The 9 Best Door Locks to Buy in 2018

Keep your home safe and secure

Kwikset Smartkey Deadbolt
Courtesy of Home Depot

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A well-made door lock is the most basic component of any home security system. It will minimize the risk of unwanted visitors, and it will keep your belongings and loved ones safe.

Whether you live in an apartment, rental home, or sprawling residence, a quality door lock can help you sleep better at night and relax when you're home alone. From using your smartphone as a key to being able to bring your lock with you to a vacation home, there are a plethora of locks on the market to cover almost any security issue that you may have—whether these issues are temporary or permanent.

If you're ready to upgrade your security system, here are the top-rated door locks on the market today.


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    Best Overall: Kwikset 980 Single Cylinder Deadbolt

    A deadbolt is a common security feature in homes and apartments, as they provide you with an added layer of protection. If you're looking for a reliable deadbolt that has some updated features, we love the Kwikset 980 Single Cylinder Deadbolt.

    Not your average deadbolt, the Kwikset 980 Single Cylinder Deadbolt is an exterior lock that is resistant to typical break in methods, such as clicking the cylinder into place with tools or applying pressure at the bolt’s door placement. This lock can be used on all standard doors, and has "SmartKey Security" which protects you and your belongings but allows you to rekey without calling a professional.

    To rekey your lock, all you need is your current key, the SmartKey tool, and a new key. Once the keys are inserted into the cylinders of the lock and turned appropriately, your lock will be re-keyed to your new key. This can work well for temporary visitors such as cleaning and repair professionals or babysitters. This deadbolt also comes in five different colors so you can choose the color that best suits your home.

    Want to take a look at some other options? See our guide to the best deadbolts.

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    Best for Rental Property: Kwikset Smartkey Deadbolt

    Kwikset Smartkey Deadbolt
    Courtesy of Home Depot

    A lock for a rental property needs to handle a lot of use. If you own a rental home and you're looking to invest in a quality door lock, the Kwikset Smartkey Deadbolt can handle the constant use and then some. Most importantly, the Kwikset Smartkey allows you to control who has access to your doors, and you can rekey in a matter of seconds so you don't have to spend hours attempting to install new locks.

    Another standout feature that SmartKey Security provides is BumpGuard, which effectively prevents against lock bumping. Reviewers are impressed with its ability to keep residents and belongings safe and secure. For such an affordable price, you can't go wrong with this security key set.

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    Best Bluetooth Enabled: Kwikset Kevo Touch-to-Open Bluetooth Smart Lock

    If you fumble with your keys on a daily basis, this lock may be a better option for you, as it uses Bluetooth technology to seamlessly unlock your door. The Kwikset Kevo Touch-to-Open Smart Lock lets you in with just one touch—it's that easy! It even pairs with Alexa to give the whole family access to the home while inside.

    A handy key fob assists with the touch open option so you don’t have to use the smartphone to gain access to your home. A convenient mobile app sends notifications of all that happens in and around your lock, too. Ekeys are easily shared with friends and family so your friendly neighbor can cat sit or dog sit without worry. A traditional key comes with this set for backup uses.

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    Best Mortise Lock: Prime-Line E 2293 Mortise Keyed Lock Set

    Flat and rectangular, the mortise lock is ideal for storm doors and interior doors that require a streamlined finish. The locks are fitted inside the door, which makes the door more secure because it creates a stronger bond between the door and the frame. The many locks and levers inside the lock body make it hard for someone to pick it and release its intricate lock system. The Prime-Line mortise lock has a case-hardened steel assembly that makes it one of the more secure locks for thick doors.

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    Best Touchscreen Deadbolt: Schlage Z-Wave Connect Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt

    Your smartphone can work as a key for the latest door locks installed with this new technology. Schlage’s sleek, slim, and secure design comes with a touchscreen keypad and lock cylinder. It can hold up to 30 user codes for individuals to access the home, which allows you to see who is coming and going at any time.

    The Schlage Z-Wave has a built-in alarm with three unique settings to alert you to intruders or a late-night arrival of teens or out-of-town guests. It received the highest grade from the American National Standards Institute for its strength and ease of use.

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    Best High-End: Bio-Matic Fingerprint Silver Right Handle Door Lock

    Courtesy of Home Depot.

    If cost isn't an issue, you might want to consider the Bio-Matic Fingerprint Right Handle Door Lock, which features the latest fingerprint technology. Fingerprint technology gives you the freedom of leaving your house without a bulky set of keys, so you can walk the dog or go for a run without your keys making noise in your pockets. If you invest in a good system, such as this one, it's a safe and reliable alternative to a traditional door lock.

    The Bio-Matic Fingerprint Door Lock is easy to install (it shouldn't require a locksmith), and you can program up to 150 different fingerprints into the system. The live layer optical sensor technology scans fingerprints quickly and accurately, so you won't have to worry about an inaccurate reading. If you no longer want someone to have access to your home, you can erase their fingerprint without them being there. This product also comes with two backup keys and has a convenient low battery warning.

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    Best Swing Lock: Defender Security U 10308 Swing Bar Lock

    Often, an apartment door lock set and deadbolt can’t be replaced or otherwise manipulated by the new resident. However, locks can be attached to the inside of the door that will provide an extra layer of protection, security and peace of mind. The Defender Security U 10308 Swing Bar Lock works as a secondary security lock for any exterior door.

    It’s easy to install and remove when the lease is up. As a backup to the dead bolt, it will catch the door before it can fully open and allows a modicum of safety when answering the door to delivery or service personnel. This solid lock can hold when pressure is applied from the outside, or basically keep the door from being kicked in.

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    Best Smart Lock: August Smart Lock 2nd Generation

    The August Smart Lock allows you to lock and unlock your door from your smartphone. The ability to create virtual keys allows you to offer guests temporary access to your home and know who entered or left the home and at what time. It is battery operated so there are no wires or drilling to deal with to get the lock to work when you need it to.

    The app that is connected to the August Smart Lock tells you when the battery is low, who is gaining entry and when the door is left unlocked. The entire contraption operates through your Bluetooth. It is mounted to the inside of the door to replace the interior side of most standard deadbolts so it doesn’t require much handiwork to install.

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    Best Portable Lock: Addalock

    This one piece portable door lock can be put in place in a matter of minutes and it's small enough to bring with you to a hotel or temporary residence. The slim Addalock design slips between the door’s strike plate and latch, locking it in place from the inside. Anyone with a key or intent to open the locked door by picking the lock’s cylinder won’t be able to gain access. It doesn't require any tools for installation, and can be removed without harming the existing door. It's great for temporary living quarters or traveling. Many reviewers have attested to the security of this product, and said that it's the "best purchase I ever made."