The Best Dual-Fuel Generators of 2023

These top options will keep your home running through a blackout

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Best Dual Fuel Generators

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In an emergency, having power can mean the difference between waiting in comfort or with a fridge full of spoiled food. Knowing how to protect your home in the event of a power outage is key, as is knowing what equipment you need to have on hand. Fortunately, a dual-fuel generator is a great way to be prepared as well as a useful tool for going off the grid.

We researched the best dual-fuel generators for your home, keeping in mind the wattage, noise level, and size of each. Because of their portability, dual-fuel generators are just as useful at home in the event of a power outage as it is at the campground.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall

Westinghouse 12500 Watt Dual Fuel Portable Generator

Westinghouse 12500 Watt Dual Fuel Portable Generator


What We Like
  • Control panel is very intuitive

  • Can be portable

  • Quick start in an emergency

  • Large fuel tank

What We Don’t Like
  • Expensive

The Westinghouse 12500 Watt Dual Fuel Home Backup Portable Generator is our top pick for any emergency. This generator is easy to use and quick to set up, which is ideal for a dual-fuel generator. When you’re faced with a crisis, all you have to do is wheel this home generator into place and use the Quick Connect ends to hook up the battery. It runs on gasoline or propane and can operate for up to 12 hours on a single tank. The digital VFT display allows you to check the output and lifetime hours constantly.

The exact power output does vary based on the fuel source, which is typical of most generators. It can generate up to 12,500 peak watts with gasoline and 11,200 peak watts with propane. You can switch between fuel sources using a clearly labeled switch on the side of the unit.

The control panel is very user-friendly, one of the features that set this generator apart from others out there. It has a push-button start, just like most cars. It also has a remote start from an included key fob. There are two GFCI outlets, one L14-30R outlet and one 14-50R outlet. They all have rubber covers to protect against wear, weather, and moisture. This added safety feature is helpful if you need to use your generator in different environments.

Price at time of publish: $1,000

Run Time: 12 hours | Fuel Tank Capacity: 6.6 gallons | Wattage: 12,500 Watts

Best Budget

WEN DF475T 4750-Watt Dual Fuel Portable Generator

WEN DF475T 4750-Watt Dual Fuel Portable Generator


What We Like
  • Multiple types of outlets

  • 4-gallon tank

  • Easy portability

  • Electric start system

What We Don’t Like
  • Requires a physical key

This reliable generator is almost half the cost of some larger models but comes with many of the same features that make using it very easy. It has a large selection dial on the side of the control panel that clearly shows whether you have selected gasoline or propane. The four-gallon fuel tank provides for up to 11 hours of operation. You can use it in an emergency, but because it has a lower overall power output, it's best for smaller tasks, like charging electronics while camping or using power tools in the yard.

It does have a key that you have to turn to get it to work. Make sure that you keep this key in a safe place since the generator will not run without it. It has a 12V DC outlet, two standard 120V GFCI AC outlets that most household tools and items can plug into, and an L14-30R outlet. A cover for this generator is recommended to shield the outlets and other exposed parts from dust and debris when it is not in use. Fortunately, WEN makes an affordable cover that fits this model perfectly.

Price at time of publish: $721

Run Time: 11 hours | Fuel Tank Capacity: 4 gallons | Wattage: 4,750 Watts

Best Quiet

Champion Power Equipment 2500-Watt Gasoline/Propane Portable Inverter Generator

Champion Power Equipment 2500-Watt Gasoline/Propane Portable Inverter Generator


What We Like
  • Low decibel level

  • Can connect two units in parallel

  • Long run time

  • Portable design

What We Don’t Like
  • Doesn’t generate a lot of power

Even the quietest generators are pretty loud, but the Champion dual-fuel generator stands out for its low decibel level and its portability. It only generates 53 dB. The trade-off is that this generator is smaller and designed for small-scale use. It includes two 120V household outlets, a 12V cigarette lighter outlet, and an adapter with two USB ports to power your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

It does have a long run time, up to 11.5 hours on gasoline and 34 hours on propane. If you do need extra power, you can run two units in parallel to double the output power. However, this adds to the overall cost.

