courtesy of Bed Bath & Beyond

    If you prefer your coffee cold and on ice then your standard coffee mug won’t do the trick. Instead, you need a coffee mug for iced coffee. Tervis takes the top spot with their 16-ounce tumbler that will keep your coffee cold and condensation away.

    Made in the southeast United States where temperatures are toasty for most of the year, Tervis has made a name for itself creating double-walled tumblers that provide excellent temperature control. Hot beverages stay steamy and cold beverages keep their chill!

    When it comes to iced coffee, we like this set of four iced coffee mugs since they are durable and can be loaded up with lots of ice without fear of breaking a glass mug. You also don’t have to worry about condensation rings on your table, since the double wall of plastic keeps moisture from collecting on the outside of the cup. If you want to take your iced coffee to-go, Tervis also makes lids and straws that are perfect for travel.

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    Best Stainless Steel: Avito Stainless Steel Coffee Mug

    Why would you want a stainless steel coffee mug? Well, there actually a number of reasons! Stainless steel mugs offer excellent durability and they won’t leach chemicals into your coffee like some paper or plastic coffee cups. The Avito Stainless Steel Coffee Mug makes a good choice.

    This stainless steel coffee mug is made from 100-percent food-grade stainless steel, so you don’t have to worry about toxins or BPA. It holds 14 ounces of liquid and also features a lid to help prevent spills and retain heat longer. Admittedly, the lid is a little bit of a weak point on this coffee mug—several people report it isn’t super tight-fitting. So don’t count on it to keep your coffee contained if you knock the cup over. But otherwise, the lid does a sufficient job of keeping heat in and dust or other particles out.

    Coffee-drinkers find that this double-walled stainless steel coffee mug keeps their coffee warmer than a regular mug for anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour longer than a standard coffee cup. This is a plus, since you won’t be able to microwave this coffee mug. While some stainless steel mugs have weak handles that fall off easily, this coffee cup holds up well to typical use. It also makes a great choice as a shatter-proof coffee cup for camping.