The 8 Best Dish Towels to Buy in 2018

Dry glasses and more with quick drying picks for your home

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There are probably enough kitchen towel styles and designs to fit every personality and every kitchen need, but its important to purchase one with its intended use in mind. Thick towels are great at absorbing a lot of liquid, while thin towels dry more quickly, making them a smart buy for those who hand dry dishes. Colorful towels add personality to the kitchen, while plain white towels can be used all over the home for various tasks. Flour sack or bistro towels can be used in various different applications, as easy to wash napkins or the base for a craft project. 

If you intend to buy a lot of glassware you'll want to look for lint-free towels,, but that feature is less important if you’re using your towels to mop up countertop spills or wipe your hands, where you'll want something more absorbent.

Which towels are right for you? Of course, you don’t need to limit yourself to one style — you can mix and match so you’ll always have the right towel for the job. In the market for a new set of dish towels? Here, our favorite picks in every type of category. 


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    Best Overall: DII Cotton Terry Windowpane Dish Cloths

    If you are looking for a workhorse in the kitchen look no further than this bestseller from Amazon. Constructed out of a 100% cotton terry, these windowpane dishcloths can help dry dishes, wipe off hands and dry easily. They hold extremely well after washing and produce little lint. 

    This set of six comes in 10 different colorways and makes a great housewarming gift for new neighbors or friends. ​If you want your kitchen to match you can also purchase the matching pot holders and oven mitts for the complete look. 

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    Best Absorbency: Buff Home Microfiber Kitchen Drying Towels

    Microfiber cloths are a star in the cleaning world because the makeup of very small fibers helps grab things like dust and dirt easily. They're also wonderful in the kitchen because they can absorb a lot of liquid and when drying glasses you'll find they are left without spots or smudges. 

    When spills happen in the kitchen, you can reach for one of these drying cloths which will do the job of a lot of paper towels. These are machine washable but the company says they are only good for up to 500 washings. 

    Reviewers love these for the streak-free look they leave on glasses and granite countertops. They're not only used for dish cleaning purposes but can be used all around the kitchen, making them a must buy. 

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    Best Multipurpose: Utopia Kitchen Towels

    Looking for a set of kitchen towels that can dry dishes when needed, but can also be used as napkins, a basket liner or more? This Utopia Kitchen Towel set of 12 can work all over the home with its cotton construction that has a decorative blue stripe on it that feels plucked out of French bistro. 

    While they may seem thin at first, these absorb a lot — plus they dry really fast so you won't need to worry about bacteria lingering around. What's more, these wash really well (recommended to dry on low) so all stains and discoloration come out easily making these last a long, long time. 

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    Best to Replace Paper Towels: Utopia Towels Kitchen Bar Mop Cleaning Towels

    If you are looking to cut down on your paper towel use, bar mops are a good place to start. Often used in bars to wipe up spills, these cleaning towels can soak up a big mess and are very easy to clean. 

    This set of 12 towels includes enough for most busy households. These should be washed before using to help fluff them up and eliminate some excessive lint. Ones used in the kitchen you can use them to wipe down counters, pick up spills, dry dishes or just help wipe off hands. They're made of 100% cotton and even though they have a little thickness they dry quick.

    Besides performing well in the kitchen they also clean really easily. If they start to look a little dingy you can add some bleach or Oxi-Clean to help brighten them up. 

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    Best Bamboo: Brooklyn Bamboo Kitchen Dish Towels

    Besides cotton, bamboo is another great material to look for in a dishcloth. Being that it is naturally anti-fungal and anti-bacterial makes it a smart buy for when you are using it in the kitchen were salmonella and other pesky contaminants can lurk and can linger in your damp dishcloths

    This set from Brooklyn Bamboo is made of organic bamboo and they are super absorbent and quick drying. The towels are machine washable and get even softer after each wash, so you’ll love the feel of them as you use them to dry your glasses and dishware, or when you use them for your hands.

    Reviewers love these for their large size and feel, with one noting they are a cross between a hand towel and a dishtowel which provides the best level of absorbency without being too heavy. 

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    Best Flour Sack: Utopia Kitchen 12 Pack Flour-Sack Towels

    Want a basic set of towels that do their intended job — dry dishes? Then a flour sack model is just the thing. These no-frills towels are thin which means they can dry all crevices of your dishes quickly and when you are done they'll dry really fast. Generally, flour sack towels don't have hemmed edges which can cause them to unravel over time but these do which ensures you'll have these for years to come.

    Besides drying glassware after a party, these can be used all over the kitchen like as a salad spinner, cheesecloth or they even make an amazing window cleaning rag since they are lint-free. You'll be sure to find many ways to put these budget dish towels to use in your home. 

    Reviewers have found a plethora of uses for these outside the kitchen including using them as cloth diapers and a great base for embroidering dish towels with their reasonable price tag. ​​

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    Best Decorative: Bodrum Dish Towel Set

    Courtesy of Anthropologie

    While you want a kitchen towel that does its intended job — sometimes you want one that looks pretty when it is hung in your kitchen. Anthropologie is a great resource for finding beautiful, decorative dish towels that perform well and look good. 

    This set of three brightens up any kitchen in an instant with its cheerful colors and festive pattern. It is made in Turkey from yarn-dyed cotton and the handiwork really shows through on these. These are machine washable but are recommended to line dry.