Beautiful Beach-Inspired Color Palettes

Abstract paste blue and white painting on empty white wall behind beige couch with pillows
KatarzynaBialasiewicz / Getty Images

If you love spending time at the beach, create that relaxing atmosphere right in your home. Bring that feeling of spending time in the sun at the edge of the ocean in to your home every day with a few decorating tricks that use color. The right color palette, including the paint on your walls, can take you right back to the beach.

A Palette of Blues Inspired by the Ocean

When you think of the beach and water, blue is the classic color that comes to mind. There are many shades of blues that equate with the beach, from strong blues like navy to turquoise and watercolor-like blues that evoke images of tropical beaches to the deep, rich blues of a sultry summer sky. Here are a few tips when mixing multiple shades of blue in your home:

  • Blues of any shade and pure white look lovely paired.
  • Use an upholstery or drapery fabric that blends blues into a pattern so the guesswork of which blues work together is eliminated.
  • Deep or navy blues and oranges work well together for a bold, fresh look.
  • Blues and greens blend well for a beach-inspired palette.
  • Use navy blue sparingly as a focal point, such as a headboard to keep a room airy, but use navy blue lavishly if you're going after a moody atmosphere.

A Palette of Cool and Comforting Whites

An interior filled with chic, bright, and airy whites is at once elegant, cooling, and soothing after a day out in the hot sun at the beach. But white interiors can be crisp and fresh rather than dull and monochromatic when you consider these tips:

  • Balance a room dominated by white with a sisal rug and accessories.
  • Decorate with tone-on-tone fabrics and artwork that add depth and texture to the room.
  • Think billowy and gauzy fabrics, especially at the windows, to add movement in the room.
  • Add the palest of pinks or blues as accent colors.
  • Add a touch of sparkle with a silvery metallic frame, accessory, or pillow.
  • Add a few touches of dark color in the form of toss pillows or accessories.
  • Dark or light woods of all tones look brilliant with a white backdrop.

Why White is Beachy

Why is white so popular for beach home interiors? White won't fade under harsh sunlight. In addition, a white beach-inspired room should feel relaxing, calming, and stress-free.

A Palette of Sun-Kissed Pastels

When the light at dusk is hitting a beach, everything turns a lovely pastel color. The mix of sunset-inspired hues is intoxicating, from watery sea foam and minty greens, pale blues, and seashell pinks and purples in the sky as the searing hot sun is about to go down for the day. A palette of pastels can be easily blended with whites and other neutrals to create fresh, clean combinations that look anything but sugary-sweet. Combine patterns of pastel florals, stripes, and checks for the prettiest of beach-inspired rooms.

A Palette of Subtle Neutrals

When you think of a beach in the early morning mist, you may envision foggy grays above and an endless carpet of sandy tans beneath your feet. If you're daydreaming about early morning walks on the beach, just when the sun is about to rise, fill your home with a neutral color palette that'll bring back the scene. Both dark and light wood furniture fit in well, and even white or ivory upholstered furniture or finishes blend in with neutrals. Here are a few colors for an early-morning beachy feeling:

  • Silvery grays reminiscent of early morning waters
  • Bluish grays of the morning sky over the waters
  • Subtle yellows of a sunrise about to happen
  • Tans and taupes that describe sand still wet from the tides