The Best Home Color Palettes for Each Zodiac Sign

best color palettes for zodiac sign

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Colors play a crucial role in our lives, even in ways we don't realize. Though we might have a certain idea of what colors to choose for certain situations, we often feel ourselves pulling towards certain shades and hues. We gravitate towards the colors that represent our inner thoughts and feelings as well as personality. We might even choose colors to create the atmosphere we want for ourselves.

Your zodiac sign and the concept of color psychology can help bring some insight as to not only what the best color palettes for you are, but also why you're drawn to them in the first place. Check out your sign below and see which color palette suits your home best.

Aquarius (January 20 to February 18): Elevated Primary Colors

You are not one to stick to the traditional rules on anything. You are drawn to colors that not only stand out from the norm but that also inspire you. Your creativity knows no bounds, and you’re not afraid to try something different, so you like colors that make a statement without working too hard. Turquoise is a color that you lean towards, as it shows uniqueness and an unconventional attitude. You also enjoy stepping outside of what is expected of you. You would likely go for the idea of primary colors, but with a twist. Instead of the usual, choosing shades of pale yellow that carry a definition of opening up the mind, and deep red that shows thoughtful action draws attention without screaming for it. 

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Pisces (February 19 to March 20): Soft and Daydreamy

You are a dreamy romantic, but you aren’t one to fixate on traditional shades of pink or rose. You like soft hues, but ones that make you feel free and connected to the world around you. No one would be surprised to see you drawn to sea foam green or even lavender. Lighter shades of green bring to mind healing and fresh starts. At the same time, lavender often gives a vibe of sensitivity and vulnerability. You embrace colors that feel open and carefree while also bringing to mind that daydream type of mysticism that encapsulates your personality so well. You like things to blend, so accenting with shades of grey or even white give the room a grounded feel, without causing too much monotony. 

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Aries (March 21 to April 19): Big and Bold

Red is such a power color, and it’s most often attributed to you. You are energizing and passionate, and you need a color palette that matches your personality. You don’t need colors to be bright, but you do need them to draw the eye. Going for a subdued yellow and orange makes sense, given their ability to reflect the excitement and energetic action of the mind and body. Pairing them with shades of red, they exude power and dominance and anchoring with a neutral grey, create a burning, exciting atmosphere without screaming for attention. 

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Taurus (April 20 to May 20): Playful and Bright

Though you are often associated with earthy tones, you remind people more of floral gardens and brighter hues. You have a playful aesthetic to your nature, so light shades of pink and pastel green bring to mind flowers blooming and natural beauty. Green tones bring to mind growth and a love for the home and family, while pink radiates love, romance, and beauty. Adding pops of aquamarine and turquoise give the feel of luxury, and capping things off with a light brown helps to provide a foundation for all the dreamy tones. What better representation of you is there? 

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Gemini (May 21 to June 20): Lots of Contrast

Geminis are mostly associated with the color yellow and for a good reason. Your bright and sunny personality lights up any room you’re in, so it makes sense that you would incorporate that concept into any place you are in. Yellows not only carry definitions of happiness and optimism but also help you focus on new ideas and confidence. It also thrives on mental challenges and intriguing concepts. While the concept of the color yellow might seem overkill, throwing in some neutral shades can help balance things. Gray tends to promote the idea of not picking a side, and being flexible, which is something you tend to do in your life. You can throw in additional colors if you want to cause people to think, which is something you love doing in the first place.

