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For many people, dry cleaning is a regular part of life, and weekly or biweekly pickups for suits, blouses, and other office-appropriate clothing can become quite a chore. For others, dry cleaning is a less frequent service, one reserved for the attire worn to special occasions like weddings or baptisms. Regardless of how often you use them, dry cleaning delivery services offer an additional level of convenience, picking up the soiled items from your home or workplace and delivering them, pressed and fresh, back to your address a few days later.

As on-demand dry cleaning delivery services become more popular, there are more options than ever for consumers who want their laundry delivered. Here, we considered some of the most popular and widely available dry cleaning delivery services in the United States.

Best Dry Cleaning Delivery Services of 2021

Best Overall: Martinizing Dry Cleaning

Martinizing Dry Cleaning

Martinizing Dry Cleaning

Why We Chose It: As one of the largest dry cleaning franchises in the United States, Martinizing offers hassle-free pickup and delivery in addition to other services like wash-and-fold, wedding gown preservation, and leather cleaning.

What We Like
  • More than 400 franchise locations

  • Free pickup and delivery

  • Ongoing efforts to become more environmentally friendly

What We Don’t Like
  • Pricing varies from location to location

Martinizing Dry Cleaning has been revolutionizing the industry since 1949 when chemist Henry Martin developed a method for dry cleaning garments that eliminated the need for the highly flammable materials that were commonly used at the time. The new process—dubbed “martinizing”—allowed dry cleaning companies to launder garments on-site rather than sending them off to an external plant, which also let customers get their clothes back much faster.

Today, the company boasts more than 400 franchise locations around the country, and it’s still innovating when it comes to convenience: Customers can schedule at-home pickups and deliveries for their dry cleaning both online and in the Martinizing mobile app. To set up an exchange, simply enter your ZIP code and select the nearest store before confirming a pickup window.

Most stores are locally owned and operated, so pricing and availability will vary depending on your area. Martinizing also offers wash-and-fold services, wedding dress preservation, and leather cleaning, among other options.

Best for Environmental Responsibility: Lapels



Why We Chose It: With its patented Green Earth Cleaning process, which uses liquid silicone for 100 percent environmentally non-toxic dry cleaning, Lapels stays true to its founding mission to make dry cleaning greener.

What We Like
  • Odor-free, non-toxic cleaning solution

  • Smartphone app for drop-off and pickup tracking

  • Automatic rewards program

What We Don’t Like
  • Some locations may not offer delivery

Lapels was founded in 2000 with the intention of bringing environmental responsibility to the dry cleaning industry, introducing its own proprietary Green Earth Cleaning method in the process. The approach, which relies on liquid silicone, is free of any odors and is often gentler on your clothes and skin than traditional dry cleaning chemicals.

With nearly 100 franchise locations in the United States (most locally owned), Lapels is available in many markets, but specific amenities vary. Most locations offer free pickup and delivery, which customers can schedule (and track) online or via the Lapels mobile app.

Repeat customers can benefit from the company’s automatic rewards program, which provides discounts and free services the more you visit. And be sure to check out Lapels for more than just dry cleaning: Wash-and-fold service, rug cleaning, gown preservation, and shoe repair are all available at most locations.

Best for Convenience: Pressed4Time



Why We Chose It: Pressed4Time makes regular biweekly pickups and deliveries at the homes and offices of its clients, saving valuable time for busy users who regularly need dry cleaning services.

What We Like
  • Regular pickups

  • Affordable

  • No subscription: Use the service only when you need it

What We Don’t Like
  • Service areas can be unclear

  • Cost not clearly stated online

Pressed4Time is an ongoing service that checks your home or office for dry cleaning bags twice weekly, returning your items clean and pressed on the next service day. Customers are under no obligation to use the service at every pickup opportunity, and home pickup clients can indicate their preferred pickup or drop-off location: on the porch, in the garage, or elsewhere outside. Most office partners, on the other hand, use a designated drop-off location on the premises, and employees place their dirty items in provided water-resistant bags with individual ID numbers.

