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Doors are one part of the house that don’t need to be replaced that often. However, when the time comes, the cost of installation services varies, depending on the location of your property, the style, and material of the door you are installing—whether it is wood, metal, hollow, or glass.

Replacement door installations are sometimes more expensive than the cost of installing a brand new door, since some may require demolition. It's important to note that interior doors are cheaper to replace and install compared to front or exterior doors.

There are any number of reasons why you may need a door installation company, whether you are about to upgrade your front doors or doors inside your home, you are building a brand new house, or adding an extra room to your place. Wherever the reason, we have identified the best door installation companies to help with your home or commercial building or renovation project.

The 5 Best Door Installation Companies of 2023

Mr. Handyman : Best Overall

Mr. Handyman

 Mr. Handyman

As an international company with nearly 200 locations in Canada and the United States, Mr. Handyman has served more than 1 million customers. It offers a variety of home improvement services, from door installations to home repairs.

Mr. Handyman offers door installation services for both residential and commercial properties. Its technicians are fully insured, have an average of 10 years of experience, and can install or repair all different types of interior and exterior doors. When selecting Mr. Handyman for your door installation you get a “Done Right Promise,” which provides you with the peace of mind that the work will be done correctly. You have six months to contact the company if you are not satisfied with the service, and Mr. Handyman will make it right at no additional cost.

You can reach out to your local office to get a free estimate, or you can call the company's national hotline, where someone will be able to answer your questions. In addition, Mr. Handyman offers live chat support on its website.

The Home Depot : Best for Residential

Home Depot

Home Depot

Founded by Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank in 1978, The Home Depot opened its first stores in Atlanta. Now, the company is one of the largest home improvement stores in the country. With more than 2,300 locations in North America, it offers a variety of products and services, including door installations.

The Home Depot provides door installations services for residential properties and both interior and exterior doors. The company offers several hundred different door options for your selection, in different designs, styles, and colors. These include barn doors, bi-fold, entry, glass, and more. Each of its doors is installed by local licensed and insured professionals to provide you with the highest level of satisfaction. You can track your door project status online in the “MyInstall” feature for your project order.

Door installation prices vary from style to residence location, but you can get a sense of the pricing by visiting its “door installation guide,” which offers national average installation prices. For example, the average installation price for an interior door is roughly $178 to $398.

To request an in-home measurement, contact or visit your local Home Depot store, or call the company's national hotline. The company also provides financial loans for projects, when applicable upon approval.

DH Pace : Best for Commercial

DH Pace

 DH Pace

DH Pace was established in 1926, it provides door installation and maintenance services across the nation. The company has offices around the country in 23 different states and a stellar BBB rating. Plus, its technicians are certified with many well-known organizations in the industry, such as the International Door Association (IDA) and the American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers (AAADM), to name a few.

DH Pace provides door installation and services for all types of commercial facilities, from health care and manufacturers to government entities. All of its technicians are trained and certified to provide a quality of work to guarantee your satisfaction. It offers all kinds of door installations, including automatic doors, entry doors, and gate systems. In addition, the company provides customized solutions that fit the type of business you operate. It also does construction and design consulting, locksmith services, and security systems.

To request an estimate or to learn more about DH Pace's door products and services, you can reach out by calling or emailing the company’s national headquarters or by contacting your local DH Pace office.

One Day Doors & Closets : Best for Indoor Replacements

One Day Doors & Closets

 One Day Doors & Closets

With headquarters in California, One Day Doors & Closets now has more than 30 offices across the U.S. and Canada. It has expanded quickly to provide indoor installation services using precise, 3D measuring technology to deliver doors that perfectly match your specifications.

One Day Doors & Closets offers all types of indoor door installations, from closets to barns. First, you'll need to schedule a meeting where all of your doors and door openings will be measured. Next, you'll choose the material, color, and design of your doors. After that, they will be digitally measured with the company's proprietary technology to customize your new doors to fit. Finally, your doors will be installed by one of the company's professionals—all in one day.

You can contact your local One Day Doors & Closets office by phone or email to request an estimate, or you can fill out the free consultation form on its website. In addition, you can consult the company's digital product catalog to learn more about the type of doors offered.

Lowe’s : Best for Labor Warranty



Lowe’s is one of the biggest retailers across the nation, with nearly 2,000 stores in Canada and the U.S., providing home improvement products and services, including door installations.

Offering installation services for all types of doors, including interior and exterior, Lowe’s offers its services through independent contractors around the country. In a nutshell, its installation process includes consulting with a Lowe’s associate, purchasing your doors at your local Lowe’s store or online, and scheduling an in-home visit with one of the company's independent contractors to verify your measurements. Once these measurements have been taken, Lowe’s will send you a quote for your review. If you are satisfied with the quote, you can schedule your installation appointment.

All Lowe’s door installations come with a one-year labor warranty, and the company offers financing upon approval. You can reach out to Lowe’s by visiting its website and filling out a project form, by calling the company's national hotline, or by visiting your local store.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Do Door Installation Companies Offer?

    Door installation companies offer a variety of services, from new doors to replacements. These services can install all different types of designs and styles. They usually help with the entire process, from replacing and installing new doors to taking old doors away. Some companies manufacture and install their own doors, whereas with other companies you'll have the flexibility to buy your own doors with a different provider. You may be able to get a referral from the place you bought your millwork, or they may even offer installation, as well.

  • When Should I Use a Door Installation Company?

    Installing a door is a skilled task. While it may be something you could take up as a DIY project, depending on the complexity and type of door you are installing, you may want to hire a professional door installer. If you are just going to change your pre-hung closet doors without replacing the frame, that may be something you can do yourself. But if you are thinking of replacing your existing main entry door, you will most likely be better off hiring a professional.

  • How Much Do Door Installation Services Usually Cost?

    Door installation prices vary, depending on the door style, type, and material and the location of your property. The average national door installation cost ranges from about $479 to $1562. Inside doors are usually cheaper to install versus exterior doors. The same goes for metal, glass, and automatic doors—because these require greater skills to install, the price is higher.

  • What Kind of Door Material Should I Use?

    The type of door materials you select will depend on the location of your doors and your personal preference. For example, most interior doors are made of wood. However, you can choose between solid wood or hollow doors made of pressed board. As for entry front doors, these types of doors are solid, since they act as a security feature for your house or property.


We researched and reviewed more than 30 different companies that offer commercial and residential door installations across the U.S. before selecting the companies listed here. We took into consideration pricing, nationwide coverage (with a minimum of 30 offices across the country), the providers' certifications and licensures, and the overall customer experience.

We narrowed down the list and selected the top five. For instance, we selected Mr. Handyman as our best overall for providing residential and commercial door installations, having certified installers, and for being an accredited business with a top BBB rating. We selected DH Pace as best for commercial for its long history of providing commercial door solutions across the nation and for being a certified member with the IDA and AAADM. We also chose Lowe’s as best for labor warranty for offering a one-year warranty on all door installations.

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