The 7 Best Deck Boxes to Buy in 2018

Store pillows, gardening supplies and more

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Despite its name, a deck box is more than a chest that stores your cushions, towels and other outdoor items. A high-quality deck box can double as a patio table or even a comfy, impromptu seat where gardeners can take a break after hours of flexing their green thumbs. And while most deck boxes share nearly identical makeups, styles and dimensions, it’s important to keep a few things in mind before dishing out your hard-earned cash for the first deck box you stumble across.

First off, don’t forget the reason that you’re investing in a deck box in the first place. You wouldn’t purchase a large, pricey chest for a few small patio chair cushions — likewise, a compact, elegant unit is no place for gardening tools and bulky pool supplies. Be sure to check each deck box’s dimensions and consider its potential contents.

Remember: some deck boxes boast higher-quality materials than others, and while they may be water and weather-resistant, that doesn’t make them safe from extreme elements. Decide where you intend to store your deck box — keep more sensitive pieces underneath an extendable awning or gazebo to keep damage to a minimum.

With these considerations in mind, read on for our top picks for the best deck boxes to buy.



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    Best Overall: Keter Westwood Deck Box

    Whether you’re sharing a seat on it with a loved one or laying out a spread for a light, backyard picnic, the Keter Westwood Deck Box provides a versatile 61" x 28.5" x 25.4"-  surface with more uses than you can imagine. Able to hold the weight of two average adults, this stylish deck box — and your next favorite bench — is an incredible weather-resistant resin-based alternative to bulkier, less attractive boxes.

    But it’s not just an eye-catching two-seater — or a timeless brunch buffet table. The leak-proof Keter Westwood Deck Box offers optimal space to match its unparalleled style, with 150-gallon storage capacity and a lockable lid to ensure that your belongings, whether they’re pricey tools or your favorite comfy patio chair cushions, remain safe and secure.

    This deck box is a home run with homeowners who love its gorgeous aesthetic coupled with its unbeatable sturdiness, durability, and easy assembly — not to mention the fact that it mimics real wood, complete with knots and grain details that separate it from artificial-looking boxes on the market.

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    Best Budget: Suncast Resin Wicker Deck Box

    At a fraction of the price of the competition, the 22.5" x 21.6" x 46" Suncast Resin Wicker Deck Box is the perfect addition to any deck, patio or pool house. Not only does it hold 73 gallons’ worth of your outdoor items, but it snaps together with ease — and it’s weatherproof, meaning your chair cushions remain dry inside even during the summer’s on-and-off rainy days.

    This Suncast deck box is perfect for the indecisive type, and that’s no joke! Not only is it light, weighing in at a mere 32 lbs, but it boasts handles on either side, so committing to one spot to lay it down for easy access to your tools, cushions, or pool toys is a thing of the past.

    And just because it has “deck” in its name, that doesn’t mean you need a deck, patio, and even a yard to put this box to good use. Renters have reported getting great use out of this product, particularly those who live on higher floors with balconies. One customer worships the Suncast deck box for providing her with extra space to fit all of her kids’ many toys.

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    Best Heavy Duty: Lifetime Extra Large Deck Box

    Every homeowner has different needs when it comes to backyard storage. Luckily, there are plenty of deck boxes on the market, from the small and compact to the heavy-duty — like the Lifetime Extra Large Deck Box, a product whose name is no exaggeration.

    Lifetime doesn’t just throw the words “Extra Large” around—after all, this measures 57" x 20.75" x 23.75". Made of rigid, double-walled high-density polyurethane, this deck box is ideal for those lucky souls with in-ground pools, green thumbs, and/or little ones they just love to spoil! 130 gallons worth of storage means users can cram pool vacuum hoses, kiddie toys, and bags of soil together — with room to spare.

    Got a handyman in the family just itching to take the Lifetime Extra Large Deck Box to the next level? Its versatile interior design allows for easy installation of shelving, making organization that much easier. Rounding this worthwhile purchase off is a 900 lbs weight capacity —and strong, weather-resistant steel hinges — meaning all the kiddies can hop on top of this durable unit without having to worry about its contents collapsing underneath them.

