The 8 Best Drawer Organizers to Buy in 2018

Keep clutter at bay

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Whether you’re finally getting around to organizing your junk drawer or aiming to reduce clutter in your bathroom, a drawer organizer will make the task at hand a lot easier. These helpful gadgets typically have several slots designed to organize common drawer contents, but they come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and materials. The best part is that most drawer organizers are incredibly affordable, making them a smart investment for any household.

Here are some of the best drawer organizers you can buy, categorized by their ideal use. No matter what mess you’re trying to tackle, there’s an organizer here for you!

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    Best for Utensils: Home-it Expandable Cutlery Drawer Organizer

    Are your forks, knives and spoons in a jumble? If so, you need a drawer organizer designed for cutlery, and luckily for you, the Home-it Expandable Cutlery Drawer Organizer fits the bill. This bamboo organizer is especially helpful thanks to its modular design, which allows you to expand it for extra storage.

    The Home-it drawer organizer is 17.5" long and 2" deep. The main compartment is just under 14" wide, but it can expand to up to 17.5 inches if you need additional compartments. The organizer is made of sleek bamboo—an eco-friendly material that you can feel good about purchasing. Reviewers note that the product is solidly constructed and its adjustable nature is helpful for drawers with unusual dimensions.

    The Home-it Expandable Cutlery Drawer Organizer is an affordable way to get your utensil drawer organized, and the high-quality organizer is sure to last you for years to come.

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    Best for Office Supplies: Rolodex Deep Desk Drawer Organizer

    Organizing office supplies is no easy task, as many common items are oddly shaped  — where are you supposed to stash binder clips or sticky notes? The Rolodex Deep Desk Drawer Organizer is great for this purpose, as it’s made up of four small compartments and two longer bins.

    This drawer organizer has a deep design to help accommodate larger office supplies, and it’s made of black metal mesh for a simple industrial look. It measures in at almost 12" long, just over 15" wide and approximately 2.5" deep. There are four small compartments at the front of the organizer, perfect for storing paper clips, sticky notes, tape and other small items. There are also two long compartments that span the width of the organizer — great for items like pens, pencils, rulers, staplers and more.

    The Rolodex Deep Desk Drawer Organizer is sure to streamline your workspace and help remove clutter from your desk — just make sure your drawer is deep enough to accommodate it first!

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    Best for Clothes: SimpleHouseware Closet Underwear Organizer Drawer Divider

    It can be tricky to organize items like socks, underwear and bras in a drawer, which is why the SimpleHouseware Closet Underwear Organizer Drawer Divider Set is a lifesaver. This highly-rated fabric organizer will fit perfectly in your bureau and help keep your clothes neat and orderly, all for an incredibly affordable price.

    Each set from SimpleHouseware comes with four bins, each of which are 4.25" deep and made of mold-proof fabric. The first comes with six rectangular cells, designed for storing ties or scarves. The second bin has seven rectangular slots and is ideal for storing bras — however, some reviewers note that larger cup sizes don’t fit comfortably. The third bin has two rows of square cells for a total of eight compartments where you can store rolled-up underwear or socks. Finally, the last bin has an impressive 24 small square compartments, again for socks or underwear.

    Since the four bins come separately, you can arrange them to best fit your drawer or even put them in different drawers. The SimpleHouseware Closet Underwear Organizer Drawer Divider Set is an affordable way to keep your undergarments tidy in your bureau.

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    Best for Bathroom: InterDesign Expandable Cosmetics Drawer Organizer Tray

    It’s no easy feat to keep makeup and bathroom necessities organized, as they come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. If you’re looking to tidy up your bathroom drawer, your best bet is probably the InterDesign Expandable Cosmetics Drawer Organizer Tray, which can be adjusted to meet your needs and is made of a trendy clear acrylic material.

    This drawer organizer from InterDesign is 11.25" wide, almost 8" long and 1.25" deep. However, it can expand to a width of 18" should you require more storage. The main compartment is divided into several separate sections, perfect for storing items like cotton swabs and pads, bobby pins, nail clippers, various makeup and even brushes.