Founded in 1987, Pressed4Time operates in fourteen states around the country. The company only uses environmentally friendly cleaners, and you don’t need to fill out an invoice with every pickup: Pressed4Time will handle that, billing you monthly for payment by check or credit card.

Still,  you may want to print out notes for certain garments.  A “stain note” can help you call out problem areas that might need extra attention, while “release notes” for comforters and leather items are often required before cleaning. In any case, users should have their bags ready for pickup by 8 a.m. on pickup days. For more details on what services are available for pickup, check with your local provider: In some locations, the company assists with shoe repair, gown preservation, and other similar tasks.

Best for Offices: OneClick Cleaners

OneClick Cleaners

OneClick Cleaners

Why We Chose It: OneClickCleaners allows customers to manage dry cleaning pickups entirely online, with customizable pickups, automatic billing, and the option to contract the service on an enterprise basis as a perk for employees or entire office buildings.

What We Like
  • Convenient, flexible pickup options

  • Enterprise program allows employers to offer service as a perk

What We Don’t Like
  • Limited service area

  • Unclear pricing

OneClick cleaners is a mobile service that picks up dirty dry cleaning from your home or office and returns it, clean and pressed, within a few days. With dry cleaning as well as other amenities such as wash-and-fold, spot removal, and tailoring, the company offers many different services to keep your clothes fitted and fresh.

To start your service with OneClick, simply sign up online: You can enter multiple addresses for drop-off and pickup, select a convenient date and time for service, and indicate where you’d like to leave your laundry bags. Once your items are picked up, turnaround times can vary by location, and OneClick will bill you automatically for the cost of dry cleaning service before the clean items are delivered.

OneClick offers enterprise services to offices and employers, allowing businesses to make dry cleaning pickup available to all of their employees on a regular basis. For details on this service and more specific timelines, contact OneClick to see if there is a franchise in your area. The company has locations in California and New York, but it claims to be expanding quickly.

Final Verdict

Martinizing Dry Cleaning is our top dry cleaning delivery service for its longstanding reputation as a pioneer in the industry, wide availability around the country, and no-hassle scheduling process online or via a mobile app. The company is a top choice for most consumers who are seeking convenience and reliability.

But other companies made a mark, too. Lapels offers delivery on its gentle, non-toxic dry cleaning services in many markets. And Pressed4Time, which specializes in performing multiple pickups for its clients, is a top choice for anyone with routine dry cleaning needs. Meanwhile, OneClick Cleaners allows for one-off pickups as well as regular enterprise services in offices, apartment buildings, and businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Dry Cleaning Delivery Service?

Dry cleaning delivery services allow customers to schedule pickups for dirty laundry; the soiled garments are safely washed and pressed and then delivered back to the owner within a few days. Some of these services arrange each pickup individually, while others operate on regular weekly schedules.

How Much Does a Dry Cleaning Delivery Service Cost?

Dry cleaning delivery costs vary depending on your location. Most companies build the delivery fees into the cost of your dry cleaning—which is often priced per item—so while you won’t pay an additional fee for the delivery, you might need to meet a minimum order for the pickup service. Contact your local dry cleaning delivery service for the most accurate information on pricing.

Where Will a Dry Cleaning Delivery Service Do Pickups?

Most dry cleaning delivery services offer pickups at either your home or your office. For office pickups, employers may have a designated bin or location to place dirty laundry. At home, you will usually indicate your preferred pickup location (porch, garage, etc.) when you sign up for your service.

How We Chose the Best Dry Cleaning Delivery Services

To choose the best dry cleaning delivery services, we looked for companies with consistent online reviews and an obvious emphasis on delivery services rather than standard brick-and-mortar locations. We also looked for businesses with large national footprints, keeping a particular eye out for those with more than two dozen franchises and paying special attention to options with at least 100 locations.