The 6 Best Down Comforters of 2021

Get cozy with these fluffy bed toppers

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Down Comforters

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Our Top Picks
With Lightweight, All-Season, or Super-Warm options, these Canadian-made down comforters suit most sleeping styles and climates.
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You can expect excellent loft and breathability that transitions from one season to the next, making this a highly versatile pick.
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While it's not the softest comforter to snuggle up with, the 750 fill power down is perfect for pairing with a duvet insert.
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A machine-washable, quality European down comforter with a lifetime guarantee makes this a popular pick.
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With a cool cotton cover and 550 fill power, this down comforter is a smart pick for hot sleepers or warmer climates.
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The sewn-through box construction and 600 fill power down make this an ideal pick for cold nights and long winters.
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The best down comforter might make you feel like you're snoozing under a cloud, thanks to the light, fluffy fill. These comforters are a great option if you want to stay warm on chilly nights, but they also offer excellent breathability.

Down comforters typically include fill from either goose or duck down, with goose down being the more superior choice for warmth. Shop for higher fill powers if you want a comforter to withstand the coldest of temperatures and lower fill powers if you're looking for an all-season or lightweight down comforter. It's also worth noting that down comforters are usually best paired with a duvet cover for the easiest care and maintenance.

Below, the best down comforters to snuggle up with.

Best Overall: Brooklinen Down Comforter

Brooklinen Down Comforter

Material: Down cluster fill with cotton sateen shell | Sizes: Twin/Twin XL, Full/Queen, King/Cali King | Fill Power: 650-750 depending on weight | Certifications: Downmark | Care: Spot clean | Return Policy: 365 days

What we like
  • Great for all seasons

  • Baffle-box construction

  • Treated with antimicrobials

What we don't like
  • Only the Lightweight option is RDS-certified

  • Not machine-washable

Brooklinen makes it super simple to shop for a down comforter that suits your needs. Offering Lightweight, All-Season, and Super-Warm options, the variety in fill type (and fill power) means that there is a down comforter ideal for your situation. Regardless of which one you choose, Brooklinen utilizes a 100-percent long-staple cotton shell with a sateen finish and baffle box construction to keep the down inside and evenly distributed.

The All-Season version is fluffed with Canadian duck down, with a 700 fill power rating. It’s warm enough for chilly nights, but cool enough to be used by most people on a year-round basis if you love the sensation of snuggling up under a fluffy, cloud-like comforter (and who doesn’t?). However, the Lightweight variety—with recycled European down, or the Super-Warm edition—with Hutterite goose down, offer options if you need to tweak your down comforter for more ideal sleeping conditions in a variety of climates.

What Our Testers Say

"We opted for the latter in a twin size for our son’s bed and it proved plenty warm enough for the 50-degree winters we typically see in Denver. If you live in New England or the Midwest, where temperatures dip below the 20s, you’ll likely need an additional blanket to keep you toasty, but Brooklinen’s comforter will fare well in most climates and seasons." — Linnea Covington, Product Tester

Best All-Weather: Parachute Down Duvet Insert

Down Duvet Insert Parachute

Material: European white down fill with cotton sateen shell | Sizes: Twin/Twin XL, Full/Queen, King/Cali King | Fill Power: 750 | Certifications: RDS & OEKO-TEX | Care: Dry clean or machine wash cool | Return Policy: 60 days, plus 5-year warranty

What we like
  • Lightweight but warm

  • Machine-washable

What we don't like
  • Both weights have the same fill power

If you’re not a fan of swapping out your bedding on a seasonal basis—or just don’t want to part with the superior loft of a down comforter—opt for an all-weather version like this one from Parachute. It’s constructed with RDS-certified European down, with a substantial 750 fill power that will provide plenty of fluff and breathability, along with sufficient warmth.

Down comforters are typically a blend between soft, quill-less clusters of down and feathers—which have a quill section that at times may poke out of the shell. While this information is not always identified, Parachute is transparent about the down-to-feather ratio in their comforters. You can expect that 85 percent of the filling will be soft, fluffy down clusters with just 15 percent being feathers.

The cotton sateen shell serves as an excellent envelope for the down inside and minimizes the opportunity for any feathers to poke out of the comforter. Pair it with a duvet cover for easier long-term care.

What Our Testers Say

"If you’ve ever slept in a duvet that’s more feathers than down, you may have noticed it loses its loft, and cold spots develop as the feathers and down shift. That does not happen with the Parachute. The square baffles stay puffed and fluffed. Not once did I wake up to a cold spot." — Stacey L. Nash, Product Tester

Best Budget: Egyptian Bedding Siberian Goose Down Comforter

Luxurious Full / Queen Size Siberian Goose Down Comforter

Material: Down fill with Egyptian cotton shell | Sizes: Twin, Queen, King, Cali King | Fill Power: 750 | Certifications: RDS & OEKO-TEX | Care: Machine-washable | Return Policy: Returnable

What we like
  • Baffle box construction

  • Affordable

What we don't like
  • Not the softest shell

  • Hard to clean

The Egyptian Bedding Down Comforter focuses on form over function, resulting in a budget down comforter that is warm and lofty, though best suited for use inside a duvet cover since the cotton shell lacks a super soft texture. However, this comforter features 60 ounces of 750 fill power down clusters (in a queen-sized comforter), which offers excellent loft and heat retention. The down is also sourced from RDS-compliant suppliers, so you can feel good about the product while also being a savvy shopper.

This affordable option for a down comforter features baffle box construction, though you may find that you need to shake it regularly to keep the down evenly distributed inside each pocket.

