The 7 Best Color-Changing LED Bulbs of 2022

Set the right mood with a bulb that brings a rainbow into your home

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A color-changing light bulb might not be the best choice for your bathroom or bedroom closet, but it’s hard to beat the mood-setting benefits of a colored bulb when it’s time to entertain, set the scene for romance, or just sit back and relax in a softly colored glow. We researched the top color-changing LED light bulbs available today, and then whittled the options down to the top picks.

Here, the best LED color-changing bulbs available.

Our Top Picks
You can turn these WiFi-enabled bulbs on or off using your phone.
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The MagicLight makes it easy to control a single bulb or a group of bulbs at the touch of a button.
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There's no need to spend a lot for a color-changing lightbulb with lots of great features.
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Light up your yard with a color-changing spotlight bulb that can even go in the swimming pool.
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This smart bulb works with common voice-controlled assistants and provides near-endless color and light options.
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Combine your favorite hues and feel-good tunes with this color-changing bulb that includes a speaker.
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This light bulb is energy efficient, but still provides plenty of light and endless color.
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Best Overall: LUMIMAN Smart WiFi Light Bulb

LUMIMAN Smart WiFi Light Bulb

For a color-changing LED bulb that is easy to use and provides a full spectrum of color options and capabilities, look no further than the LUMIMAN Smart WiFi Light Bulb. Conveniently, this smart bulb is compatible with Amazon Alexa Echo, Google Home Assistant, and Echo Dot (no hub required).

Simply by navigating the PlusMinus App or the LUMIMAN app on your smartphone, you can turn these WiFi-enabled bulbs on or off, regardless of whether you’re at home or not. You can also create your own lighting schedules and effects—choose from 16 million colors and brightness settings—and set different light modes according to the occasion, like for dinner parties or quiet nights at home.

Each pack comes with two 7.5-watt bulbs, which is equivalent to 60 watts in an incandescent bulb. For your peace of mind, the LUMIMAN Smart Bulb also comes with a 24-month warranty.

Best Bluetooth: MagicLight Bluetooth Smart Bulb

Bluetooth Smart Bulb

If you’re looking for a color-changing LED light bulb that you can control via Bluetooth, the MagicLight Smart Light Bulb is a great choice.

After a simple pairing process, you can control the light using the MagicLight app. Control a single bulb or a group of bulbs at the touch of a button. A color-changing LED light bulb controlled by Bluetooth may be useful in areas where WiFi signal is weak—such as patios, basements, or other areas of the home that aren’t in range of the router. It is worth mentioning, though, that you’ll need to keep the Bluetooth active on your phone when controlling the light bulb. This can produce a drain on the phone’s battery.

With the MagicLight color-changing LED light bulb, you can pick from 16 million colors and take advantage of other handy features like a timer or Sunrise and Sunset modes—these modes are perfect for your morning or evening routines. On regular white light full intensity, the bulb is equivalent to a 60-watt incandescent bulb.

Best Budget: Lighting EVER LE Dimmable Color-Changing LED Light Bulb

16-Watt LED Light Bulb

You can still get the fun effects of color-changing LED bulbs on a budget with this dimmable 40-watt-equivalent bulb from LE.

The LE color-changing bulb has 16 color choices available, including shades of the red, green and blue light spectrum. It also has a white light mode for more standard lighting needs. The 6-watt bulb is equivalent to a 40-watt incandescent bulb.

These inexpensive colorful LED bulbs will mean giving up a few features and function that pricier color-changing bulbs offer. For instance, there is no Bluetooth or WiFi technology in the bulb, so you’ll need to use the included remote control to operate the light bulb (or a connected wall switch). Additionally, you won’t be able to set a timer or sync to music. Still, for affordable, LED color lighting, these bulbs will do the trick without breaking the bank.

Best for Outdoors: Kuniwa Outdoor LED Color-Changing Spotlight Bulb

Color-Changing Spotlight Bulb

Don’t leave the outdoors out of the fun; with the Kuniwa Color-Changing Spotlight Bulb, you can light up your pool, yard, or deck in all the colors of the rainbow. The PAR38 90-watt-equivalent bulb screws into any standard E27 socket—use it to highlight a garden tree or planter, provide light to an outdoor entertainment area, or even add underwater color to your swimming pool.

An included remote control operates the bulb. Choose from warm white light, pick your favorite from 16 different beautiful colors, or rotate through all the colors. There are four different “special effect” modes: strobe, flash, fade, and smooth. You can also use the remote to dim or brighten the light to your choice of four intensities.

The bulb is waterproof, so rain or dew won’t be an issue. You can even use it in a sealed swimming pool light fixture. What a great way to add some pizzazz to a party or family event.

