The 9 Best Cooling Sheets to Buy in 2018

All of the options you need to guarantee a refreshing night’s rest

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There’s nothing worse than spending the night tossing and turning because you’re too warm. Whether you’re battling a cold, or you simply run hot, feeling restless during your sleep cycle can lead to lost zzz’s — and energy — during the day. Luckily, swapping your sheets is a quick solution to the problem.

Experts suggest trying sheets made of cotton, bamboo or wicking fabrics to keep your skin cool, because these materials breathe instead of trapping heat inside. Either way you go, make sure to...MORE pay attention to the thread count. While it’s easy to be drawn to more luxurious, high-count varieties, options in the 200 to 400 thread-count range promote a more breathable rest because the weave is more open — thus letting more air circulate.

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    An “Amazon Choice” winner, the Mellanni Brushed Microfiber Sheet Set is made from a silky soft, 100% brushed microfiber. Translation: It stays breathable and wicks away moisture, dust and allergens while you rest. It also has other key qualities including a wrinkle-free and stain resistant fabric, and a variety of cool colors to choose from — 35 of these to be exact.

    Combined with reviews that claim them as the “softest sheets EVER!” and “best sheets I've ever slept on,” it’s easy to nominate...MORE this set as the top ranking option in the cool sheet category.

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    This brand delivers all of the qualities one looks for in a sheet set including: silky softness, absorbency and a cool-to-the-touch feeling. All of this can be contributed to the eucalyptus fibers which makes the fabric more permeable than traditional cotton, silk or linen varieties. With a 300 thread-count make-up, it puts this choice in the ideal range of what sleep experts recommend for a breathable rest.

    Besides keeping you comfortable at night, these sheets are stylish. Available in six...MORE color palettes that give off a subtle sheen, they'll help evoke a relaxing oasis in the bedroom. 

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    Not into ironing? Go with some wrinkle-resistant sheets. This set features a 100% premium microfiber that makes the fabric look perfect as soon as you pull it out of the packaging or dryer. Since the fabric is brushed, it also gives off a luxuriously soft feel that promotes quality airflow throughout the evening.

    While users claim the product runs a bit thin, the softness and easy laundering make it a crowd favorite. Available in 15 colors and six sizes, there’s a style designed with every bed in...MORE mind. Plus, at this bargain price it would be silly not to give them a try

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    If using organic cotton is important for you, you're in luck because cotton sheets are also cooling. The Nido Organic Cotton Sheet Set is made from a high quality and tightly woven Indian organic cotton, it’s virtually weightless to promote better airflow while you sleep. Plus, the  fabric makes it feel particularly soft and airy, which is exactly what you need during a night of extra heat. And when the time comes to dispose of these sheets, you feel good about your purchase because they are...MORE 100% biodegradable. 

    Whether you live in a warm climate, or just run warm, users consider this luxurious pick a good everyday product to go with.

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    Linen is notoriously known for staying cool in the summer. So the same concept you apply to your apparel should apply to your sheets. This pick is woven from genuine French flax to give it a stunning drape and texture that only gets better with age. So, the more you wash it, the softer it gets. Since the 100% pure linen copes well with moisture, users say you can finally say goodbye to waking up feeling damp and sweaty. In fact, they recommend picking up more than one of this product.

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    Over the 40 years of selling textiles, Nestl has scored itself some major points among Amazon users. Offering everything you’d expect in a set (think silky softness, easy care and breathability), it’s hard to turn away from this pick.

    In fact, review after review praises the brand for not skimping on quality given its price, while also noting how “touchable” the linens are. With 37 color options to go with, finding a hue to complement the home will be the toughest part of the decision process.

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    Whether dealing with menopause or occasional night sweats, the high-performing fabric in the Peach Skin sheet set helps target and prevent the side effects of your perspiration. Their product is made from an athletic grade smart fabric that promotes circulation while wicking away excess moisture. So that slick feeling you used to wake-up with will quickly become a thing of the past.

    Considered “a true joy to sleep on” by reviewers dealing with sleep sweat in all phases of life, going with this...MORE anti-snag, anti-slip and anti-pill option is a no-brainer.

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    Enjoy a temperature-controlled sheet appropriate for all months of the year. This 100% viscose and bamboo set has natural wicking abilities to absorb dampness much better than other fabrics. Thus, making it a real winner for hot sleepers. Plus, the eco-friendly material is easy on the skin to provide irritant-free comfort for every night ahead. When the temperatures drop this set will also help keep you warm when you need it. 

    The set is new to the linens scene, but worth a try for its notable...MORE climate control abilities. Just consider the silky smooth and hypoallergenic texture bonuses to enjoy in your new purchase.

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    Circulation is a key contributor to your body temperature. Therefore, the SHEEX Experience Performance Fabric Sheet Set, specifically designed to increase airflow, is your best bet for more comfortable rest. It works to maintain a dry and comfortable sleeping environment by releasing body heat with a fabric that’s 52% lighter and cooler than traditional cottons.

    Call it too good to be true? Several people claim they “will never buy another sheet set again” after experiencing the comfort — and...MORE sweat control — the sheets deliver. But we’ll let you be the judge of that.

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