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    Best Table Use: Keter Circa Deck Box

    Not every space has room to fit an extra large, heavy-duty beast of a deck box. Sometimes, a cute, cozy, compact alternative — like the Keter Circa Deck Box — is the perfect purchase for you and your family. More like a patio table than a bench or a chest, this stylish, barrel-shaped deck box holds up to 37 gallons, packing a nifty punch in such a small package. A great buy for families with outdoorsy kids, backyard crafters, or aspiring gardeners, Keter’s 3-in-1 deck box is easy to assemble — the hard part is deciding where to place this stylish addition to any backyard, deck, or balcony!

    Customers can’t get enough of the wood grain look that this deck box brings to any setting — or how surprisingly sturdy and durable it is for such a compact alternative to full-sized deck boxes. At just under 16 lbs — and measuring in at 17.1" x 27.4" x 27.4" — the Keter Circa Deck Box is that missing dash of elegance every property needs to brighten up a bland space.

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    Best Seat Use: Suncast Resin Wicker Storage Seat

    The Suncast Resin Wicker Storage Seat juggles 22 gallons of storage space with a surface specially designed for the outdoorsy type hankering to take a load off after a long day of yard work. But there’s more to this 15" x 15" x 20" miracle than meets the eye — it also makes for a rustic stand for your favorite plant or an outdoor toy box for your tots’ favorite dolls, action figures and pool accessories.

    Despite being made entirely of plastic, this deck box boasts a surprising level of durability, and satisfied buyers report that it’s super resilient to heat and wind — among other glowing testimonials. One happy customer even claimed that their Suncast Resin Wicker Storage Seat seemed to possess more storage space than the space it took up— obviously, that’s an exaggeration, but it just goes to show you how handy this little deck box is.

    While not 100% waterproof according to some otherwise positive reviews, Suncast’s storage seat is highly customizable, so you can let the family handyman break out his tools and work on sealing, grounding, and personalizing this crowd-pleaser to his heart’s content.

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    Best Prep Station Combo: Suncast Patio Storage and Prep Station

    Suncast Patio Storage and Prep Station
    Courtesy of Home Depot

    No deck would be complete without a trusty barbecue grill — and no grill would be complete without a proper prep station where the family burger-flipper can store his prized tools. The Suncast Patio Storage and Prep Station does exactly what its name suggests: it allows users to store their utensils, glassware, and other grilling accessories while offering the perfect space for a cutting board — which comes complimentary with their purchase — where they can prepare their family’s favorite outdoor meals.

    Lightweight despite its appearance, easy to maneuver thanks to its four wheels, and boasting weatherproof resin construction, this storage and prep station is a must-have for every nature-loving family that prefers to nosh together in their backyard. While the majority of buyers raved about this deck storage unit, some reported experiencing difficulty during the assembly process, even calling it a “nightmare.” Our suggestion? Keep a handyman nearby in case you run into any hiccups assembling this otherwise beloved culinary cabinet companion.

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    Best Extra Large: Suncast Backyard Oasis Vertical Deck Box

    Suncast 195 Gal. Backyard Oasis Vertical Deck Box
    Courtesy of Home Depot

    It goes without saying that the size of your yard parallels the size of your deck box — in other words, the more things you need to store, the larger deck box you’ll need to get the job done. Fortunately, Suncast — a name you’ve already seen time and time again  —has got you covered with their Backyard Oasis Vertical Deck Box. Whereas most deck boxes on the market are wider than they are tall, this three-doored, 48" x 31" x 41" monster stands vertically — as its name implies. And in case that’s not evidence enough of its massive size, it holds a whopping 195 gallons. That’s 9.5 cubic feet of available storage space!

    Gas shocks make opening this box’s lid — and keeping it open — a breeze. It’s even the ideal height for an outdoor bar, meaning it’s never been easier to entertain your friends and loved ones on those warm summer nights when an island cocktail is calling your name.

    Resistant not only to weather, but to dents, water, and fading, this Suncast deck box is the cream of the crop when it comes to outdoor storage.