Best Dorm Board Games: Quelf

board game
Quelf board game. Courtesy Imagination Entertainment

The Bottom Line

This hour-long game is an incredibly funny, fast-paced bit of entertainment, perfect for playing with friends and loved ones of all ages, teens to grandparents. The game takes about an hour to play, but after a while, our test group stopped advancing our markers because winning meant the game would be over.


  • An incredibly funny, fast-paced game, perfect for ages 12-99.
  • Great icebreaker for dorm life - easy to learn, quick to draw a crowd.


    • This is a game for goofballs, not deeply serious people. Judge your audience.
    • You need at least three people to play.


    • Quelf ($27.99) is designed for three to eight players, ages 12 and up.
    • Winner of a 2007 Creative Child Seal of Excellence; 2007 IParenting Media Excellent Product Winner; 2006 Major Fun Award.
    • A game board, game cards, a die, a 30-second timer, and eight bizarre markers, including Queen Spatula and Mr. Lugnut.

    Guide Review - Best Dorm Board Games: Quelf

    There’s no learning curve at all with this game. Just open the box, pick a character – Queen Spatula, perhaps, or Super Ninja Monkey – and start rolling. Read the card that matches each game board space, and then … well, prepare for a wild ride. Quelf has been described, variously, as “the most out of control, insane board game you have ever played” and Cranium, “if the makers of Cranium had been high.” That’s pretty accurate, and it's made Quelf a great cross-generational game, as well as extremely popular among teens and college kids.

    Players quickly find themselves wearing impromptu snorkels while dodging swarms of bees, singing operatic arias in a made-up language, or delivering a rap about tomato soup. There are trivia questions, charades, and puzzle cards, as well as “Roolz” cards that require you to snort every time you laugh, do a golf-style commentary or end every sentence with “Hear me, for I have spoken” for the rest of the game.

    Be silly. Have fun.