The 8 Best Superhero Girl Toys to Buy in 2018

Superheroines can get their fierce on with this stuff


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It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s a bunch of strong, superhero role models for girls. For too long men have dominated the superhero category. Not that girls don’t love Superman, Spiderman and the gang, but it’s also empowering for them to see women out there taking down criminals and using their ​superpowers.

Currently, there is a whole host of superhero toys out there that highlight fierce, female superheroes. Though designed with girls in mind, plenty of boys will want to play with these, too. From board games to play sets and even a battery-operated dune racer, there’s something on this list for every little superhero and superheroine in training.

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    Best Game: DC Super Hero Girls 6 in 1 Game Set

    DC Super Hero Girls 6 in 1 Game Set
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    This set contains classic games with a twist of superhero girl power that will take the fun to super new levels. It contains six games in all, including Bingo, Go Fish, Crazy 8’s, Domino's, Matching and Four-in-a-Row. Each one features favorite female heroes that include Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and Bumblebee.

    It's recommended for ages 3 and up, and there’s something for everyone. It’s great for a super fun family game night to keep the action going for hours.

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    Best Dress Up: LansKids Comics Cartoon Heroes Dress-Up Costumes

    Every superhero needs a cape, and this dress-up set comes with four fierce ones. They feature Supergirl, Batgirl, Spider-Girl and Wonder Woman, and they each come with matching masks for tons of make-believe fun. Made of satin, the capes measure 27 by 27 inches. They have Velcro straps at the neck, and the masks are adjustable, so one size fits most.

    Perfect for everything from Halloween to parties or just a trip to the grocery store, these capes are sure to get a ton of use. Customers say they are made well, a good value, and most importantly, kids love them.

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    Best Action Figures: DC Super Hero Girls Action Figures

    They’ll be ready for action with this set of DC Super Hero Girls action figures, straight from the halls of Super Hero High. There are nine in all: Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Bumblebee, Katana, Starfire and Hawkgirl. Talk about a fierce squad.

    The figures are 6 inches high, with arms and legs that can be moved and posed for tons of creative play. Each one comes with an accessory to up the fun even more. For example, Wonder Woman has a lasso, while Katana has a sword. With so many to choose from, this set is great for playdates or for solo play. Who knows what adventures these fierce fighters will find.

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    Best Playset: DC Super Hero Girls Super Hero High School

    No matter how super the hero, there are still lessons to be learned in high school. This Super Hero High School playset is full of them. It sets the stage for all sorts of adventures from the cafeteria, complete with a table and lunch trays, to a classroom with a desk and lockers. There are three levels of play, and a zip line lets characters fly to class in a way not seen at any ordinary school.

    A Batgirl action figure is included with the set to get things started, but more Super Hero Girls can be purchased separately to amp up the fun as they climb, fly and sail through the halls of this school. This set is recommended for ages 6 to 10, and kids give it an A plus.

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    Best LEGO: DC Super Hero Girls Wonder Woman Dorm

    LEGOs plus Wonder Woman equals a ton of fierce fun as young builders build adventures aplenty for the caped crusader. The scene is Wonder Woman’s dorm room.

    It’s not all about the books for Wonder Woman, though. In addition to dorm staples, like a bed with a secret drawer, a wardrobe and a workstation, she’s got an ‘invisible’ motorbike, golden lasso and wrench. A Wonder Woman mini-figure and all of the accessories are included, as well as a suspicious piece of orange Kryptomite (yikes). While she may be the one in school, it’s the bad guys who will learn a lesson from her.

    Designed for ages 7 to 12, this set can also be combined with other LEGO sets for extra adventure.

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    Best Vehicle: Power Wheels DC Super Hero Girls Dune Racer

    Superheroes in the making can take to the streets in this dynamite dune racer featuring DC Super Hero Girls. With a Monster Traction system, it’s powerful enough to take on terrain of all sorts, including dirt, mud and gravel, to get the job done. It can reach speeds of up to 5 mph.

    This sweet ride is powered by a 12-volt rechargeable battery (included), and it features lock brakes that dive into action once the foot is released from the gas. Parents can also lock the speed into one of two forward-drive speeds (2.5 or 5 mph) in case little ones aren’t quite ready to take things to maximum speed. Recommended for kids ages 3 to 7 and up to 60 pounds, this dune racer sure to rev up the adventure-packed fun.

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    Best Beauty: DC Superhero Girls Super Nail Art Kit

    Fighting crime can be a tough job, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look chic while doing so. This super nail art kit puts superhero power right at her fingertips. It contains everything she needs to create bold, metallic nail designs. Included are stick-on metallic nails and nail art stickers featuring three superhero favorites: Supergirl, Batgirl and Wonder Woman.

    The kit is an inexpensive gift or anytime surprise for a superhero in the making. These designs are so cool, Mom may want to use a few herself. Kapow! This nail art kit is recommended for ages 7 and up,

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    Artistic: DC Superhero Girls Comic Book Design Set

    Girls can take to the page and create their own adventures with this comic book design kit. It features everything they need to create two of their own, unique comic books where they're in charge of the action. The pages of the staple-bound books are filled with pre-printed pictures. It’s up to young authors to fill in the dialogue and bring the images to life with color. The set also includes sticker sheets, exclamations and word bubbles, as well crayons and a double-sided pen.

    This design set has storage pouches to hold everything, making it great for traveling, rainy days or anytime little superheroines want to get creative. It's recommended for ages 8 and up.