    Reviewers note that this organizer is particularly useful if you have shallow drawers, and many say they enjoy the product’s clear aesthetic — if that’s not your style, though, the unit does come in additional colors.

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    Best Honeycomb: Real Simple® Honeycomb Drawer Organizer

    Real Simple® Honeycomb Drawer Organizer
    Courtesy of Bed, Bath, and Beyond

    The majority of drawer organizers are divided into rectangular compartments, but sometimes a more unconventional shape might be better for your storage needs. The Real Simple® Honeycomb Drawer Organizer is a customizable drawer organizer that’s made up of hexagons, making it a great option for storing clothing or accessories.

    The Honeycomb Drawer Organizer comes with eight white plastic pieces that snap together to create 32 compartments. The full organizer is just under 14" long, 19.5" wide and under 3" deep. However, one of the cool things about this product is that it can be cut down to size with a pair of scissors—reviewers note that the organizer is easy to cut and that the option is great for smaller drawers. Many people use this organizer for socks, ​ties and undergarments, but others use it for more unique purposes, such as storing bathroom supplies, sewing supplies and even drinking glasses.

    If rectangular drawer organizers aren’t cutting it, this affordable product might be a good alternative, especially if you’re storing clothes.

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    Best Drawer Dividers: InterDesign® Linus Acrylic Adjustable Drawer Divider

    Sometimes you might not need a whole drawer organizer, but rather to divide your drawer into a few sections. In that case, the InterDesign Linus Acrylic Adjustable Drawer Dividers will serve you well. This set of two plastic dividers is ideal for segmenting a big drawer for easy storage of kitchen tools, bathroom supplies, office supplies and more.

    Each divider is just over 13" long and 2.5" high. The dividers can expand to up to more than 20" to comfortably fit longer drawers, just adjust them as needed and lock the divider into place with its lever. There are even foam pads on each end of the dividers to keep them from scratching your drawers.

    Reviewers have a host of positive things to say about these drawer dividers, including that they’re sturdy and easy to use. The InterDesign Linus Acrylic Adjustable Drawer Dividers are a handy organization solution if you don’t need a full drawer organizer, and you can’t beat the reasonable price!

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    Best Sliding: Madesmart White Junk Drawer Organizer with Removable Top Tray

    Pretty much every household has a drawer that’s jam-packed with random tidbits — scissors, pens, spare reading glasses, paper clips and lots of other random items. If you’re trying to get your “junk drawer” under control, you can get ample storage space with the Madesmart White Junk Drawer Organizer with Removable Top Tray, a two-tier product with compartments in all shapes and sizes.

    The plastic “Junk Drawer Organizer” is 15" long, 11.5" wide and and 3" high. It has a removable top tray that slides back and forth to give you easy access to the bottom layer, and each level has a variety of compartments to store items like scissors, pens, tape, sticky notes and more. Reviewers say this product especially handy for tidying up desk drawers thanks to its unique compartment shapes.

    For a versatile and affordable dual-level organizer, you can’t go wrong with the Madesmart White Junk Drawer Organizer with Removable Top Tray.

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    Best Customizeable: Madesmart Interlocking Drawer Organizer Bins

    Want to create your own arrangement of bins? Each set of the inexpensive Madesmart Interlocking Drawer Organizer Bins comes with eight separate bins that can be arranged in different configurations depending on your drawer size and organization needs.

    The Madesmart plastic bins come in three sizes: You get three 3"x3" squares, three 9.1"-by-3" rectangles and two 9.3"-by-6.3" rectangles. All of these bins are 2" deep, and they can be configured in a variety of ways to help you organize things like junk drawers, office supplies, makeup and more.

    While the bins are designed to interlock, reviewers note that they don’t stay together very well, and many say they keep the bins in place with a little bit of glue or tape. Despite this flaw, users are very happy with the modular drawer organizer bins, which are a great option for unusually sized or shaped spaces.