The 7 Best Double Ovens of 2020

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Our Top Picks
"It includes all of the features you’d expect to find in a double oven and users praise it for its even cooking abilities."
"A great choice if you're looking for a double oven with convection capabilities, a self-cleaning option, and modern design."
"With WiFi Connect technology, you can control the oven from your smartphone using an app or voice commands."
Best for the Gourmet Cook:
GE Cafe Double Electric Oven at Home Depot
"This convection oven takes less time to preheat so cooking meats, pastries, and other food is more more efficient."
"The LG Double Electric Wall Oven will give you a more even bake in less time than standard ovens, and there's an EasyClean feature as well."
"Make your transition to convection cooking a breeze with this KitchenAid double oven that boasts Even-Heat true convection technology."
"This wall oven earns high marks from cooks everywhere for its easy-to-use controls and even cooking temperatures."

Best Overall: Frigidaire Gallery 27” Double Electric Wall Oven

The Frigidaire Gallery 27” Double Electric Wall Oven is a sleek, versatile, and efficient oven that includes all of the features you’d expect to find in a double oven—and more!

This model boasts convection cooking in both top and bottom ovens, with 3.8 cubic feet of cooking space inside each oven. Some double ovens only have convection capability in one oven—or exclude the feature altogether. It also offers the ability to broil at variable temperatures, ensuring a crispy finish that stops short of burning. Additional standout features are a food temperature probe (top oven only) and a self-cleaning mode that has a quicker steam-clean option. Finally, a smart safety feature included in the Gallery Double Oven is an auto shut-off after the oven has been left on for 12 hours.

If you’re looking for a well-equipped double oven that checks all the boxes home cooks have come to expect in a new appliance, then this is a great option.

Runner-Up, Best Overall: GE 27” Double Electric Wall Oven

This 27” model from appliance giant GE is another top pick with impressive reviews. Available in four different finishes, this double oven covers all the basics that you may be looking for—while incorporating some of the special features that land it near the top of our list.

Each oven features 4.3 cubic feet of space—for a total cooking capacity of 8.6 cubic feet. This actually edges out the Frigidaire Gallery double oven’s cooking capacity. However, this GE double oven lacks convection cooking in both ovens. Instead, you’ll only find this feature in the top oven. Additionally, the GE does not have built-in food probes to assist in regulating meat temperature.

The GE Double Oven with Steam Plus Convection does offer a nice frameless window design that gives it a more modern look than some other double ovens on the market. Additionally, bakers will appreciate the proof setting that is ideal for rising bread dough. It also provides a self-cleaning mode and steam cleaning option that make it easy to maintain.

Best for Smart Homes: GE Profile 30” Smart Double Electric Wall Oven

This 30” double wall oven from GE sets itself apart in terms of technology. With WiFi Connect technology, you can control the oven from your smartphone using GE’s app or voice commands. Tell the oven to preheat, adjust the cooking temperature, or set a timer—from anywhere. The technology is also compatible with other smart home systems such as Alexa, Google Home, and Nest.

Busy cooks will appreciate having the oven pre-heated when they walk through the door with groceries—saving time during weekday meal prep. It also can relieve the anxiety of wondering if you left the oven on after leaving for the office. Simply check the app and turn the oven off, if necessary. And if you’ve ever left a pot roast baking beyond the point of recognition, simply use the app to set a timer that will alert you on your smartphone that dinner is done, even if you’re busy in another part of the house.

This double oven doesn’t sacrifice beauty for smarts, either. It features a sleek stainless-steel finish (there are three different finishes to choose from) and a touch screen display that makes it easy to select which oven function you need. Additionally, this oven is equipped with convection cooking, precision temperature probes, hot air frying, and a self-cleaning capability with steam clean option.

Best for the Gourmet Cook: GE Cafe Double Electric Oven

Some home cooks live in the kitchen. These are the cooks who put their home kitchens on par with their professional counterparts. That means the average kitchen fixtures rarely will be good enough. If you value the quality of your cooking appliances and equipment, finding a high-end oven is a must. For the gourmet home cook, a good oven is a worthy investment.

What makes the GE Cafe Double Electric Oven such a great choice for a gourmet cook? It is the little things that make baking and cooking easier and less time consuming. The convection oven takes less time to preheat so baking meats, pastries, and other foods is more efficient. The upper rack features a unique split-door design normally found in professional kitchens and bakeries. If you don’t want to wait around in the kitchen, the oven is also controllable via a smartphone or voice commands.

Best for Baking: LG Double Electric Wall Oven

All ovens can handle common baking tasks. The ones that truly excel at baking different types of foods, however, can do so in less time and with better results. To maximize your baking game, it is best to go with an oven that uses convection heat and a dual oven design that allows you to bake more food in the same amount of time.

The maximize the amount of food you can bake in a single setting, the  LG Double Electric Wall Oven uses a double oven configuration to bake multiple things at once. Using convection heating elements, the heat is continuously distributed more evenly around the outer surface of the food. This results in a more uniform bake in less time than standard ovens. Clean up is also quick using the included EasyClean feature that acts in just 20 minutes.

Best for Beginners: KitchenAid 30” Double Electric Wall Oven

If you’re looking to make the switch to convection cooking for the first time and want the perfect double oven for the transition, check out this 30” model from KitchenAid.

Featuring roomy five cubic feet ovens, this appliance is designed with Even-Heat true convection technology in both the top and bottom compartments. 

Cooks that are new to the convection method will find that many dishes will cook faster at lower temperatures than in a traditional oven due to the even circulation of warm air made possible by the built-in fans. To avoid cooking catastrophes, the EASYCONVECT conversion system allows you to choose from pre-set categories and enter the time and temperature settings you would normally use for a dish. Then, the oven will automatically convert to the comparable convection cook settings.

Make your transition to convection cooking a breeze with this KitchenAid double oven. You’ll also enjoy many of the standard features found in double wall ovens, such as a hidden bake element, roll-out racks, and self-cleaning mode.

Best Basic: GE 30” Double Electric Wall Oven

If you’re searching for a double oven that covers the basics, then this 30” double wall oven offered by GE may be the right choice for you. Using conventional cooking methods, there’s no need to worry about convection conversion with this double oven.

This appliance is at the lower end of the price range for double ovens, but it earns high marks from cooks everywhere for its easy-to-use controls and even cooking temperatures. It also doesn’t omit the self-cleaning mode that has come to be expected on most ovens today. Additionally, use the steam clean mode for quick, chemical-free cleanup in between deep clean cycles.

Pick the GE 30” double oven with self-cleaning and steam clean option and you’ll have all you need to make home-cooked meals and delicious baked goods.

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