The 7 Best Drink Coasters to Buy in 2018

Protect your furniture with these must-haves

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Whether you’re looking to sip on your morning cup of coffee at your desk or enjoy a glass of iced tea on a summer afternoon, you should be using a drink coaster.

Drink coasters protect your furniture from the transfer of heat or moisture and keep condensation under control. A surprising number of materials are used to create coasters, including silicone, stainless steel, and natural materials such as wood, sandstone and felt. Choosing the material depends on your needs and style. 

The designs for drink coasters are seemingly endless, so there is a set that is perfect for your interest, hobbies, or décor. Whether you are looking for the most absorbent drink coaster, a personalized set of coasters, or vintage style coasters for your bar cart, we have a set for you. Sip safely and protect your tabletop with one of these best drink coasters to buy.



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    Best Overall: Thirstystone Cinnabar Coaster

    For a coaster that will soak up condensation and serve as a barrier to heat, the Thirstystone Cinnabar Sandstone Coaster is our top pick and one of the most absorbent drink coasters.

    Sandstone is a naturally absorbent material, thanks to thousands of tiny pores that allow the stone to take in liquid — which will later evaporate. The sandstone coasters by Thirstystone are especially beloved by coaster collectors thanks to their beautiful, natural finish. Due to natural gradients in the stone, each coaster will look slightly different. Bear in mind that these coasters are rather heavy, which keeps them from sticking to your cup or glass. However, they may break if dropped on a hard surface.

    When it comes to real-life use, the Cinnabar Sandstone coasters perform reasonably well with both hot and cold beverages. The thick stone prevents heat transfer to surfaces underneath a steaming cup of coffee or tea. With cold beverages, this absorbent coaster can take in a fair amount of condensation — but you may need to rotate between multiple coasters if your glass or bottle is really dripping and the coaster becomes saturated. The manufacturer also recommends washing the coasters with warm water and mild detergent if they become stained or stop absorbing liquids. If you’re looking for a unique, durable, and absorbent coaster to set your beverage on – choose Thirstystone Cinnabar Sandstone Coasters.

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    Best Budget: Natural Home Decor Cork Coaster

    If you’re looking for a basic barrier between your drink and your furniture, the Natural Home Décor Cork Coaster Set is a budget-friendly set that will do the job.

    These coasters use naturally absorbent cork to insulate against heat transfer and to collect droplets of water from the outside of your glass. What sets these coasters apart from the competition is the raised lip around the edge of the coaster. This helps to prevent condensation from spilling over onto the table below.

    However, you will need to keep an eye on these coasters if you have a beverage that is producing a lot of sweat. The cork can become overly saturated and begin to allow moisture to pass through to the surface underneath. For best results, blot up the extra water and switch to a new coaster. These coasters may not last forever, but most people are satisfied with their performance for the bottom dollar price.

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    Best Neoprene: Chic Monogram Personalized Coasters

    Courtesy of Etsy

    Neoprene, the material that wetsuits for scuba diving are made of make a great absorbent material for coasters. They not only absorb liquid from your drink they also dry fast leaving you with no condensation or drips that spill over onto your coffee table. 

    This set not only does a good job of being a coaster it looks good! You can personalize it with your family name and choose from 35 different colors, as well as your choice of motif, monogram, font and more. These coasters make a great housewarming gift or a smart buy for a newly married couple. 

    With over 11,000 reviews for the company on Etsy, you know this product, as well as their various other items, are a hit! 

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    Best Silicone: Enkore Set of 6 Coasters

    Silicone drink coasters are popular because they don’t stick to your drink, aren’t easily broken, and can be rinsed off for a quick clean. The set of six from Enkore is one of the leading choices for silicone drink coasters.

    What we really like about this set of coasters is the double-sided texture. One side is pebbled, and the other side is filled with a grid of lines. Used either way, this coaster will collect condensation and keep your coaster from slipping around on the surface below — or sticking to your drink.

    People also appreciate that the Enkore coasters are sized generously at 4.3" each — large enough to accommodate most bottles, beer glasses, and more. Additionally, this coaster set comes with a holder to stack all six coasters into. These silicone coasters are not the fanciest or most eye-catching, but they do their job of guarding your furniture against condensation and watermarks!

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    Best Felt: HODA Set of 8 Felt Coasters

    If you’re looking for felt coasters to set your glass on, the HODA set of eight is a good choice to protect your drinkware and your countertops.

    Attractively housed in a dark grey felt case, these eight coasters stand at the ready to protect your glass or mug. The HODA felt coasters are particularly suited for use at a bar or other solid surface table where you may worry about breaking your glass. The felt coaster provides a cushioned spot to set your drink without worrying about the impact of granite, stone, etc. People have also noted that these felt coasters are well-suited to holding a steaming cup of hot liquids.

    While these coasters are great for the above-mentioned uses, they are not ideal for beverages that produce a lot of condensation. The felt can become wet easily, leading to a transfer of moisture to the surface below. But for protecting your glassware and your solid surface counters and tables, the HODA Felt Coasters look nice and perform well.

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    Best Personalized: Milk & Honey Luxuries Personalized Coaster Set

    Milk & Honey Luxuries Personalized Coaster Set
    Courtesy of Etsy

    Personalized coasters are an easy way to customize your bar cart, or they make a great gift that everyone will use. The personalized coasters from Etsy-seller Milk & Honey Luxuries are one of our favorite custom coaster sets.

    From a light, golden-hued wood, this set of six coasters are emblazoned with the name of your choice. When not in use, stack them all up and display them within their case.

    While they are not likely to be super absorbent, they are attractive enough to leave out all the time and they will do a good job of keeping your drink elevated off your tabletop. Happy purchasers find them to be well-made and beautiful enough to present as a gift. For custom coasters, this timeless set from Milk & Honey Luxuries is a great option.

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    Best for Football Fans: NFL Stainless Steel Coasters

    NFL Boasters (Set of 4)
    Courtesy of Bed, Bath, and Beyond

    Want to cheer your team on during football season – without leaving behind condensation marks and water rings? You need these sleek NFL coasters.

    Each of the stainless-steel coasters comes laser engraved with your favorite team’s logo. The brushed metal surface accented with the team logo will remind everyone who to root for – and to use a coaster for their beverage. Each one has a cork back to keep your drink from sliding.

    While the stainless steel won’t absorb liquids, it will keep the bottom of your glass from resting ​on the tabletop. It also isn’t subject to staining or mildew and cleans easily. Show your team spirit at your next football party or Superbowl event with these NFL coasters just for football fans.