Price at time of publish: $545

Run Time: 34 hours | Fuel Tank Capacity: 1.1 gallons | Wattage: 2500 Watts

Best Heavy-Duty

DuroMax XP1300EH Dual Fuel Portable Generator

DuroMax XP1300EH Dual Fuel Portable Generator


What We Like
  • High power output

  • Multiple safety features

  • Includes 50 Amp outlet

  • Four GFCI outlets

What We Don’t Like
  • Expensive

This large Duromax generator can provide backup power for your entire home, including your HVAC system and appliances, so you can stay comfortable no matter what. It generates 13,000 peak watts when using gasoline and 12,350 peak watts on propane. There are plenty of outlets, including four GFCI outlets, one 120 V-30 Amp outlet, one 120/240 V-30 Amp twist-lock outlet, and one 120/240 V-50 Amp outlet for heavy-duty use.

There are also a lot of safety features included. The unit is made entirely of metal, so you don’t need to worry about parts breaking, even in rough conditions. A CO monitor also shuts the generator down if it detects unsafe levels of dangerous carbon monoxide. Within the engine, all windings are made of copper, which resists damage from weather and moisture. The generator will alert you if you need to add oil and perform maintenance. It is important to keep this generator in great shape to make it last for years since it is quite expensive.

Price at time of publish: $1,149

Run Time: 8.5 hours | Fuel Tank Capacity: 8.3 gallons | Wattage: 13,000 Watts

Best Portable

Pulsar Portable Dual-Fuel Quiet Inverter Generator

 Pulsar Portable Dual-Fuel Quiet Inverter Generator


What We Like
  • Lightweight

  • Built-in carrying handle

  • Long run time for size

  • Air cooled engine

What We Don’t Like
  • Only three outlets

This dual-fuel generator only weighs 44 pounds and has a top handle that makes it ideal for portable use. You can run it on gasoline or propane, switching back and forth between the two fuel options with just a switch. The fuel tank is on the smaller side at just 1.8 gallons, a trade-off for the smaller and lighter generator. Even with the smaller tank, it can run for up to 8 hours with just one gas tank.

It has two standard 120V outlets as well as a 15A AC outlet. You can also set up two of these generators in parallel to get more overall power output. Of course, special cables are needed for that. Fortunately, this is one of the more budget-friendly options.

Price at time of publish: $421

Run Time: 8 hours | Fuel Tank Capacity: 1.8 gallons | Wattage: 2200 Watts

Best for RVs

Champion Power Equipment 4550 Watt Recoil Start Dual-Fuel Powered Portable Generator

Champion Power Equipment 4550 Watt Recoil Start Dual-Fuel Powered Portable Generator


What We Like
  • Outlet for RV air conditioning

  • Cold weather start option

  • Outlets have protective coverings

  • Monitors carbon monoxide

What We Don’t Like
  • Expensive

The Champion Power Equipment 4550 Watt dual-fuel generator balances size and power output, making it our top choice for RV use. You will want something that has enough power to work for a variety of uses without being so bulky that it’s hard to take it anywhere. This generator puts out up to 4550 Watts and can run for up to 14 hours on a full tank. All the outlets are covered to protect from rain and wind, including the outlet specifically designed to power an RV air conditioning system.

This generator is a bit expensive but still a good value. It has a metal frame you can connect to your RV, although it isn’t the easiest to cart. The unit has dimensions of 19.8 x 19.7 x 23.4 inches, so it's best to find a permanent home for it there. Luckily, it can withstand cold temperatures and has a cold weather start feature. Like our heavy-duty pick, this generator also has a built-in CO detector. In terms of decibels, the noise level is roughly equivalent to that of a vacuum cleaner when heard from 23 feet away (68 dBA).