Best for Smart Homes: GE Full Color Direct Connect Smart Bulb

Full Color Direct Connect Smart Bulb

A smart home needs a smart light bulb, and this color-changing 60-watt-equivalent LED version is designed to give your home the ultimate smart lighting experience. The C by GE Full Color Direct Connect Smart Bulb  provides you with the full-spectrum of RGB colors and offers millions of color possibilities.

While there are a number of smart light bulbs on the market, some require a hub or separate controller to integrate into your smart home. A big plus of the C by GE bulb is that it’s controlled only by WiFi—no hub required—and responds to voice commands via Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. Simply install the light bulb, connect to your WiFi system, and download the app to begin the color party. This is also superior to Bluetooth-controlled smart light bulbs, since bulbs connected via Bluetooth can only be controlled by the device they’re paired with.

This smart color-changing LED bulb lets you set a variety of lighting programs, control the lights even when you’re away from home, and use Amazon Alexa or other common voice-controlled home assistants to issue voice commands to turn the lights on or off. One other neat integration is the ability to program your light to replicate the light of the rising or setting sun, or other special lighting conditions.

Best for Playing Music: Texsens LED Light Bulb with Integrated Bluetooth Speaker

LED Light Bulb with Bluetooth Speaker

If you want an LED bulb that displays your favorite hues while playing your feel-good tunes, then the Texsens LED Light Bulb is a top choice.

This 40-watt-equivalent LED bulb will let you pick from 13 different color options (including white light), via the included remote control. By syncing the light bulb to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, you can also play your music through the light’s built-in speaker. This is a fun idea for a party, since you can set the mood with custom lighting and music projected from the speaker, which isn't excessively loud but has enough power to keep people dancing.

For a color-changing LED bulb, you won’t get the widest range of color options, but at an affordable price point, this two-for-one combination of mood lighting and music speaker is a great buy.

Best Mini: Mini 800-Lumen LED Light Bulb Mini WiFi Smart LED Light Bulb

Mini 800-Lumen Color Changing LED Bulb

With the LIFX Mini WiFi Smart LED Light Bulb, users have full lighting control via WiFi—this bulb works with Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant, so you can control it right from your phone. It’s also super-easy to set up: the LIFX screws in just like any other light bulb, and then all you have to do is download the app and connect to WiFi. Choose from billions of colors to get the exact color palette and lighting style that you want. You can control lights individually or as groups, set timers, and choose from dozens of customizable themes. Plus, the LIFX Mini is more efficient than most, since it has an output of 800 lumens with just 9W of energy use. It's equivalent to a 60-watt incandescent bulb.

Final Verdict

Our top choice of color-changing bulbs is the LUMIMAN Smart WiFi Light Bulb (view at Amazon), thanks to its compatibility with the most common voice-controlled electronic assistants, including Alexa, its remote control app that lets you adjust the color from anywhere, its enormous array of colors and effects, and its ease of setup and use. But if you’re looking for a colorful bulb to add pizzazz to your backyard or patio, the Kuniwa Color-Changing Spotlight Bulb (view at Amazon) has 16 color options and multiple effects, and it’s waterproof, so you can even use it as a swimming pool light.

What to Look for in a Color-Changing LED Light Bulb

Indoor or Outdoor Use

Most color-changing bulbs are used indoors, often in the living room or bedroom to set a mood. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use them outdoors to add a bit of fun or drama to a patio gathering, spotlight a tree or other object of interest in the garden, or even add some magic to your swimming pool.

When choosing a color-changing bulb for outdoor use, it’s crucial to check that the bulb is designed for that purpose. Typically, these bulbs will be labeled as indoor/outdoor, or specify that the bulb is weather-resistant, humidity-resistant, or safe for outdoor use in a protected area. Some, but not many, are waterproof and can even be used in a swimming pool, as long as the light fixture is sealed.

Remember that weather- or humidity-resistant bulbs can’t tolerate a drenching downpour, so keep these bulbs in a fixture with some protection from severe weather conditions.

"Smart" Features

As a general rule, there are two categories of color-changing LED bulbs: those that are smart, and those that merely work with a remote control.

All smart bulbs have an app you can download into your phone, allowing you to control the light remotely. You’ll be able to turn the light on or off, dim or brighten the light, change the colors, or choose a particular effect. More advanced smart bulbs also work with your home voice-activated assistant, such as Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa.

Many less-expensive color-changing bulbs don’t rely on an app, but merely a remote control that changes the color, the light effects, or the power. You’ll generally need to be in the same room as the bulb to control it with a remote control.

Range of Colors and Patterns

The most basic LED color-changing bulbs have a handful of color options—most offer between 10 and 16 choices. Smart color-changing bulbs, on the other hand, generally offer millions of colors; basically, you have near-endless gradients of color to choose from.

Most color-changing bulbs also have settings for various light patterns, such as wave, strobe, blink, flash, alternate, and many others. You’ll have far more options of light effects with smart bulbs than with basic color-changing bulbs, however.