What Our Testers Say

"Though Egyptian Bedding’s product description boasts that the comforter is constructed from luxurious 1200-thread-count Egyptian cotton, it’s not as soft as we hoped. The material proves stiff and crinkly with a slight roughness that may irritate those with sensitive skin…[But] if you’re willing to invest in a higher-quality cover, you likely won’t even notice." — Linnea Covington, Product Tester

Best Washable: The Company Store Alberta Euro Down Comforter

Alberta™ Euro Down Comforter

Material: Duck down fill with combed cotton sateen shell | Sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, King/Cal King | Fill Power: 600-650 depending on weight | Certifications: RDS | Care: Machine-washable | Return Policy: 90 days, plus lifetime warranty

What we like
  • Machine-washable

  • Lifetime guarantee

  • Available in colors other than white

What we don't like
  • Expensive

Keep your down comforter clean and fresh with a washable version, like the much-loved Alberta Euro Down Comforter. Featuring a combed cotton shell and hypoallergenic down, this comforter has baffle box construction that keeps the European goose down fill in place—even with a cycle through the washing machine. Tumble dry on low to ensure the blanket is thoroughly dry. The lifetime guarantee for this made-in-the-USA comforter gives you added peace of mind that it's worth the investment.

While a few other quality down comforters are machine-washable, it’s a rare perk to find one that can handle the rigors of machine washing and remain tight against leaking feathers. This one proves to be an exception. However, it's worth noting that depending on the size comforter you choose, you might want to take a trip to the laundromat to wash your comforter in a commercial front-loading washer, especially if you opt for a generously-sized comforter for a King bed.

What Our Testers Say

"The warmth level was impressive. Our medium level comforter gave off plenty of warmth, even with the fan on. The comforter also had really great temperature control and was able to simultaneously satisfy one hot sleeper and one cold sleeper. Neither of us woke up sweating." Lindsay Boyers, Product Tester

Best Lightweight: Pacific Coast Feather Company Light Warmth Down Comforter


Material: Goose down fill with cotton shell | Sizes: Twin, Full/Queen, King | Fill Power: 550 | Certifications: ADFC | Care: Dry clean only | Return Policy: 30 days, plus 3-year warranty

What we like
  • Great for hot sleepers

  • Baffle box construction

What we don't like
  • Not RDS certified

For warmer climates or temperate nights, consider a lightweight down comforter like this version from Pacific Coast. The shell is made with 300 thread count cotton threads and filled with 550 fill power duck down. The result is a comforter that is breathable and ideal for warmer weather.

While duck down doesn’t have the superior heat retention of goose down, that’s a plus for this comforter since it's designed for hot sleepers or those seeking a lightweight down comforter for seasonal use. Sewn-through box construction keeps the down evenly distributed, though you may occasionally need to give this comforter a few good shakes to fluff up the fill inside.

Expert Buying Tip

"Goose down comforters are not the best option for people with allergies and they should really be avoided if you do have allergies. It's not so much the actual down that causes the allergen but the dust that remains on the down after it's processed and washed. There are, however, some exceptional down alternative options on the market that would provide similar softness and warmth as down but not cause a sneeze attack every night." — Amanda Leather, Interior Designer, Havenly

Best for Cold Winters: Coyuchi Winter Weight Down Duvet Insert

Coyuchi Winter Weight Down Duvet Insert

Material: Duck down with organic cotton shell | Sizes: Twin, Queen, King | Fill Power: 600 | Certifications: GOTS | Care: Machine-washable | Return Policy: Return within 30 days, exchange within one year

What we like
  • Extra warm

  • Made with organic cotton

  • Slightly oversized

  • Not RDS-certified

  • Expensive

Snuggle up and stay warm with this down comforter—the Coyuchi Winter Weight Down Duvet Insert. Featuring 600 fill power down, this cold weather comforter offers excellent heat retention and is a great match for the chilliest of nights.

Specifically designed with cold winters in mind, this comforter is constructed with stitch-through box construction to keep the down in place and ensure that you stay warm from top to bottom. While some down comforters allow the filling to shift, this version from Coyuchi keeps the filling evenly distributed so you don’t experience cold spots. You bring the (body) heat and this comforter will keep you cozy!

Other noteworthy features to consider include the GOTS-certified cotton cover and the fact that Coyuchi sources its down from humanely-raised ducks in the United States. The down fill undergoes steam cleaning and washing to ensure a clean, fresh fill that will keep you warm and toasty all night long.

What Our Testers Say

"Our first few nights under this duvet insert were nothing short of magical. It’s made slightly oversized, which means it looks comfy and drapes dreamily over our king bed's sides. The large size also means there’s enough blanket for both of us to get twisted and comfy in. Finally, no more blanket wars!" — Deanna McCormack, Product Tester

Final Verdict

The best overall down comforter is the Brooklinen Down Comforter, which is super-soft and available in three different weights: lightweight, all-season, or cold-weather. For a lighter and more breathable option, we recommend the Parachute Down Duvet Insert. It provides plenty of "fluff" without feeling suffocating.

Best Down Comforters

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What to Look for in a Down Comforter

Fill Power

When down comforters list their "fill power," they're referring to the amount of space one ounce of down feathers takes up. Fluffier feathers take up more room—and they also tend to be better insulators. That means that the higher the fill power, the fluffier your blanket will be, and the warmer it will keep you.

Shell Material

Besides just being the material that you'll be touching throughout the night, the shell material of your comforter is also what keeps the down from poking out over time. Look for a tightly woven material to keep your investment in top shape for years to come.


Many down comforters have stitching that divides the blanket into smaller sections—this is called baffling, and it's not just a design choice. That extra stitching keeps the feathers evenly distributed throughout the blanket, preventing warm and cold patches from developing over time.

The Company Store Alberta European Down Baffled Comforter

 The Spruce / Lindsay Boyers

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