The 6 Best Dairy-Free Ice Cream Recipes

While I love a variety of store-bought dairy-free ice creams, sometimes it's just nice to make it at home. And, sometimes it's nice to use a store-bought ice cream in a homemade recipe. These are 10 of my favorite dairy-free ice cream recipes, some for homemade ice cream and some for homemade treats with prepared dairy-free ice creams.

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    Vanilla Ice Cream with Chocolate Sauce
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    My favorite homemade dairy-free ice cream recipe, this Dairy-Free Frozen Yogurt uses dairy-free soy yogurt, agave nectar, and xanthan gum to achieve its delicious texture and flavor.

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    Somewhere between and ice cream and a sherbert, this dairy-free frozen dessert is an easy and refreshing treat. © 2008 Ashley Skabar, licensed to, Inc.

    Bright and refreshing, this Mango Ice Cream Recipe is also rich and creamy, prepared with dairy-free half-and-half, soy yogurt, and agave nectar.

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    An easy, refreshing treat. © 2009 Ashley Skabar, licensed to, Inc.

    Although it's not technically an ice cream, sorbet is one of the tastiest, simplest low-fat frozen treats, and it's almost always dairy-free. This Chocolate Sorbet is prepared with dark dairy-free chocolate to achieve a creamy, yet refreshing, texture and flavor.

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    Vegan chocolate chip cookies sandwich soy ice cream. © 2009 Ashley Skabar, licensed to, Inc.

    The perfect sweet for summer, these Dairy-Free Ice Cream Sandwiches are simple enough for children to make. Prepared with homemade vegan chocolate chip cookies and store-bought or homemade soy ice cream, these are treats that everyone can enjoy!

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    Low-fat, creamy and sweetened with only strawberries and honey, this is a guilt-free, refreshing, dairy-free frozen delight. © 2008 Ashley Skabar, licensed to, Inc.

    Somewhere between an ice cream and a sherbert, this Dairy-Free Strawberry ice Cream is light but sweetly satisfying, prepared with soymilk, honey, xanthan gum and fresh strawberries.

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    Creamy and smooth, the way dairy-free ice cream should be!. © 2008 Ashley Skabar, licensed to, Inc.

    Prepared with inexpensive ingredients and pantry staples, this Dairy-Free Vanilla Ice Cream is an easy go-to recipe for dairy-free and vegan cooks.