7 Best Deck Railing Ideas

Glass Deck Railing

Peter Alfred Hess

Looking for deck railing ideas before diving into your new outdoor project? You can display your deck railing patterns vertically or horizontally, use a number of materials, and choose from a variety of designs. For the traditionalist craving a more updated look, a wood and a cable wire combination deck railing is a perfect option, whereas a steel deck railing may be a great option for chic modern flare. The options are endless. Here are a few deck railing ideas to inspire you.

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    All Metal

    black metal railing


    For homeowners with a more modern home and looking for simplicity, an all-metal railing is a great addition to your deck. Metal decks and railings are considered the gift that keeps on giving. Its material is durable, low maintenance and lasts a lifetime. You don’t have to worry about pesky bugs or humidity destroying or rotting out your railings. And there is no need to ensure that you keep it stained and prepped each summer season! Often, an all metal railings are a logical option for commercial and business owners too. 

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    Rod Iron

    Rod Iron Deck Railing

    Rod iron offers a classic look with just enough touch of posh that homeowners seek. The wood and rod iron deck railings are one of the most popular designs. Because of its high demand, most home improvement stores carry these kits for homeowners and most decking contractors can accomplish this style seamlessly. 

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    Closed Deck Railing

    Private Deck Railing
    David Cedrone

    A closed deck railing is an option for those looking for more privacy and safety for small children or pets. It’s a simple look but you are able to customize your deck space with any pop of color or stain you choose to use. Often, homeowners choose to add design by incorporating a lattice pattern and to allow breeze to continue to flow through. This deck railing offers both the lattice pattern and the height for extra privacy.

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    Bench Railing

    Deck Bench

    Dan Keck

    A deck railing that has more than one use is the best deck railing. A very common way to add more seating on your deck is to create a bench out of the railing. The railing acts as a seat back for your guests creating a more comfortable seating arrangement. 

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    Glass Deck Railing

    Glass Deck Railing
    Peter Alfred Hess

    While the glass deck railing may fall under unconventional, it sure does make you fall in love with its look. Glass deck railings are great for those homes with ocean or forest views. No distractions in your way, so you can really soak up the beauty of the outdoors. The only downside is the cleaning, little hands and fingerprints, wet dog nose marks and dirt aren't for the faint of heart. 

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    Light Up Deck Railing

    lit up deck and railings

    Any home designer will tell you that lighting is everything. You can achieve the ambiance you want on your deck with railing lights. You have options whether they are built in or something you decide to add after the fact. Most local home improvement stores carry both options for homeowners. 

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    Back Porch with outdoor furniture and colorful area rug
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    For those on a budget and looking for a unique way to update your wood deck railings, lattice is commonly used by homeowners. You can find lattice at your local home improvement store or even laying around in your own garage. You can also stain and paint the lattice if you choose to.