10 Best Dining Room Colors From Benjamin Moore

A dining room painted in Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore with a dining table, chairs, and large windows..

Benjamin Moore

The way people use their dining rooms has changed. Many people still have formal dining rooms, but they're not used as often as they'd like. Eating has become a more casual affair, but your dining room still plays an important role in the style of your home.

Dining rooms are fun to decorate because you can be a little more free with your color choices. There is an expectation, much like in a powder room, that the dining room will be a little more bold, or even fancy. Rich and dark colors that overwhelm a living room where you spend more time may be appropriate in a dining room that has limited use and can handle those darker colors.

  • Color Family: Varies. Includes neutrals and rich shades.
  • Complementary Colors: Varies
  • Pairs Well With: Varies
  • Mood: Calming, energizing
  • Where to Use: Dining rooms

Here are ten stunning Benjamin Moore dining room paint color ideas for inspiration.

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    Raisin Torte

    Raisin Torte paint swatch from Benjamin Moore

    The Spruce

    Red has been the popular color of choice for dining rooms for over a decade. Many believe that it inspires conversation and appetite. The red dining room may need a little update by now. Benjamin Moore's Raisin Torte is a gorgeous and rich red that has a burgundy vibe. This color would be perfect with white millwork and a sparkling chandelier.

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    Rocky Coast

    Rocky Coast paint swatch from Benjamin Moore

    The Spruce

    Gray for a dining room? Sure, if it's the right gray. Benjamin Moore's Rocky Coast is dramatic, but not stuffy. Though this is definitely a dark color, with the proper lighting and accessories, it can look fresh and bright. Pair this gray with pale blue accessories for a sophisticated look.


    If your dining room is adjacent to your living room or kitchen, you'll need to sample your paint near those other spaces. The colors don't have to be similar, but they should coordinate in some way. The undertones of your paint colors should be compatible, at the very least, to keep the rooms looking harmonious.

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    Buttered Yam

    Buttered Yam paint swatch from Benjamin Moore

    The Spruce

    Benjamin Moore's Buttered Yam is not for the timid color lover, but this orange color is undeniably appealing. A spirited orange is a great alternative to the typical red dining room. This deep orange color is comforting and homey, bringing to mind a Thanksgiving table and family congregating in the fall.

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    Revere Pewter

    Revere Pewter paint swatch from Benjamin Moore

    The Spruce

    Keeping your dining room neutral gives you so much flexibility with accessories and dining chair upholstery. Revere Pewter is one of the most popular paint colors from Benjamin Moore. This mid-toned gray with warm undertones is a beautiful and versatile greige color that works well with open floor plans because it is so unifying.

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    Rustique paint swatch from Benjamin Moore

    The Spruce

    Rustique has the excitement of red with the elegance of a rich neutral. A warm color such as this works well with dark wood furniture and light accessories. With a color that suggests old country barns, it works well with a farmhouse aesthetic but is adaptable for a number of design styles.

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    Blue Haze

    Blue Haze pant swatch from Benjamin Moore

    The Spruce

    Pale blue can be an unexpected and elegant choice for your dining room. Pair with brushed silver metals and charcoal gray accents for the ultimate in sophistication. Benjamin Moore's Blue Haze is a subtle shade that's cool and soothing; it's a great color choice if you're concerned about available light.

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    Sea Salt

    Sea Salt paint swatch from Benjamin Moore

    The Spruce

    Benjamin Moore's Sea Salt is a versatile neutral shade that changes its appearance depending on the lighting in the room. This fluctuation in color happens with most greige paint colors. Sea Salt works well with most colors but looks particularly nice in rooms with white fabrics, taupe furnishings, and gold accents.

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    Salamander paint swatch from Benjamin Moore

    The Spruce

    This deep forest green is a dramatic shade for a statement-making dining room. It's perfect for a vintage farmhouse aesthetic with features like wood ceilings, mixed metal accents, and shiplap. Benjamin Moore's Salamander also looks lovely in more formal dining rooms with classic white marble and brass accents.


    Pay attention to lighting! The key to creating the perfect color atmosphere in your dining room is a combination of paint color and lighting. Because a dining room often holds only wood furniture, with limited upholstered pieces and accessories, the wall color plays the most important role. Your lighting will illuminate your rich colors so be sure to experiment with lighting to set the right mood. Using dimmers is a smart way to set the right tone for your new dining room color. Don't forget that adding side lighting can brighten up a deep wall color, as well. Create a beautiful glow with buffet or floor lamps to show off your wall color.

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    Sunrays paint swatch from Benjamin Moore

    The Spruce

    A bright and sunny dining room will encourage plenty of lively and positive conversation. Achieve this dinner-party bliss with Sunrays by Benjamin Moore, a classic shade that is reminiscent of an egg yolk in the best way. It is simultaneously modern and timeless and matches a range of design styles, from elegant to rustic.

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    Aegean Teal

    Aegean Teal paint swatch from Benjamin Moore

    The Spruce

    Perfectly on trend for 2021, Aegean Teal is a thoroughly modern blend of blue-green and gray that will bring a sense of harmony to your dining room. Benjamin Moore selected this shade as its color of the year for 2021 because of its warmth and relaxing properties. This elegant shade pairs well with natural materials that provide texture such as exposed brick and wood.