Price at time of publish: $600

Run Time: 14 hours | Fuel Tank Capacity: 4.7 gallons | Wattage: 4550 Watts

Best Small

Sportsman 4,000/3,500-Watt Recoil Start Dual-Fuel Portable Generator

SportsmanSportsman 4,000/3,500-Watt Recoil Start Dual-Fuel Portable Generator4,000/3,500-Watt Recoil Start Dual-Fuel Gasoline Propane Portable Generator


What We Like
  • Small footprint

  • Multiple outlets and safety features

  • Great value

  • Carbon monoxide detector

What We Don’t Like
  • Can’t power the whole house

This generator has many of the features that we like in a heavy-duty generator but with a small footprint. These include multiple outlets and indicators, a metal frame, and safety features like CO detection and an auto shutoff system. This home generator has a smaller overall footprint, measuring 18.5 x 17 x 24.5 inches. Even an inch or two can make a world of difference in a small space like an RV or a workshop. 

It is also a great value, making it one of the lowest price points on our list. In an emergency or when you’re far from a standard power outlet, you’ll still have plenty of juice. In the event of a total blackout, it won't be able to power your entire home, but it can keep your refrigerator and other essential appliances running until the power is restored.

Price at time of publish: $460

Run Time: 10 hours | Fuel Tank Capacity: 3.6 gallons | Wattage: 4000 Watts

Final Verdict

Our top pick, Westinghouse 12500 Watt Dual Fuel Home Backup Portable Generator, is easy to use in an emergency situation. It has a quick start feature as well as a user-friendly control panel. For a more budget-friendly option, consider the WEN DF475T Dual Fuel 120V/240V Portable Generator with Electric Start Transfer Switch. While at a lower price point, it still has a lot of the must-have features that you’ll want in a power outage.

What to Look for in a Dual-Fuel Generator


The higher the wattage, the greater the amount of energy produced. If you want to power your entire home in an emergency, look for something with high power output, like the Duromax 13000 Dual-Fuel Electric Start Gasoline/Propane Portable Home Power Back-Up Generator. The unit produces 13,000 peak watts when running on gasoline and 12,350 peak watts when using propane. Lower wattage levels are good for portable or small-scale use since they are often less expensive and easier to cart around.

Noise Level

If you intend to operate your generator near where you are relaxing, look for one with a lower decibel level. Dual-fuel generators can range anywhere between 55 and 80 dB. The Champion Power Equipment 200961 2500-Watt Dual-Fuel Portable Inverter Generator, is extremely quiet at just 53 dB. Generally, the higher the power output, the higher the noise level will be. Small, portable units often run quieter.

Size and Weight

If you’ll need to relocate your home generator, it’s important to find one that is small and light enough to move. Wheels and handles are great features to have on a heavy generator to assist you with moving it around. Some, like our best portable pick, the Pulsar Portable Dual-Fuel Quiet Inverter Generator, weigh only 44 pounds and have a built-in carrying handle for easy transport. 

Fuel Capacity

Fuel capacity is the amount of fuel the can carry. Models that are smaller and have less power often have smaller fuel tanks. A heavy-duty generator like the Duromax 13000 Dual-Fuel Electric Start Gasoline/Propane Portable Home Power Back-Up Generator may be your best option for longer operation time and increased power output. Among the generators, we considered, this one has the largest fuel capacity at 8.3 gallons.

  • Is it worth getting a dual-fuel generator?

    If you want to take extra precautions against a loss of electricity or if you live in an area that frequently experiences blackouts due to storms, purchasing a generator is a smart move. Dual-fuel generators have the added benefit of running on multiple fuel sources. You may be limited on the fuel types available during a prolonged emergency, so a dual-fuel generator helps in these situations.

  • What fuels do dual-fuel generators use?

    Typically, either gasoline or propane can power dual-fuel generators. You can toggle between the two options using a manual switch, usually on the front of the unit. Your running watts and total runtime change depending on the fuel you use.

  • How long does a generator usually run?

    The exact run time will depend on the percentage of the overall load you are running and the type of fuel that you are using. Most smaller portable generators will run for between 6 and 10 hours on a full tank. Larger generators can run longer. However, that run time will shorten if you are using more power.

  • How much voltage does a generator need?

    Most generators are compatible with 120-volt equipment like refrigerators, lamps, and phone chargers. For higher-voltage appliances, like a central air conditioner system, water heater, or oven, you’ll need a larger generator with a 240-volt option. Depending on the generator, it may be able to work with both 120 volts and 240 volts simultaneously. If you’re unsure of your appliance’s voltage, use a multimeter to measure it.

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