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Cancer (June 21 to July 22): Gentle and Cool

You have a calming and comforting presence that surrounds you, Cancer. You want others to feel at home when they are with you, and you take great care in conveying that atmosphere into your home. It’s no surprise that you move towards lighter, cooler tones given your desire to bring a lightness into the lives of those you love. A shade such as light blue accented with hints of silver brings a dreamy and comforting mood to your home. Blue tends to represent communication and honesty, and lighter tones exhibit selfless love and nurturing qualities. Silver is mysterious and emotional and promotes sensitivity and calm. Anchoring those with some shades of dark blue to bring depth would make a perfect choice. However, you can even go as far as including other pastel shades to create a different type of movement if you choose

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Leo (July 23 to August 22): Striking and Statement-Like

You don’t have to try to make a statement when you walk into a room, but your personality does so anyway. You command attention without trying to; Your confidence in yourself and your decisions is a trait sought after by many. When it comes to your home, you want it to represent you in the best way it can. Your eye is often drawn to bold colors, ones that don’t scream to be noticed but are anyways. It wouldn’t surprise anyone to see you using toasty shades of orange incorporated with aspects yellow, or even gold. Orange inspires people and causes them to take action, as well as it promotes individuality and competitive nature. Yellow does bring to mind a sunny enthusiasm but also reflects confidence (while gold naturally points to achievement and aspiring for better material things). You are known as the lion of the zodiac, after all, and if anyone can pull off a bold color choice, it would undoubtedly be you. 

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Virgo (August 23 to September 22): Grounded and Earthy

You are known to be a person who cuts straight to the point. You aren’t interested in throwing around flashy colors or concepts for the sake of it. You are a grounded person, and you do your best to create a space that is the same for you to escape the world from. You find yourself reaching towards earthy tones, such as forest green or dark brown, to remind you that even when life is chaotic, there can still be a semblance of calm. Brown tones bring to mind structure and loyalty, while shades of green represent a goal of achievement and intelligence. It’s no wonder that you would go out of your way to weave these colors into your home!

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Libra (September 23 to October 22): Warm and Sophisticated

You aren’t afraid to embrace your idealistic side, Libra. You have an energy that promotes harmony and unity but also aspires to be posh and sophisticated in the process. Shades of lavender, along with touches of creme and blush pink, likely will permeate your home if you have any say so. Lavender is representative of loving beautiful things, as well as expressing sensitivity. Pink radiates empathy and romance and lifts the spirit. You like to exude sophistication, but you won’t lose your light-hearted mindset, either. You want the place you live in to feel classic but romantic—exactly like you!

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Scorpio (October 23 to November 21): Dark and Moody

You are passionate, Scorpio, and everyone knows it. You may find yourself turning towards darker colors, but you don’t have to cover the room in black to represent who you are. You like to call the shots, but you don’t feel the need to be flashy to do so. It’s no wonder you are sparked by maroon and crimson tones, both known to give off a dominating atmosphere without being too aggressive. You also are drawn to colors that show off your sensual and mysterious side. Contrasting with shades of black and ivory, you will make others look twice before leaving the room, which is precisely what people tend to do with you.

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Sagittarius (November 22 to December 21): Inspiring and Intelligent

You love being out in the world, Sagittarius. You may often feel confined within four walls, but that doesn’t stop you from trying to bring the rest of the world in. Navy blues and darker greens seem to call your name, which is no shock given they are the most striking colors of the world in and of itself. Green is a color most associated with growth and self-reliance, which are two things you embody in an obvious way. Blue tends to represent honesty and truth, as well as a thirst for intelligence, which you value highly. You want to create a space that makes you feel free and inspired, and using these shades to remind you of what is out there does the trick in the moments you can’t be out there yourself. 

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Capricorn (December 22 to January 19): Simple and Minimalistic

You’re not a boring person by any means, Capricorn, though you’re often given that reputation. You like to keep things simple, and you prefer working with colors that can easily work with others without having to think much about the matter. Neutral colors give off a calm demeanor, and they also point to being conservative in your emotions as well as your decisions. You like to keep to yourself, and you don’t like involving yourself in dramatic situations. In this way, neutral colors such as white, grey, black, brown, ivory, or beige often represent you well. Despite their subtle nature, you are more than capable of being creative with the shades to form an interesting and eye-catching space. You do like to stick with what you know, but really what’s the harm in that?

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