The Best DIY Sites for Home Decorating Projects

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If you are looking to find original home improvement tutorials, how-tos, and DIY ideas, check out some of these DIY websites. They have all been assessed to ensure that the instructions are accurate and safe and that the ideas themselves are unique.

If you are looking for DIY project ideas with tutorials that are strictly for your home—for example, how to strip wood floors or how to stitch a pillow—these DIY websites can help. 

DIY Websites for Home Decorating Ideas and Tutorials

The following are a few DIY websites with great ideas for home decorating.

Ana White

We've featured Ana's site many times before, but if you want to build your own furniture, fashion an arbor or even a dollhouse, you'll find the complete instructions with plans and lots of videos here--all totally free.


You may have heard of this massive site that is dedicated to "people who love where they live." Well, if that's not you, this site can help you change that. Full of DIY everything, from decor to furniture to walls and flooring, this site can help you transform your home into a place you adore. For more inspiration, check out the before and afters featured all throughout the blog.

DIY Network

This is an offshoot of HGTV and the official site of the DIY Network shows, and they don't disappoint when it comes to helping you DIY. You'll find a wide range of information here - almost too much - but it's a great place to get inspired and gain a bit of knowledge. Check out their sister site, Made+Remade for some great DIY decor ideas.

Do It Yourself

This aptly titled website is just what it says it is: a place where you can find out how to do it yourself. You can also ask questions in the forum or share your own DIY projects. There is also a real estate section within this site (just in case you choose to leave it rather than love it).


Instructables isn’t solely about the home, but what you will find here is totally worth a visit. It is kind of like a huge home science experiment online, I’ve found out how to cut a wine bottle in half in 30 seconds, how to bake chocolate chip cookies, and how to build a table from old records. This is a great site to spend a few hours finding out things you never thought you would need to know but are glad you took the time to find out.


Ehow is a well-known and trustworthy DIY project website. There are an array of topics to read from to better your home and make the most of what you have. From DIY projects to decorating tips to sustainable alternatives for your home, there is a project awaiting for all homeowners.

Today’s Homeowner

This DIY website was founded by home expert and television host Danny Lipford and contains more than 3000 articles and videos on home improvement. You’ll find just about everything here, from how to install a toilet to how to care for granite countertops.