The 8 Best Dice Games to Buy in 2018

Fun and portable games for families, kids and parties

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Games that use dice often get overlooked in today’s day and age, but they deserve a lot more credit. There are plenty of amazingly fun dice games available and many are easy to learn and incredibly portable.

You will find fun games for the entire family as well as those designed for younger children or large groups. Some take just minutes to play while others might take an hour or so. There really is a dice game out there for everyone!


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    Best Overall: George & Co.'s Left Center Right

    If you only purchase one dice game, it should definitely be LCR, also known as Left Center Right. This compact, family-friendly game has thousands of glowing reviews, many of which call it the best game ever!

    LCR can be played with three or more people, and it’s best for players ages 3 and up. With this game, you’ll get three specialty dice, 24 chips, and instructions, all packaged up in an easy-to-carry tin. The dice don’t have traditional numbers on each side—instead, they feature the letters L, C, and R, as well as single dots on the remaining sides.

    Gameplay is simple. Everyone starts out with several chips, and players take turns rolling the dice. If you roll an L, pass a chip to the player on your left. If you roll a C, put a chip in the center pot, and if you roll an R, give a chip to the player on your right. The object of the game is to be the last player with chips!

    Reviewers can’t say enough positive things about this entertaining dice game. Many write that it’s fun for the whole family, easy to learn, and incredibly addicting. Overall, LCR deserves a spot in your arsenal of family games.

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    Best Budget: PlayMonster's Farkle

    One of the great things about dice games is that they typically don’t have a lot of pieces, so they’re generally more affordable than board games. Thanks to the simple nature of Farkle, it’s an incredibly budget-friendly option for your next game night.

    Farkle is perfect for players 8 and up, and you can play with two or more people at a time. It comes with a dice cup, six dice, and a score pad—that’s all you need to start playing!

    The goal is simple: Collect as many points as you can on each turn by throwing certain combinations, which are outlined on the score sheet. If you don’t like your initial roll, you can take a chance and roll one or several of your dice again, hoping for better luck. Be careful, though, as you might lose all your points in a Farkle!

    This dice game has hundreds of positive reviews from people who say Farkle is a new favorite in their household.

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    Best Classic: Winning Moves Games' Classic Yahtzee

    This dice game has been around since the 1950s, keeping generation after generation entertained with its luck and strategy-based gameplay. Classic Yahtzee is a replica of the original game, right down to the aluminum dice cup and retro score pad. It’s sure to give you nostalgia!

    Yahtzee can be played by two or more people, and it’s best for kids ages 8 and up, though adults will want to get in on the action, too. In this classic edition, you’ll receive a dice cup, five dice, a score pad, eight bonus chips (four red and four yellow), a storage tray, and instructions.

    There are 13 rounds in the game, and the goal is to rack up the highest number of points by rolling certain combinations with the dice. If you roll five of the same number, you’ve rolled a Yahtzee!

    Reviewers love the retro styling of this game set. Many say it’s a great game for all ages, especially since gameplay only takes 30 minutes. There's no need to worry about the kids getting bored.

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    Best Family Game: Calliope Games' Roll for It

    If you’re looking for a game that’s just as fun for young kids as it is for adults, pick up Roll for It. This dice game is straightforward and easy to learn.

    Roll for It can be enjoyed by two to four players. Although the recommended age is 8 and up, many reviewers say that younger kids can learn to play it, too. The game comes with four sets of six miniature, colored dice, as well as 30 cards.

    To play, you flip over three cards, which will show a variety of dice values. Each player then takes turns rolling their six dice, trying to match the values shown on the cards. If they can match the card, they claim it and earn the points indicated.

    The object of the game is to be the first person to 40 points. While the premise and gameplay are simple, reviewers say Roll for It is surprisingly fun for players young and old and can get addictive and really competitive.

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    Best for Kids: ThinkFun Math Dice Junior Game

    Want to practice math skills with your children? Then you’ll love the ThinkFun Math Dice Junior Game. It is designed to teach kids ages 6 and up to do basic math equations in their heads.

    This simple game includes one 12-sided die, five six-sided dice, a scoring track, instructions, and a storage bag.

    To play, kids take turns rolling the 12-sided die to get a “target number” for the round. Players then race to use the other dice to come up with a math equation that will equal the target number. Whoever comes up with a solution first gets to advance along the scoring track. The first person to reach the end wins.

    Math Dice Junior is a favorite among parents and teachers who say it’s a great way to reinforce math skills and help children master mental math. Plus, the game is so much fun that kids won’t even realize they’re learning!

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    Best for Two Players: Bowman Games' Fill or Bust

    Even if you don’t have a big crowd, you can still have a great time playing a dice game like Fill or Bust. This game uses both dice and cards to keep groups of various sizes entertained for hours. Reviewers can’t get enough of the fun, educational gameplay.

    Fill or Bust can be played by two to nine people, and it’s best suited for players ages 9 and up. With the game, you’ll get six dice, 54 cards, and instructions, all in a compact and portable box.

    The object of the game is to score the most points, and you can play to any number you choose, be it 5,000, 10,000, or more. During each turn, players roll all five dice, trying to score a “Fill” and earn points. If you do so successfully, you can choose to either keep your points or roll again in hopes of earning more. However, if you don’t score a fill, then your turn is a “Bust” and you lose all the points you earned during that turn.

    The best thing about Fill or Bust is that it can be played anywhere thanks to its compact nature, so it's perfect for vacations and camping trips. Reviewers say that it’s easy for all ages to learn, and gameplay can stretch on as long as you want, making for hours of family fun.

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    Best Party Game: Tenzi

    The best party games are fast-paced, engaging, and lots of fun for everyone watching. That is why Tenzi will quickly become a must-have activity at your social gatherings. It's the best party game because of its simple gameplay and competitive nature.

    You can play Tenzi with two to four people and expansion packs are available for larger groups. It’s accessible for children age 7 and up, so it's also great for kids' parties.

    The game comes with four sets of 10 dice, each of which is coordinated by color. The object of the game is to be the fastest to roll the same number on all 10 of your dice. You’ll have to work quickly to figure out the best number to aim for and keep rolling until you get all 10 on the same side. The winner is the first one to yell “Tenzi!”

    Reviewers love the fast-paced gameplay of Tenzi, writing that it’s great for parties with participants of all ages. There are several variations you can explore, as well, so it's a game that will never get old.

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    Best Fast Paced: Gamewright's Qwixx

    Don’t have the patience to sit through an hour-long board game? Qwixx is right up your alley. This fast-paced dice game takes just 15 minutes per round and will keep the whole family engaged the entire time.

    You can play Qwixx with two to five players, ages 8 and up. The game comes with six dice, a scorepad, and instructions—that’s all you need to start having fun!

    Every player gets a score sheet, and you'll roll all six dice on your turn. If you’re the active player, you can mark off the sum of one colored die and one white die in that colored row, while other players can mark off the sum of the two white dice on one of their rows. The more numbers you mark off, the higher your score will be at the end of the game.

    According to reviews, Qwixx will quickly become a family staple thanks to its fast gameplay. Many players note that you’ll get better at strategizing as you play, making for more competitive games!