The 10 Best Computer Desks for Your Home

The Harris Desk by Zipcode Design is our favorite

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Best Computer Desks

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The best computer desks provide space for your work (or gaming) essentials and functional features to help keep things organized.

We've spent hours searching for the best computer desks available online, evaluating quality, design, and overall value.

Here are the best computer desks.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall

Zipcode Design Harris Desk

Zipcode Design Harris Desk

The Harris Desk is just the right size for any office, and it has several features that make it perfect for housing a computer. Oh, and did we mention it’s really affordable, too? This desk comes in gray and brown finishes, and it gives you enough space to set up your computer and accessories without taking up the whole room. 

One side of this desk features a single-door cabinet, which is ideal for holding a computer tower, while the other has three soft-close drawers, including a file drawer on the bottom. In between the two sides is a sliding keyboard tray, and it has a finished back that lets you arrange the desk anywhere in your office. It has a sleek modern design featuring cool metallic poles that support the desktop, making this a stylish choice as well as a practical one.

Price at time of publish: $389

Dimensions: 47.5 x 23.5 x 30 inches | Materials: Manufactured wood, plastic, steel | Storage: 3 drawers, 1 cabinet | Return Policy: 30 days plus 5-year warranty

Best Budget

Mainstays 6-Cube Storage Computer Desk

Mainstays 6-Cube Storage Computer Desk

You can set up an office space on a budget with the Mainstays Cube Storage Computer Desk. As its name suggests, this desk has three square storage compartments on each side, giving you plenty of space to store office essentials. It measures roughly 47 x 16 inches, and it comes in several colors, including white, gray, and black. 

This budget-friendly desk is made mostly from particle board, so it’s not the most durable piece of furniture ever, but it’s great for working on a laptop or small desktop computer. You can dress it up with baskets in the storage cubes, but keep in mind that the shelves can only support 11 pounds each.

Price at time of publish: $99

Dimensions: 47.25 x 15.75 x 29.5 inches | Materials: Particle board | Storage: 6 open storage compartments | Return Policy: 90 days

Best Small

OneSpace Stanton Computer Desk

OneSpace Stanton Computer Desk

If you’re pressed for space, the OneSpace Stanton Computer Desk is a compact (and affordable) choice for your office. It’s really nothing fancy; it has a 27.5 x 19 inch surface that’s supported by a black metal frame, and comes in a few colors. There’s also a slide-out keyboard and a bottom storage shelf where you can place a printer or computer tower, if needed. The desk is made from medium-density fibreboard, metal, and plastic, and it’s a great value for anyone with a small space.

Price at time of publish: $85

Dimensions: 27.5 x 19.6 x 29.5 inches | Materials: MDF wood, steel, and PVC | Storage: 1 storage shelf | Return Policy: Dependent on retailer plus 1-year warranty

Best L-Shaped

Raymour Flanigan Newell L-Shaped Computer Desk

Raymour Flanigan Newell L-Shaped Computer Desk

L-shaped desks are ideal if you want more workspace, and the Newell Computer Desk has a cool contemporary design that offers a large desktop and ample storage. It’s made from solid wood and acacia veneers, and the whole thing is substantial in size, measuring 56 x 66 inches. One side of the L is a standard work area, but the other is a bookcase that can actually be installed left- or right-hand facing to suit your space. 

In addition to its numerous shelves, this computer desk has a panel with USB plugs and electrical outlets, saving you the hassle of crawling behind it to plug in electronics. Plus, it’s a well-built piece, so you’ll be able to use it for years to come.

Price at time of publish: $800

Dimensions: 56 x 66 x 30 inches | Materials: Solid hardwood | Storage: 2 open shelves | Return Policy: Not returnable, 5-year add-on warranty

Best Corner

Breakwater Bay Moorton Desk

Breakwater Bay Moorton Desk

The Breakwater Bay Moorton Desk is designed to be arranged in the corner of a room, thanks to its three-sided design. It’s available in both white and gray finishes, and there’s even a central “drawer” that pulls out to reveal a hidden keyboard tray. The desk is 48.5 inches across its longest side, and it features attractive X-shaped accents on its base. There’s even enough room to arrange a computer on its lower shelves, if needed, and it’s made from a combination of solid wood and laminate for durability.

Price at time of publish: $451

Dimensions: 48.5 x 24.5 x 30 inches | Materials: Solid wood, plywood | Storage: 1 drawer, 1 shelf | Return Policy: 30 days plus 1-year warranty

Best Glass

Latitude Run Ryan Keyboard Tray Writing Desk

Latitude Run Ryan Keyboard Tray Writing Desk

Glass desks are always a sleek, stylish option, and the Latitude Run Ryan Writing Desk has a cool modern frame to boot. It has a tempered glass top with silver X-shaped legs, and there’s even a slide-out keyboard tray with a faux wood finish. The desk is 43.25 x 22.5 inches, and while its design is fairly simple, it’s a great choice for anyone with a modern or minimalist style.

Dimensions: 43.25 x 22.5 x 29.5 inches | Materials: Tempered glass, steel | Storage: None | Return Policy: 30 days plus 5-year warranty

Best with Hutch

Alcott Hill Deniece Desk with Hutch

Alcott Hill Deniece Desk with Hutch

For more storage, you may want something like the Alcott Hill Deniece Desk, which has a built-in hutch and several side drawers. You can get this desk in several finishes, and its larger size gives you a spacious area to spread out your work supplies. It has a slide-out keyboard shelf, two standard soft-close drawers, a file drawer, and a slat-front cabinet, as well as all the space on the hutch, which has six small cubbies. No matter what you need to store, there’s room for it here.

