The 13 Best Drink Coasters of 2021

Protect your table with these must-haves

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Our Top Picks
"Made from rose-colored quartz, these stunning coasters come in a set of four that will add a gentle pop of color to your table."
"Made of merino wool, these coasters are extremely absorbent, ensuring moisture from your glass doesn't reach the table underneath."
"These thick cork coasters are simple, but effective at keeping your table unmarked from wet glasses or scratches."
"You can pick from several colors for these leather coasters, and even select what pattern you want stamped on them."
"These stunning white marble coasters have a lip that prevents moisture from leaking over the edge."
"The pentagon shape of these graphic coasters allows you to use them as a trivet, as each tile fits neatly together."
"The bold artwork on these coasters has a distinct mid-century modern appearance."
"Made from seagrass, these pretty coasters would fit in well with a bohemian aesthetic."
"These agate coasters are available in six colors, all of which feature a stunning gold trim."
"For a farmhouse or rustic-style home, these wooden coasters their wrought iron holder are the perfect fit."

Many people keep sets of drink coasters on their dining room tables, coffee tables, and side tables—basically anywhere you might be tempted to place a drink. The purpose of a coaster is to prevent condensation on a cold glass or heat from a hot one from marring the table beneath it, but today, many coasters also serve a decorative role, as well. 

When you’re shopping for drink coasters, keep in mind that certain materials are more effective at absorbing condensation and heat than others. For instance, felt and fabric coasters will actually absorb the liquid, whereas water will simply pool up on coasters made of stone. 

Read on for the best drink coasters to use throughout your home.

West Elm Stone Quartz Coasters

West Elm Quartz Coasters

Not only is rose quartz a beautiful natural stone, but many people also believe it has purifying, healing energy—and who couldn’t use a little of that in their home?

This set of four coasters is made from stunning rose-toned quartz, and each one is 4 inches in diameter. The coasters all have slight variations in their natural patterns, but together, they’ll make a beautiful accent piece on any table.

Graf Lantz Noir Coasters

Graf Lantz Coasters

If you have minimalistic tastes or simply want highly effective drink coasters, the Graf Lantz Coasters are crafted from high-quality merino wool, which is incredibly absorbent and stain-resistant. These coasters are made in the traditional German style, and they’re 4 inches across. The heavy-duty pieces come in a four pack of black, white, and gray hues, and they will likely last you for years to come thanks to their durable design.

Crate & Barrel Cork Coasters

Crate & Barrel Cork Coasters

Cork is a popular material for drink coasters, as its soft nature won’t scratch your tables, and these thick cork coasters would make a perfect addition to your home’s bar area or the coffee table in your living room.

They’re made from 100 percent natural cork, which will help prevent moisture from seeping down onto your furniture. Plus, they're lightweight and inexpensive, so you can get a bunch and always have one nearby.

Lifetime Leather Co. Genuine Leather Coaster Set

Lifetime Leather Co. Genuine Leather Coaster Set

No man cave is complete without these stunning leather coasters, which come in a variety of cool designs. Sold in a set of four, these coasters are made from genuine, full-grain leather. You can choose from eight different shades of leather to match your aesthetic, and there are 10 designs available, including everything from mountainscapes to cute phrases like, “And so the adventure begins.”

Plus: For a small additional fee, you can have up to three letters or numbers stamped into the leather for a personalized touch.

Pottery Barn White Marble Coasters

Pottery Barn White Marble Coasters

Marble coasters are a sleek, classic choice, and these particular ones have an especially practical design to keep condensation from leaving annoying rings on your table. Each of these coasters is made from natural white marble, and they have a slight lip around the edges to keep moisture from dripping off the sides—a common issue with stone coasters. The polished marble is bright and elegant, making these coasters a beautiful addition to any tablescape.

Bower Studios Table Tiles

Bower Studios Table Tiles

If you’re looking for something eye-catching, this set of six geometric table tiles are a great option. For one, they’re available in a multitude of styles, color ways, and materials—a rarity for coasters—and you can even buy a bundle of tiles to mix and match. Their pentagon shape is incredibly versatile, allowing you to make a sort of mosaic that can serve as a trivet or art display.

Long story short: you'll be happy to leave these tiles lying around (and they make for a great housewarming gift, too).

City Art Soft Shapes I Coasters

City Art Soft Shapes I Coasters

The Soft Shapes I Coasters have a muted color palette and bold pattern that makes them well-suited to mid-century modern decor. Made of a high-density fiberboard, each of the four coasters in this set has a slightly different design with rusty orange and gray-green hues. Their high-quality prints are covered with a glossy satin finish for added longevity.

Urban Outfitters Seagrass Coaster Set

Seagrass Coaster Set

These fun Seagrass Coasters have a unique natural look, and how can you beat their reasonable price? The set of four is made from woven seagrass, and they feature natural colors like green and black.

The textured appearance lends a bohemian vibe to these thin coasters, and they even come with a drawstring pouch for easy storage—not that you’ll ever want to put them away!

Anthropologie Agate Coaster

Agate Coasters

Agate is a common rock formation with characteristic white stripes—and, thanks to its stunning natural colors, it’s also a popular material for decorative coasters. These best-selling Agate Coasters come in six colors, including magenta, rose quartz, aventurine, and amethyst, and all of the coasters have stunning gold trim around the edges.

These coasters are sold individually, so you can get a full set of one color or mix and match them for a rainbow collection. Each piece will have a varied appearance and size due to the nature of the stone, but we consider that part of their charm.

Godinger Silver Art Co Farmhouse Gatherings Wooden Coaster Set

Godinger Silver Art Co Farmhouse Gatherings Wooden Coaster Set

For a rustic or farmhouse-style home, this set of highly-rated wooden coasters is the way to go. You get four square coasters made from acacia wood that’s been sanded and finished with food-safe oil. Plus, the set comes with a wrought-iron holder to keep them all together, and you can choose from a few different finishes, including gold and black.

POPEQ Cork and Felt Coasters

Wool and Felt Coasters

These dual-layer coasters are both stylish and functional, and they come in a dozen colors to match any home decor. The thick coasters have colored felt on one side and natural cork on the reverse, and the two layers are held together by metal rivets. You can choose from a range of felt colors, as well as four rivet finishes, and the seller offers sets of four, six, eight, and so on.

Mark & Graham Round Acrylic Coasters

Mark & Graham Round Acrylic Coasters

These personalized coasters from Mark & Graham aren’t the most functional—after all, moisture from your glass will just drip through the cutouts—but they will protect your table from scratches.

The Round Acrylic Coasters feature laser-cut monograms, displaying your initials for your guests to see. They come in every color imaginable, including silver and gold, and their sleek, modern design is a perfect statement piece for any table that needs a little visual interest.

Cruickshank Creative Concrete Coasters

Concrete Coasters

For simple, sturdy drink coasters, you can't go wrong with this concrete option. Hand crafted and available in sets of two, you can get as many as needed for your home.

The concrete coasters come in several variations, including gray and black colors with either square or “rounded” edges, and the stone is finished with either beeswax or acrylic for a waterproof seal. Their cork backing prevents any scratches made on your table.

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