5 Drainboard Sinks That Will Make You Love Drainboard Sinks

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    Drainboard Kitchen Sinks: Cleaner Counters, Less Energy Waste

    Blanco Axis Drainboard Sink With Cutting Board
    Blanco Axis Drainboard Sink With Cutting Board. Photo by Blanco

    They aren't trendy, not even close.  But they should be.

    Gin, elaborate facial hair, subway tiles, bitters, and suspenders have made a come-back in recent years.  Why not that other staple of the 20th century, the drainboard kitchen sink?

    What Are They?

    • They have an attached apron usually on one side but sometimes on both sides.  This apron overlaps part of the counter.  This apron--the drainboard--is grooved and tilted down for water drainage.
    • Most are drop-in or self-rimming because it makes...MORE sense to extend one side of the rim and make a drainboard out of it.  But there are a few under mount sinks with attached drainboards.
    • Most are constructed of stainless steel.
    • More popular in Europe than in the U.S.
    • Occupy either of two ends of the spectrum:  small, shallow drainboard sinks for apartments, condos, and RVs or large, expensive premium sinks for high-end homes or restaurant kitchens.  Not many mid-range drainboard sinks are available.


    1. Sink Available For Washing:  Instead of using up one perfectly good basin of a large or double-basin sink for a plate dryer, you put the dryer on top of the drainboard.  Voila:  you can two basins again.  
    2. Eco-Friendly:  With a neat place to set wet dishes, you'll find yourself hand-washing dishes more often.  Electric dishwashers are energy vampires.
    3. Cleaner:  Drainboards contain the water and channel it where it belongs--down the drain.


    1. Uses Up Countertop Space:  Unlike other items that take up counter space, like microwaves or blenders, these are pretty much permanent.
    2. Expensive:  Expect prices ranging from $1,000 to $3,000, though in this guide I have included one under $1,000 and another under $500.


    Not all sink companies make drainboard sinks.  This product is surprisingly absent from big sink companies such as American Standard or Moen.  Here is what I found:

    • Yes:  Elkay, Blanco, Oliveri, Reginox, Corstone
    • No:  Franke, Moen, American Standard

    Shown Here

    The Blanco Axis series.  With its attached cutting board, Axis solves the problem of lost prep space mentioned earlier.

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    Elkay Lustertone Undermount Drainboard Sink

    Elkay Lustertone Undermount Drainboard Sink
    Elkay Lustertone Undermount Drainboard Sink. Elkay

    Shown here is Elkay's consumer-level under mount sink with attached drainboard, in the silky stainless steel finish that they call Lustertone.  Found at Home Depot, this item costs less than $1,000 (about $825).

    Swanky and modern Elkay drainboard sinks are also available in their Gourmet series (i.e., expensive residential or commercial sinks), including models with drainboards on each side.  These run from about $2,200 to $3,200.

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    Oliveri Puro Series of Drainboard Sinks

    Oliveri Stainless Steel Sink with Drainboard
    Oliveri Stainless Steel Sink with Drainboard. Oliveri

    Some manufacturers merely dabble in drainboard sinks.  Australia-based Oliveri practically specializes in these products.  A whopping 12 of their 14 sink collections have attached drainboards, more than I've seen with any other company.

    Shown here is a sink from Oliveri's Puro line.

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    Hard To Find, But Here's One:  A Ceramic Drainboard Sink

    Reginox Drainboard Sink
    Reginox Drainboard Sink. Reginox

    In the drainboard sink world, most are made of stainless steel because this material is strong when thin:  the apron section can lay flatter on the countertop.

    But if you don't mind a higher drainboard, there are a few (not many) ceramic products.  The Dutch company Reginox has quite a few links of this nature, this one being the RL304-CW (also available in black). In addition, they have a stainless steel series called Lyon

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    Cheaper Drainboard Sinks Possible, But You Need To Go Acrylic

    Corstone Advantage Drainboard Sink
    Corstone Advantage Drainboard Sink. Corstone

    Are there any drainboard sinks under $1,000?  Maybe even under $500?

    Sure, but you'll need to adjust your thinking.   Cornerstone is based in Greenville, AL and has its sinks out there for easy purchase on a number of online outlets ( Wayfar, Lowes.com, etc.).

    Good so far.  But the material is acrylic, not ceramic.  Are you find with that?

    Now consider that the drainboard section isn't all that big.  This unit installs in a large-sized 37" x 22" countertop cutout, with the...MORE drainboard occupying a part of that cut out--rather than laying on the countertop like other models we have seen.

    Note:  I am not including Cornerstone's site link in this article because the site is not operational.  Go through this PriceGrabber shopping link or Wayfair.