Price at time of publish: $580

Dimensions: 62.25 x 23.5 x 58 inches | Materials: Manufactured wood | Storage: 6 shelves, 1 cabinet, 3 drawers | Return Policy: 30 days plus 5-year warranty

Best Folding

Need Computer Desk

Need Computer Desk

To create a temporary workspace that can be quickly broken down as needed, you’ll want something like the Need Computer Desk, which has folding legs for compact storage. It comes in several sizes, including options that are 47, 55, and 62 inches long, and there are several color schemes to choose from as well. The desk has metal legs that can easily be folded down, and they’re even adjustable, allowing you to perfectly stabilize the desk on uneven floors. When folded, this desk is just 2.5 inches wide, allowing you to store it behind a couch or in a closet. Handy, right?

Price at time of publish: $150

Dimensions: 55 x 23.7 x 29.5 inches | Materials: Solid particle wood | Storage: None | Return Policy: 30 days

Best Standing

Fully Jarvis Bamboo Adjustable-Height Standing Desk

Fully Jarvis Standing Desk

Adjustable height work surfaces like the Fully Jarvis Standing Desk offer the best of both worlds—you can use them sitting in a chair or standing up, tailoring your workspace to how you’re feeling that day. This popular standing desk is controlled via an electric panel, and it offers four custom presets that allow you to quickly and easily move it to your desired height. 

This desk is supported by two metal legs, and it has a bamboo desktop that comes in several sizes, ranging from 30 to 72 inches wide. In terms of height, you can move the desktop anywhere between 25.5 and 51 inches, accommodating individuals of all sizes. Plus, it has an impressive 350-pound lifting capacity, so you can put all sorts of accessories on your desktop without worry.

Price at time of publish: $1,029

Dimensions: Various sizes | Material: Bamboo, metal | Storage: None | Return Policy: 30 days plus 5-year warranty

Best for Gaming

Homall Computer Office Gaming Desk

Homal Computer Office Height Adjustable Gaming Desk

Every gamer needs a sturdy, spacious desk to display their setup, and the Homall Height Adjustable Gaming Desk is a stylish and functional choice. It measures 63 x 29 inches, and you can adjust its height anywhere from 27.6 to 31.5 inches using the various screw holes in the legs. 

The top of this gaming desk is covered in a mouse pad-material, allowing you to use your mouse freely in any location, and it also has a multi-colored geometric design. There’s a cable hole toward the back of the desktop, and it also comes with a controller rack, a cup holder, a headset holder, and a removable mesh net that goes underneath the desk for storage.

Price at time of publish: $204

Dimensions: 63 x 28.9 x 31 inches | Materials: Manufactured wood, plastic, acrylic | Storage: None | Return Policy: 30 days plus 6-month warranty

Final Verdict

The Zipcode Design Harris Desk (view at Wayfair) is extremely well-priced and the perfect size for most offices, and it has a number of convenient features, such as a keyboard tray, file cabinet, and tower cabinet. If you're looking for something even more budget-friendly, go for the Mainstays 6 Cube Desk (view at Walmart), which comes in a few different colors and offers plenty of storage.

What to Look for in a Computer Desk


Computer desks come in a wide range of sizes, and the best option for you will depend on your space and the items you plan to keep on the desk. If you have a large computer setup with a sizable monitor and many accessories, you’re going to need a larger desk. Additionally, you’ll want to consider the height of the desk, which can affect whether it’s comfortable to work at for long periods of time. In general, ergonomists recommend a desk height between 28 and 30 inches.


Many computer desks have built-in storage, including drawers, cabinets, and shelves. If you have a keyboard or tower for your computer, you may want to look for a desk that offers special storage for these items. Similarly, people with lots of paperwork often benefit from a desk with a built-in filing drawer.


While some computer desks are plain, no-frills pieces of furniture, others are equipped with various features that can make your life easier. Some features you may want to look for include cable management systems, height-adjustable desktops, integrated electrical outlets or USB plugs, and special storage compartments for computer accessories.

  • How tall should a computer desk be?

    A computer desk should be tall enough that you can comfortably sit at it and keep proper posture as you use a computer. A standard desk height is between 28 and 30 inches. If you need a shorter or taller desk, consider getting an adjustable one that lets you raise and lower the surface. Pay close attention to the dimensions of the desk in any product information: These will tell you how tall it is and if it's adjustable.

  • How can you hide wires on a computer desk?

    Some computer desks come with cable management systems built into them that make it easy to keep cables neat and tidy. Other features to look for include integrated USB plugs or electrical outlets, as these will also help keep the wires where they need to be. Using zip ties and velcro wraps for the wires that go behind the desk will help you further hide the wires.

  • How do you paint a computer desk?

    You'll need to prepare the computer desk for painting before you can actually start the painting. Begin by removing the hardware from the desk; set it aside. Use a wood cleaner and a cloth to clean the drawers of any dust or debris. After it's cleaned, you'll want to use sandpaper to dull the surface and prepare it for paint. Clean up the sawdust well and wipe down the desk with a cloth. Apply primer to the desk and let it completely dry. Finally, use interior latex paint in a glossy finish to paint the desk. Using glossy paint will make any future clean-up easy.

  • How should you organize a computer desk?

    Computer desks come with all sorts of different features to help you keep everything organized. This includes drawers, cabinets, and even built-in organizers. You also might want to invest in a desk organizer, which are made especially to keep computer-related items tidy. Keep the surface of the desk as clean as you can; it will feel tidier when it's picked up. The items that you use most frequently should be within reach, in a drawer or organizer. Lesser used items can be tucked away in a bottom drawer.

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