Feng Shui for Dining Room Table Selection

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In feng shui, shapes are the expressions of the five feng shui elements, which is a subtle language that might not be very obvious right away in one's home decor. Even though you can almost call it a "hidden" language, knowing how to work with the feng shui of shapes can balance and harmonize the energy in any specific place. This is especially important when it comes to the shapes of prominent features, such as the shape of tables, rugs, flooring, big patterns in the wallpaper, etc.

Feng Shui Dining Table Guidelines

There is some criteria to look at when choosing the best shape for your dining table.

  • Best visual choice: When looking at your empty dining room, see if you can determine what shape would fit most naturally and flow with the lines of the room.
  • Best bagua area match: If you determine a variety of shapes would work well in your dining room, then decide based on the feng shui bagua area of your dining room.

Round Table Benefits

From a general feng shui perspective, a round or oval table is considered better than a square or a rectangle one. The reason being rounded, flowing shapes contribute to an evener distribution of energy. Sitting at a round or oval table will make everyone feel more welcome, at ease, and equal in their relating to each other.

However, the first criterion to look at is your dining room size and shape. If your space is asking for a square or rectangular shape and you insist on having a round table, you will not be creating a good feng shui dining room.

Listen to Your Home

Good feng shui always starts by listening to your home, and then appropriately applying the best feng shui guidelines. If you feel that a square or rectangle table would work better in your dining room, go for. Square and rectangle shapes can also be good feng shui, just be sure to buy one that has rounded corners. Sharp corners are always best avoided as they create bad feng shui energy called Sha Chi.

If you're ready to take your home's feng shui to the next level, it's important to determine the bagua of your space. If you are not familiar with the bagua, or the feng shui energy map, the following directions will help set a good foundation.

Suggested Table Shapes by Bagua Area

Here are the best shapes for each bagua area of a dining room:

  • East: Rectangular or square
  • Southeast: Rectangular or square
  • South: Rectangular
  • Southwest: Square
  • West: Square or round
  • Northwest: Square or round
  • North: Round
  • Northeast: Square
  • Center: Square

This selection is based on the play of the five feng shui elements and how they either support or weaken the energy in a specific bagua area.

Details to Consider When Selecting a Table

The table should be in proportion to the room, and it's considered best to have an even number of chairs (less important with round tables). The best feng shui chairs are ones with a solid back.

As the dining table is one of the most versatile and functional furniture pieces in your home, take your time and do some good research before selecting this important fixture. Visit different retailers and ask about where and how the table was made.

Buying locally, whenever possible, is always a good idea and excellent feng shui, too. Invest in good quality wood and try to avoid a glass top dining table.

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